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Joan Darish
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Peggy Best

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Jennifer Mackie

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Cassie Feld

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Betsy Hagen

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Fiona Taggart

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Current Newsletter From Our Leaders Our bake sale fund raiser is Monday, Feb. 4th. See email from Joan for details.

There is still time to sign up for Mall Mania, Apr. 4-5 at Oakland Mall. No additional mom's are needed, just girls!!!! Contact Deb for more information.

All Schroeder Girl Scout Daddy-Daughter Square Dance is March 7. I believe the cost is $4 per couple. If you want to attend, let Amy know. Money is due at our next meeting. If a dad is unavailable, grandpa's, uncle's, friends are welcome too. We will also be collecting cereal for the Haven that week as one of our service projects.

If you are interested in the Joe Dumars event, let Deb know by Monday, Feb. 4th. See attachment.

Next meeting, Feb. 12 at Build-a-Bear. All bears will be donated to Beaumont. This will be our only February meeting.

Keep selling cookies!!!! Contact Betsey for info on cookie booths.

Pinewood Derby Bake Sale

This is the final reminder for the Bake Sale on Monday, February 4th 6:30-8:00PM at Schroeder. The schedule for volunteers is below, please wear your vests. If your Brownie still wants to work a shift, let me know. Also, please drop off your Baked Goods at Schroeder between 6:15PM – 6:30PM. If it is helpful, you can drop off baked goods at my home this weekend, I promise to keep them safe from my hungry kids!

6:30-7:00 Kyleigh Julie Sara

7:00-7:30 Mikayla Tate

7:30-8:00 Mikayla Emma

It’s time for our 2nd annual Bake Sale at the Schroeder Boy Scout Pinewood Derby. Last year our Troop raised $110 for just 2 hours of work. The Derby Bake Sale is February 4th from 6:30-8:00PM at Schroeder. If you have never seen a Pinewood Derby, it is fun! We need 2 things:

1. Each girl please provide 1 dozen of a bake good item (preferably peanut free) such as: Rice Crispy Treats, Cupcakes, Cookies… Deliver baked goods to Schroeder between 6:15-6:30PM or drop at Joan’s house by Monday evening (4653 Rambling Drive). If you know your item is peanut free, please label it “Peanut Free.”

2. We need 6 Brownies to work at the bake sale for a 30 minute shift (please wear vests). Please reply via email with the shift you prefer. We have enough adults so you can help, enjoy watching the Pine Wood Derby for a bit, or leave your daughter and I will give her a ride home. If your daughter needs a ride home, please let me know. The shifts are: 1. 6:30-7:00 2. 7:00-7:30 3. 7:30-8:00

 Cookie Sale Dates to Remember

Hello to Troop 3567 Parents,

I really appreciate all the parents helping their daughters keep track of the orders. To make it easier --- the best way to keep track of all the orders is to keep your 1st (initial) order separate from orders taken after you submitted the initial order. I am sending this email to hopefully answer several questions that have come up about ordering, paying, and picking up cookies.

1. I submitted paperwork with the troops total orders on Jan. 18th, so anything after that will go on the 2nd order submission. The troops initial order came to a whopping 1033 boxes!! Fantastic!

2. Now that the initial order has been submitted, please do not send emails adding on a few boxes here and there. Start a new list. I need you to keep track of any additional orders taken since you submitted the initial order.

3. Any emails with a few add-ons sent prior to 6pm Jan.18th were accounted for in the initial order. I will send individual emails with what I show as the girls initial order totals - so you can keep your lists separate.

4. 1st (initial) orders can be picked up starting after 5pm on Feb. 9th from my house - 2057 Sundew Dr. 248-267-1219. If you cannot pickup on the 9th or 10th - please call me to arrange a later time.

5. $$$ Payment is due when you pick up your cookies. Cash or checks made out to Troop 3567. Be sure to get a receipt from me.

6. Have your daughters keep taking orders. I will send an email for the 2nd order submission in mid-Feb.

Thanks for your support. -- Keep smiling! BETSEY

The 1st COOKIE BOOTH is Sunday Feb. 10th from 12-4pm at the Troy Sports Center.

The following people are signed up to work this booth:

12-4 Betsey & Emma Hagen

12-2 Laura, Daniella, Francesca Scaccia

Sue & Tate Kraemer

2-4 Joan & Madison Darish

3-4 Deb & Sofia Proen & Anjali Varma

* if I missed someone please let me know.

ANOTHER BROWNIE IS NEEDED FROM 2-4 OR THE ENTIRE TIME 12-4 - I can pick up and drop off if from 12-4.

Thanks from, Your Cookie Mom -Betsey Hagen

Troop Meetings

We will continue meeting the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Our meetings will run from 3:10 to 4:30. Remember to send a permission slip to school with your Girl Scout so she can attend, have her wear her vest to school and bring her folder.


Activities For 2007-2008
Feb. 4th - Pinewood Derby Bake Sale Fund Raiser

Feb. 10th - 1st Cookie Booth is from 12-4pm

Feb. 12th - Field Trip to Build-A-Bear and the bears will be donated to Beaumont Hospital
Snack Mom is Stacy

Feb. 23rd (Saturday, During Mid-Winter Break)- Field Trip to The Troy Nature Center...Watching Wildlife

Mar. 7th - Daddy Daughter Square Dance for all Schroeder Girl Scouts

Mar. 11th - Puppet Try-It / Joan Awards Ceremony / Make SWAPS
Snack Mom is Jyotika

Apr. 5th thru 6th - Mall Mania at Oakland Mall, 10 P.M.- 5 A.M.

Apr. 8th - Michigan Try-It / Make SWAPS
Snack Mom is Jill

Apr. 22nd - Bridging Activity with Cassie...maybe at her home...maybe on a Friday Night with Dinner??
Snack Mom is Emily

Apr. 25th thru 27th?? - Mom and Me Weekend at Camp Storer

May 13th - Honor Mom's with a Tea Party
Snack Mom is Fiona

May 27th - Field Trip to Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester??/ Early Registration
Snack Mom is Sue

May 28th (Wednesday) - Bridging Ceremony 6:30-7:30 with all Schroeder Girl Scout's, Daisy's and 3rd Grade Brownies Bridging

Jun. 10th - Explore Junior's with Junior Handbook, Badge Book and wear Junior Vests
Snack Mom is Deb

Date To Be Announced - End of Year Pool Party at the Mackie's

Troy, MI

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