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Silent Saturdays (retreat-like Saturday mornings devoted to silence and the practice of centering prayer) will be held at various venues in Springfield, MO.

February 2019
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A Book for Your Journey
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Many fine titles about or touching upon contemplative spirituality are available. The purpose of this page is to make you aware of lesser-known titles that you might not have come across. At this time, one title will appear for awhile and then be replaced--we hope you will be "incentivized" to check back here now and then! Here's our next title:


"A highly accessible, engagingly direct and deeply informed practice-oriented text." —Philip Novak, Chairman, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, Dominican College of San Rafael

From the author, Joseph G. Conti: "Consider a headband of gold, and a handful of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Separately they are dazzling. But when the precious stones are elegantly set within the headband, we have a royal crown. Too often the insights and practices of Christianity are examined in isolation from one another, obscuring their unitive radiance. Holistic Christianity reverses this fragmentation in a surprising way. It uncovers fifteen hidden 'Holisms' of the Christian faith, braiding them into a luminous unity, the soul of Christianity. Taken together, these great Holisms span immensities --- earth and heaven, the seen and the unseen --- and yet are intensely personal, poetic, immediate, soul-centering. It will be impossible to read this book and think in the same way about Christianity, or your life, again. Full of intuitive wisdom, the comprehensive vision of Christianity stirring between the covers of Holistic Christianity will not so much persuade you from the outside, but will awaken sleeping understanding coded in your soul, evoking an unfolding from within."

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