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Key Benefits
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"Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor. The Lord rescues them in times of trouble." Psalm 41:1 (NLT)

The JCRM attempts to provide the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing to the needy of Jefferson County, Missouri through 14 separate programs.

Fighting Hunger

Food Drive

Since the inception of the Jefferson County Rescue Mission in 1978, we have maintained a food pantry. From humble beginnings till now, we have fed hungry people. In 1998 alone, we gave out 3,451 food baskets, enabling us to feed 12,844 people of which 7,423 were children. These figures do not include Christmas food baskets.

Various organizations such as the Boy Scouts - Scouting for Food Program, local school food drives, Postal Letter Carriers Food Drive, service clubs such as Rotary, Optimist and Lions, and local churches, have all been the source for our food, addition to individuals bringing in food donations. The Jefferson County Rescue Mission also picks up food on a regular basis from other pantries. The mission has gone as far as Muscatine, Iowa to pick up donated foods. We also receive donations of baby formula, diapers, baby food and baby cereal to give to needy families. The mission now has a walk-in cooler in which to store perishable foods. We now are able to give more nutritious staples such as dairy products, produce, eggs, bread and more to hungry families. The mission's new refrigerated cube truck has been an even greater help in picking up perishable food products, especially in the hot summer months. It is our belief that children and adults who have a well-balanced, nutritious diet do better in life, whether at school or at work. A hungry person is a hurting person.

Martha's Kitchen (Soup Kitchen)

Martha's Kitchen is the mission's on-site feeding station. It provides 3 meals a day to residents and transients alike. Occasionally a person will come in off the street and they are provided with a sack lunch. Some people passing through choose not to eat their meal with others but prefer to take it with them. Our facility is inspected thoroughly by the Health department. We are certified to continue this service. Meals served from Martha's Kitchen are logged daily so as to have an accurate account of the number of persons fed.

Dorcas's Closet (Clothing Bureau)

Dorcas's Closet

In addition to providing free clothing to the needy, Dorcas's Closet distributes health and personal products, sheets, pillows, blankets, diapers and other household items to the needy. Many over the counter health items such as aspirin, cough medicine, bandages, soaps, shampoos, tooth brushes, facial tissues, combs and bathroom tissues are supplied to the clients when the closet has these items to give. The Jefferson County Rescue Mission provides basics such as dishes, pots, pans, utensils, mops, towels, cleansers, laundry detergent and other household items.


Mini Warehouse

The mini-warehouse is the mission program that provides household belongings to persons in need. The mission collects and gives out large and small appliances, heaters, fans, air conditioners, and almost anything that can be used in a home. Fire and flood victims are frequently the recipients of these items. Often times they escape from these disasters with just the clothes on their backs. The mission then provides household items for those who cannot replace such items themselves.

Food Concert

Every year in late November or early December, the Jefferson County Rescue Mission holds a Gospel Concert in one of the local churches or auditoriums. The goal of the event is to encourage the public to stock the food pantry with Christmas food items and gifts for the people who come to us for help. There is always a push made for turkey, ham, chicken and other food items to fill the Christmas food baskets. Click here for more information.

Interfaith Community Choir of St. Louis and Jefferson Counties

Elder James Riney
Christian Concert Coordinator
for Jefferson County Rescue Mission

Interfaith Community Choir is made up of people from different churches in St. Louis and Jefferson Counties. Contact Elder James Riney at (314) 457-0393 for further information and for scheduling concerts.

Food To Go


In addition to helping struggling pantries and day cares, the mission provides perishable and non-perishable food to non-profit centers which are not government funded and do not charge for services rendered to the needy. On occasion, the mission is able to assist a missionary with bicycles, shoes, clothing and some bulk food, which the mission has in excess. The missionary ministers to the Navaho Indians on a reservation in Ganado, Arizona. The mission occasionally is able to assist the needs of the Native Americans with whom the missionary works with on the reservation.

Summer Food Drive


Because children are home, the demand for food becomes greater as soon as school is over for the summer. With no school breakfasts and lunches, the mission's pantry gives out much more food than under normal conditions. During late spring and summer, children are more active and therefore hungrier. The mission begins sending out press releases and public service announcements for food donations in the spring. We place a large banner outside the mission letting the community know that the mission is having a summer food drive.

Desperately Needed—Food!

(L to R) Sherry Linquist (Principal – Pevely Elementary School), Herb Vinyard (Hillcrest Funeral Home – Pevely), Mike and Louise Sardo, Detective Ken Baur (Pevely Police Department), Happy Welch (Pevely City Administrator), Bill Alexander (Plant Manager – Dow Chemical), Pastor Jeff Purvis (First Baptist Church of Herculaneum-Pevely)

Why are we doing a Summer Food Drive? Children do not receive free lunches or breakfasts over the summer. This is the roughest time for the Mission every year. The pantry is open five days a week. 10-30 food baskets a day are given to needy families. Please help us feed the children. Food or money to buy food is needed URGENTLY! Call Louise at (636) 475-3030 for more information.

School Supplies

At the beginning of the school year, the mission has a school supply drive for needy children. All kinds of school supplies are collected and distributed. With proper new supplies, the children don't feel uncomfortable and inadequate around their classmates who might have more supplies. The Jefferson County Rescue Mission tries to organize the drive early enough so that when school starts, the children have the correct learning tools. Every possible avenue of free advertising is used to promote this very important event. This is all accomplished without charging our clients. The community always meets our needs in this important area of service to the poor.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Meal

For the past 20 years, the Jefferson County Rescue Mission has opened its doors to hungry, homeless or hurting people who come for something to eat and a little time of fellowship on Thanksgiving Day. Many a family or single person has come because they had nowhere else to go. The loneliness of the holidays can be one of the saddest times of the year. Also the Jefferson County Rescue Mission delivers to homebound individuals a complete home-cooked Thanksgiving Day dinner brought to them by mission volunteers.

Men's Encouragement Center

Men's Encouragement Center is a 30-day in-house program at the Jefferson County Rescue Mission for men from the age of 21 and up. It is a smoke-free residential program based on Christian principles.

Men's Encouragement Center strives to instill in its residents values that would be of help to them in coping with everyday problems that effect everyday people.


While staying at the mission, the men enjoy clean rooms-warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They eat three nutritious meals a day. There is no charge to the person entering the Men's Encouragement Center. At the present time, our facilities can accommodate only eight men at a time.

Also while staying at the mission in the Men's Encouragement Center program, the men are required to help out around the mission property wherever needed. Working and keeping busy is the best therapy, both physically and mentally, for the struggling men. The work helps relieve stress and self-pity, and develops emotional maturity and a sense of accomplishment, which they desperately need. While at the mission, we help our men develop a good self-image.

Through the Men's Encouragement Center program, we are convinced that the love, kindness and understanding the men receive while staying at the Jefferson County Rescue Mission is exactly what they need to turn their lives around.

The Men's Encouragement Center incorporates six elements. These include:

  • Providing a safe place.
  • Assessing the unique needs of each man. Discovering where they are.
  • Providing a mentor for each man and enhancing these relationships.
  • Requiring a covenant-type commitment between the mentor and participant.
  • Developing a plan for each man to help them address their individual needs.
  • Assisting each man to execute his plan.

Through these elements, the Men's Encouragement Center creates a context in which men help men. We provide a foundation where men can move from dependency to self-sufficiency by meeting them where they live, addressing their individual need, and encouraging them to take control of their lives. Once men gain a level of independence, they are expected to then give back by becoming a part of our program, serving other men in need.

Free Summer Camp

Through the ministry of Camp Peńuel in Ironton, Missouri, the Jefferson County Rescue Mission is able to distribute applications for free camp and assist needy children to attend a free, fun weekend at Camp Peńuel.

Camp Peńuel-2

Transportation to and from the camp is provided free of charge to the children by Camp Peńuel.

Summer Camp 2007

Camp '07 (1)

Camp '07 (2)

Camp '07 (3)

Camp '07 (4)

Camp '07 (5)

Camp '07 (6)

Camp '07 (7)

Camp '07 (8)

Community Service Program

The Jefferson County Rescue Mission offers a program of community service. Referrals are made to the mission from the court and parole departments where persons can work at the mission for a designated number of hours set by a judge or parole officer to pay their debt to society. The person can do assigned chores around the mission to satisfy the judicial system and also keep from going to jail.


Operation Weather Survival is a network of public and private organizations that coordinate resources and educate the public to prevent illness and death caused by extreme hot or cold weather. Included in the network’s activities are the preparation of an annual listing of Cooling Sites, air conditioned buildings (public or private) whose management is committed to open its facility to a segment of the public during periods of severe hot weather, and the distribution of materials on hot weather safety, safe fan use, home weatherization, and recognizing signs of hypothermia and hyperthermia. In addition, each year more than 100 air conditioning units are distributed and installed at no charge to qualifying applicants. In succeeding years, these units are checked to ensure they remain working properly. The United Way provides in-kind administrative support for the network and the United Way Information & Referral Call Center acts as the publicized Operation Weather Survival phone number for the public to access referrals for energy assistance, air conditioning units, and cooling sites.

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