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Our goal this year is $3,500. Please help us reach our goal by encouraging family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to save their Box Tops and join the Box Tops Booster Club!
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Incentives for Saving Box Tops
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  • MONTHLY WINNERS: We will have monthly Box Tops winners! The winner may be awarded for a student bringing in the most Box Tops for the month or the winner may be chosen randomly from all the students turning in Box Tops. Prizes will vary from month to month, but could include Webkinz, passes to the Magic House, bowling passes, or miniature golf passes! A family can win as a monthly winner once during the school year. This will allow more families the opportunity to win a monthly prize.

  • TIERED SYSTEM: When students turn in 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 Box Tops, they will receive a prize.


    25 Box Tops Pizza Street free kid's meal

    50 Box Tops To be announced soon.

    100 Box Tops To be announced soon.

    200 Box Tops To be announced soon.

    300 Box Tops To be announced soon.

    500 Box Tops To be announced soon

  • CLASSROOM GOAL: Every class at Mid Rivers Elementary has a chance to win a POPCORN PARTY! Thatˇ¦s right. Weˇ¦re asking each classroom to collect an AVERAGE of 50 Box Tops per student over the year. Thatˇ¦s the number of Box Tops your class collects divided by the number of students in the class. Every class has a real chance at winning a popcorn party! AND, after your class receives a popcorn party, your class is eligible to receive another prize if you reach the goal again! You can win as many times as you'd like

  • ONLINE BONUS: Sign up to receive email at www.btfe.com/passion and Mid Rivers Elementary will receive 5 Box Tops for your CONFIRMED registration. VERY IMPORTANT: After you complete the registration process, you will need to confirm your email. After you receive the "Welcome to Box Tops for Education" email from General Mills, click on the green box inside the email that says "Click here to claim 5 Bonus Box Tops for your school." After you click on the green box, you will start receiving periodic emails from General Mills' Box Tops site. ***Anyone can sign up for Box Tops online, so please invite your family and friends to sign up and benefit our school!***

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