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*A Short History of Pleasant Hill
*Story of the 1939 Pleasant Hill Film
*History of the Pleasant Hill Historical Society


The drawing on the right shows the front of the addition to the museum currently under construction. The current museum is in the left third of the drawing. The addition is one large building with a facade to look like two typical vintage downtown buildings.

The next quarterly meeting of the Pleasant Hill Historical Society will be held Sunday, January 18 at 2:30 PM in the museum at 125 Wyoming in downtown Pleasant Hill. Visitors are encouraged to attend.

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Elevation_for_Insert_1_bW.jpgWelcome to the Pleasant Hill (Missouri) Historical Society's Website.   

This is the web site of the Pleasant Hill Historical Society,(Cass County), Missouri. We are located in historic downtown Pleasant Hill, Mo at 125 Wyoming.


We are in the process of building our museum addition. We are excited that it is almost complete after a 3 year process. We will be announcing our opening after the interior is populated with our displays. The addition will triple our size. There will be more space so that currently stored items can be displayed. There will also be more room for our research library of Pleasant Hill Historical Information and a larger meeting area.

We are hoping to raise an additional $10,000 to finish the library/meeting room floor and replace the front Plexiglas windows. ALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME

We have quarterly meetings with interesting programs in January, April, July and October. We also have many opportunities for volunteers to work on projects in the museum: clipping newspapers, organizing notebooks of information, researching topics for future publications, and designing and preparing new displays.


  • Interesting displays of pictures and artifacts related to the Pleasant Hill area and individuals who have lived here. Includes military, civil war, African Congo artifacts from a former missionary from Pleasant Hill and much more.

  • Extensive collection of obituaries of individuals from the Pleasant Hill area.

  • Family files of clippings of all kinds, starting in the early 1900's, from the Pleasant Hill Times newspaper and continuing through today.

  • Extensive collection of photographs dating from the late 1800's. We have completed indexing all of over 10,000 photographs in our collection, by name, title and other pertinent features of each photograph. This index should enhance our ability to find pictures for those researching families, businesses, organizations and other area topics. The index will be expanded as more individuals and features are identified.

  • Complete Collection of Pleasant Hill High School Yearbooks.

  • Collection of family research done for others by members of the society.

  • Library of historical materials relating to the region.
    (Proceeds from our publications support both the Museum-Addition Building Fund and the operating expenses of the Museum.)

    • "A Pictorial History of Pleasant Hill, Missouri" - $39.95 (This is a hardbound, 128 page book of pictures from the late 19th Century to 1960.)

    • "Index to Pictorial History Book" - $1.00

    • Gloria Roupe - Shooter Extraordinaire(Gloria F. Johnson's Reminiscences) - $10.00

    • "Mayors of Pleasant Hill" - $7.00

    • Revised! "History of the Pleasant Hill Schools" by Mildred Blevens - $12.00

    • "Wartime Pleasant Hill" (Includes letters written home by our soldiers during WWII) - $12.00

    • "Pleasant Hill War Casualties" (Covers WWI, WWII, and the Korean Conflict) - $5.00

    • "Cruel Wheels: Death & Injury by Trains" (History of Train Tragedies in the Pleasant Hill vicinity) by Robert Kennedy - $8.00

    • "Pleasant Hill World War II Scrapbook" (322 pages of newspaper photos and clippings of most soldiers from this area) by Robert Kennedy - $30.00

    • "Civil War Diaries of Irvin Parker & C.B. Lotspeich, including an account of the 'Red River Campaign', from Mansfield to Pleasant Hill, LA", compiled by Robert Kennedy and Robert Lotspeich - $15.00 (Both soldiers were in the same unit from Cass County, MO.)

    • Pleasant Hill 1939 Video DVD - approx. 1 hour, this historic treasure was accidentally discovered, then transferred from 16 mm film to VHS & then DVD. - $16.00

    • "The Old Town of Pleasant Hill" by Robert Benson (Revised) - $4.00

    • Index to “Echoes of Home” by Marjorie Pearce Buckner - $4.00

    • "Echoes of Home", by Norma Rouse Middleton (over 300 pages) available for purchase - $30

    • "Addresses, Streets & Names of Pleasant Hill from the 1928 Phone Book" (Indexed by Street Name & House Number) - $5.00

    • Pleasant Hill Museum’s 25 Year Commemorative Key-Ring (Made of Laser-Engraved Wood - great Christmas Ornament!) - $5.00

    Please inquire about postage before ordering and include your zip code, so it can be calculated.


    We have the following Memberships Available:

  • $10.00 Annual Adult Member (Jan 1 - Dec 31)
  • $5.00 Annual Youth Member (Jan 1 - Dec 31)
  • $100.00 Life Membership
  • $25.00 Business Membership (Includes Plaque)

    Send to Address at the bottom of this page.





    • 1964 Tornado DVD - $10.00

    • PRICE REDUCED! "The Magician & the Card Sharp" by Karl Johnson - Hardback Book $18 (plus postage)

      This book, includes events that took place in Pleasant Hill during the 20's & 30's, while telling the tale of the famous magician, Dai Vernon's search for Allen "Bill" Kennedy of Pleasant Hill. Kennedy was the master of "The Center Deal." (Entire cost of book goes into the Building Fund!)

    • "Boone Ingels and the Pleasant Hill Board of Education - 1958 to 1981" $6 (plus postage)

    We also have attractive Pleasant Hill Sweatshirts and T-Shirts that we sell. Call for designs and pricing.



    We meet the 3rd Sunday of January, April, July, & October at 2:30 PM at the Museum (125 Wyoming in downtown Pleasant Hill). In April, when Easter falls on our meeting date and/or in July, when the Cass County Fair falls on our meeting weekend, the meeting will be the 4th Sunday of the month.

    Visitors are encouraged to attend. We try to have programs of interest to the entire community.

    • Monday 1:30 to 3:30 PM

    • Wed & Fri 3:30 to 5:30 PM
    • 2nd Sat of Month 10:00 to 3:00 PM

    We are happy to make appointments to fit your schedule. Please call 816-529-6088 in advance of your visit to arrange other times.



    We welcome all visitors and can arrange special tours and meetings for organizations and family groups. Call ahead when you are planning a visit to our community and we can arrange a special time to meet you at the museum to assist you. If you plan to do family research, let us know and we will try to locate some materials before you arrive.

    Call 816-540-4010 or 816-529-6088 for further information.

    P.O. Box 31  •  Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

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