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The quarterly meeting of the Pleasant Hill Historical Society will be held Sunday, January 15. 2017 and the program will be presented by the Bates County Museum Director and President of the Bates County Historical Society, Peggy Buhr, "Missiles Among Us" Find out what was going on underground in the Midwest during the Cold War. Visitors are encouraged to attend. For more information call 816-651-5522.

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History of the Pleasant Hill Historical Society
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The Pleasant Hill Historical Society was organized on March 30, 1970. Its first Officers were:

  • President - Jim Wallace
  • Vice-President - Marjorie Pearce Buckner
  • Secretary - Hazel Myers
  • Treasurer - George Gosch

The purpose of the Society is to be a source of historical information concerning Pleasant Hill. This is accomplished by its public Museum, its programs and activities devoted to promoting knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Pleasant Hill and its remarkable past.

On March 3, 1971, a spectacular fire destroyed two large buildings and gutted a third on Wyoming Street. This building was the site of the old Kosky Barber Shop. The stone front of this building was built with stone from the historically important Gamble Mansion, finished in 1866 by a son of Hamilton R. Gamble, Missouri’s pro-Northern Civil War Governor. It subsequently became the Brannock Collegiate Institute, better known as the “Stone College.” Later, in 1904, some of its stones, door, and two windows were used for the front of Kosky’s Barber Shop.

In 1976, this building, after being completely renovated, was dedicated as the Pleasant Hill Historical Society’s Museum. Even though the museum is less than 1000 square feet in area, it includes many artifacts, documents, and family history files. Besides the artifacts that can be seen in the Museum, thousands of photographs are available to be studied and used for research. These photographs date from the turn of the Century into this decade. They include street scenes, businesses, churches, schools, individuals, groups, disasters, and many other aspects of the life & times of the citizens of Pleasant Hill.

The Historical Society also houses and maintains extensive “family history” files, which include newspaper clippings from the "Pleasant Hill Times" for much of this century. At this time, over 2500 surnames are on file. These files offer a great source for genealogical research.

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