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Whiskers and Tails
Whiskers and Tails PO Box 83 Peculiar MO, 64078

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ReGina Edmondson


Founded in September 2001 - Whiskers and Tails is a Missouri registered 501(c)3 all - volunteer, humane/human outreach and assistance non-profit organization.

We do not share the names, addresses or images of the families that we are trying to help.

Whiskers and Tails is looking for both caring and skilled volunteers right now.

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Whiskers and Tails MO

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Whiskers and Tails is an outreach/assistance all volunteer humane/human non profit organization.

Our Mission - To save the lives of animals by helping the humans who care for them.

We operate through your donations . Your small change makes a big difference.

Through your donations we can offer aid to unwanted animals and assistance to

low - income companion animals and their families.


Treats from Whiskers andTails 

The slideshows below offer just a tiny sample of what Whiskers and Tails Does for the families and animals that we work with.

Visit Our Videos Page to see more.

For the Animals
 For the Humans
Sponsors Needed Now

Moo Moo

My name is Moo Moo. I have a very unique blood disorder

which is very similar to human lupus. I need frequent vet

visits for blood tests and I have to remain parasite free.

I am on a special diet and since I am a senior cat my family

knows that I need just a little bit extra care.

Would you sponsor any of my needs right now

so that I can stay alive?

I will be waiting right here for your donation

 Spay/Neuter - It Does Save Lives

Being outside means spreading diseases

to other animals and bringing more litters of unwanted

animals into an already overcrowded world. Please help us

to continue our spay/neuter program by making a donation today.

By making a donation to help us to spay and neuter

feral and stray cats, you are saving lives.



Disclosures/Public Information

So we Don't keep you hangin' around - Please Read This Carefully!

Please read this disclosure before e-mailing or calling Whiskers and Tails.

We have a waiting list of just over 647 families that are waiting for help.

Whiskers and Tails is not a state licensed animal shelter and we do not take in/house or hold feral, stray, unwanted or lost animals. We provide outreach and assistance services to pre-screened and pre-selected low - no income companion animals and their families and we run an ongoing trap/neuter/return program. ( Our participating vet houses any humanely trapped animals until all medical care and altering is completed).

We cannot and do not take in owner release animals. Please do some research on licensed, legitimate animal rescue groups in your area if you are searching for a safe place to take animals.

Whiskers and Tails operates through grants and donations from the public and monies raised through our fundraising efforts. We are all volunteer we are registered with the State of Missouri and the Internal Revenue Service. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

Whiskers and Tails does not give out the names and addresses of the families that we help to ANYONE!

Families/Individuals that are approved for assistance have been pre-screened and have signed agreements that include the willingness to keep the dog (s) or cat (s) for the life of the animal(s).

You must be willing to have your animal spayed or neutered if they are not already altered.

You must be willing to provide updates to prove that the animals are in good condition and are receiving adequate care, shelter and so on. (This means providing updated photos upon request)

You Absolutely Cannot List your dog(s) or cat(s) on any free to good home site, advertising or flyer. This is far too dangerous for the animal and we will not support it.

You have to agree not to release your animal(s) to any animal shelter or humane organization while receiving assistance from Whiskers and Tails.

Because we have such a long waiting list we cannot provide aid to everyone. Please check for organizations that might be able to help. Donations are few and far between for us. That does not mean that you cannot get help from another group.

PO BOX 83 Peculiar  •  PECULIAR, MO 64078
phone: 816 974 0442

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