*Mound Bayou Civic Club

Men of God and Power

Benjamin Montgomery - father of Isaiah and overseer of the commercial and agricultural success of the Davis's Plantations

Mound Bayou Founder I. T. Montgomery

Mound Bayou Founder Benjamin T. Green

Charles Banks-Business Genius - Founder of Bank of Mound Bayou


Peters Pottery

Mound Bayou's Weather

Bolivar Commercial

St. Gabriel Mercy Centyer

Main Street Study Mississippi

Booker T Washington Papers

Booker T. Washington on the CITY

Montgomery Tells His Story

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Earliest Photo of Settlers Tearing down swamp Land to enter Mound Bayou as some watch for wild animals.

Downtown became the industrial pulse of the entire county

The Bank of Mound Bayou (early 1900s)

Mound Bayou went from Swamp land to leading the world in cotton production

Mound Bayou Oil Mill-Largest Negro Business Venture of the American "Negro" in the early 1900s

Booker T. Washington speaks at the opening of the Mound Bayou Oil Mill

Knights and Daughters National Fraternal Administration

1939 Scene

1942 Completion of the Taborian Hospital

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