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New Meeting Place!Join friends, make friends! Tuesday, October 20,2009 at 1:00 to 4:00 PM. First meeting at our new location: Eastgate Park Club House 4200 Quail Hollow Drive Raleigh, NC 27609 We will no longer meet at Millbrook Exchange Park due to lack of space.We will plenty of room, wall plugs and the whole building to use.Bring your sewing machines. Always happy to have new guests. Directions:(Map below on calander.) From 64 or Capital: pick up Millbrook Rd/St. and head towards Falls of the Neuse, cross over at the light where Quail Hollow Shopping Center is, go 1/2 mile and turn left onto Quail Hollow Drive (trees dip over sign) go about 1/2 mile and a small sign on your left and low to the ground will say Eastgate Park, club house is only building there; or from Glenwood or Rt. 70 pick up Millbrook Rd/St. and head towards Falls of the Neuse and Quail Hollow Shopping Center. You will turn right onto Quail Hollow Drive, it is between Six Forks and Falls of the Neuse, if you get to Quail Hollow Shopping Center you have gone too far.Please rap if there is nothing holding the door open. Questions call 919-518-1563. Betty Boucher

Chick-fil-A and Project Linus...check back this week for dates and times in Raleigh on Glenwood! Save the dates, Aug 10th,Sept 14th and October 12th.Join us to eat, join us to work or drop a finished blanket!Check back!

Contest from Project Linus National and Make A Blanket Day: information will be posted soon! Raleigh's Make a Blanket Day is better than ever, bigger room and loading doc at Marbles, Feb 27th. Watch for more info and posting on calendar.

Cold Fall days are great days to make a blanket or squares! Drop off at any of our sponsors or contact us.Kids need something to do?Teach them to make a grannie square. We have teens and the Buildr's Club at TFS who will join squares them!

Coming Soon! A crochet and knit afternoon at a local spot and a Blanket sewing day at Knightdale Library and also North Raleigh Regional. Are you interested? Details soon!

$1000 Grant from Wal-Mart on Glenwood! Thank you for the outstanding support of the Wal-Mart on Glenwood May 14th, 2009.The grand re-opening was spectacular! Your Wake County Project Linus was honored with a grant for $1000! This will help us provide more handmade blankets to local children. When you shop there, thank Lori and the managment for supporting children in Wake County! They no longer have fabric, but they have bright children friendly yarn!

Plan to join us or help thoughout the year! One blanket, one square, one quilt or label one blanket or donate one skein of yarn!

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Susie Holmes
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Betty Boucher
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Deanna Winick

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Making a Difference in Wake County 16,000+ Blankets providing HUGS for Children since 1996 Project Linus in Raleigh, NC (national website: was started in 1996 by Susie Holmes. We have delivered over 16,000 blankets to many local groups and agencies that help seriously ill or traumatized children who need a HUG from a blanket!
  • Wake Med
  • Rex Hospital
  • Duke Hospital
  • Interact (for children of abused women receiving support)
  • Hospice (for their Reflections program for grieving children and teens)
  • Make a Wish
  • Women's Center
  • Open Door Clinic
  • Raleigh Rescue Mission
  • Various cancer and AIDS support groups for children. We have also provided blankets to support Project Linus Programs for major disasters (including 9/11 and Hurricanes Floyd and Katrina).

    We accept new, handmade blankets (use of a sewing machine is encouraged!) quilts, fleece blankets and afghans. Many volunteers work individually on blankets. Groups include preschoolers (St. Raphael's has donated 30 blankets per year for many years), Garner Middle School home ec classes, Our Lady of Lourdes and St Francis Middle Schools, various church groups, senior volunteers in assisted living communities, Millbrook Exchange 55 Plus Club, Independence Village, Magnolia Glen, and The Lodge in WakeForest.
    Project Linus is a marvelous group of caring people.
    All are volunteers supporting this non-profit program.All are working for the children in our community. Click on for patterns for quilts and afghans on our National Office website.

    Stories of Comfort! You make a difference
    Sent: Nov.30th,2009:Thanksgiving Blessing! Suzie, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. My 11 yr. old daughter was admitted to Rex hospital in October after emergency surgery for what we thought was a staph infection in her knee. We were all nervous and she was scared to be away from her bed and home. As soon as we got into her room after the surgery someone from the hospital arrived with a care package from you guys. The pillows and the blanket were a great source of comfort to her during her stay at Rex. This morning when I was making her bed I spread out her afghan, from you guys, across the bottom of her bed. She loves the blanket and has had it on her bed everyday since the hospital. Thank you for making these blankets and pillows. Her's is much loved!

    My name is Jocelyn. My infant son and I spent three nights and four days at Rex hospital last week while he was hospitalized for complications from croup. While we were there, we were given a wonderful, soft, fuzzy, warm, huge, adorable blanket, and a couple of stuffed animals and blanket toys, all from your chapter of Project Linus. As intended, your gifts made us feel so comfortable and at home, all during a very scary time away from home. We are so thankful, and would like to send a note saying so! I'd also love to "pay it forward" by making something to gift to another family who unfortunately finds themselves in the same position in a cold and frightening hospital, facing a parent's worst fear: a sick child. I'd need training, but I'm willing if I can be of any use! I look forward to hearing from you with a mailing address, and with nformation on how I can give back! Sincerely, Jocelyn

    Susie Holmes, Wake County Director received the following email: Dear ladies, I am a PICU nurse at Wakemed in Raleigh, NC. I wanted to thank you on behalf of my patients, their parents, and my fellow nurses. It is such a good feeling to be able to use your blankets in my work of helping critically ill children. The blankets make a scary, sterile, hospital setting more cheerful and welcoming for a sick child. They light up the face of a mom whose child has been on a ventilator for days when she comes in the room and sees her child wrapped in your love! Thank you all -

     Many Ways YOU can help
    Volunteers Needed . . . If you can quilt, crochet, or knit - please consider making a blanket for a child who needs a hug. You don't have to be an expert to create a blanket that is beautiful to a child. If you're not a quilter, crocheter, or knitter, you can still help in many ways. Email us:
    Individuals Youth & church groups Quilt or sewing guilds Civic organizations and businesses.
    BR> Donate a Blanket . . . Make a blanket - click here for Guidelines or visit the links on the left column which has many patterns and tips. Send us your favorite tips or patterns!
    Other Donations Needed . . . Washable cotton fabric, flannel or polar fleece,low-loft batting or acrylic or cotton yarn.
    Gift certificates to local quilt shops and fabric stores, or office supply stores.
    Cash donations to help pay for blanket making supplies and chapter expenses such as blanket labels, print poems, chapter website, etc.Email the Director with your ideas!

    CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSETS or old projects! Many of our volunteers have the time to make blankets, but don't have the resources to purchase the supplies needed to make blankets. Your donations will make it possible for these volunteers to make blankets for children who need a hug.
    Project Linus is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine if your donation is tax deductible. Receipts for donations will be provided upon request.
    Hudson Memorial, Make a Blanket Day and Volunteers Like YOU!
    The annual "Brunch & Blankies" day at Hudson Memorial was a HUGE success! Darling fleece blankets were made from donations of scrap fleece. Teen sized material was used for making fringed blankets. Elaine W. was in charge of the event and the Sewing Guild was busy cutting and preparing!

    160 Blankets on Make A Blanket Day (MABD). It was a huge success thanks to you, our volunteers! Special thanks to Deanna Winick for organizing the event, Sarah Morgan for donating a quilt to raffle,Vickie Kloster and everyone who helped. Thank you to the youth group at St Timothy's and the nurses at Rex Hospital!More on our donors who gave us food,water and support!Congratulations to Ellie for her win! We finished, tagged and bagged over 160 blankets Feb 22nd.Many, many more were started. So many children will be warmed and comforted because of your efforts.

     Drop Off Sites and Sponsors
    We are very thankful for our volunteers and for those companies and groups that support us with donations and drop off sites: Drop off sites:
  • Quilts Like Crazy in Wake Forest
  • JoAnns in Raleigh
  • Hancocks Fabrics on Old Wake Forest Road in Holly Park Shopping Center
  • Etc. Crafts in Cary

    Kids like Bright Colored Blankets! The Peanut Butter and Jelly Story........... Many thousands of blankets ago when PL was forming, a coordinator shared this story. The coordinator was given a purple, white and brown striped blanket that apparently was not pleasing to the eye. Knowing that the creator of this blanket had indeed worked hard on it, she took it with her to a facility thinking that no one would probably pick it, and the worst that would happen is if she had to pack it back up and bring it home. This coordinator had a large pile of blankets for the children to choose from. I don't know if it was the first pick from the first child who did their choosing (but I like to think it was) and the child was so happy when they wrapped themselves up in it. The coordinator, who could not resist, asked the child why they picked that special blanket out of all the other brightly colored, "kid-friendly" blankets and quilts that were in the pile. The childs simple response was, "Oh, I just LOVE it! It reminds me of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!"

    Thank you to all of Raleigh/Wake volunteers who take the time to make kid friendly blankets that continue to bring joy and comfort!


    Project Linus is a National 501(c)(3)
    Project Linus was named after Linus, the adorable security blanket toting character from the Peanuts comic strip. "Of all the things in the strip, I think that I am most proud of Linus' security blanket. I may not have invented the term, but I like to think I made it a part of our language" . . . Charles Schulz Charles Schulz was aware of Project Linus and was delighted to have Linus inspire blanket makers to help comfort a child in need.

    Blanket Guidelines A gentle reminder concerning the types of blankets Project Linus chapters may accept. Blankets must meet these National Guidelines which are used to keep children safe.
    Blanket Sizes

  • Baby - 30" x 30" or 30" x 36"
  • Child - 40" x 60"
  • Teen - 45" x 72" These are approximate sizes - kids AND blankets come in all sizes.These are guidelines to help you and are not rules.

    We always have a need for "boy" blankets and teen sized blankets. Blankets with animals,cars,sports and teams, Panthers, NCState or UNC, ECU, etc are GREAT.

    General Guidelines Please check, double check, and triple check your blanket carefully for straight pins.It's better you find that pin and not the child who receives your blanket. Don't attach buttons or similar decorative items to a blanket. They can be a choking hazard to children.

    Make blankets from new, clean, washable materials in infant, child or teen friendly colors. Remember, these blankets should be colorful, cheerful, and cuddly. Crochet, knit, quilt or tie your blankets, or finish the edges of polar fleece.

    Project Linus chapter coordinators are instructed by Project Linus National Office to ONLY accept blankets that are of excellent quality and free from contaminants including smoky smells, pet hair or any chemicals which could cause problems for a child. Hospitals will not accept these blankets, and they will most likely be discarded. Recent studies show that laundering these blankets does not remove contamination, and in some cases can even make it worse. Again, if unusually strong smells due to chemicals used in detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets, mold and mildew or smoking products are apparent, most hospitals will discard the blanket rather than jeopardize the health of a patient. Thank you for helping to make sure that Project Linus blankets are safe and healthy, and will bring only comfort and security to a child in need.

    Label and Poems and YOUR NAME

    Once the blankets are checked volunteers sew a Project Linus label in one corner and attach a poem with yarn or DMC floss. You are encouraged to attach your address as many parents like to send thank you notes to acknowledge your blanket that is treasured. (Poems will be shown here soon!)

    Fleece Blankets Click on How to Finish a Fleece Blanket for different methods to finish fleece blankets. Links for instructions on how to make a fleece blanket are listed in Links in the LEFT COLUMN.

    Quilts Please make quilts from cotton or flannel. Quilts need to be washable and durable since they will be laundered many, many times. Low loft batting is preferred. Secure the batting into outer seams and tie or quilt it every 4". Batting will disintegrate if quilted too far apart. Cut yarn and crochet thread ties no longer than 1" -1" in length. DMC thread is colorful and easier to use than yarn.

    Afghans Use small knitting needles or crochet hooks and soft yarn to make preemie/baby afghans.Little fingers and toes, and medical instruments,can get caught in big stitches. If you prefer using larger size crochet hooks or knitting needles, please consider making bigger afghans in larger child and teen sizes. Weave in all yarn ends on crocheted and knitted afghans, do not just tie and cut them off since yarn stretches and knots may come apart on your wonderful work!

    Please Don't..... Don't make blankets out of tapestry, upholstery fabric, burlap, felt, vinyl, wool, wool yarn, or any other scratchy fabrics or laces. Don't attach buttons or similar decorative items to a blanket. They can be a choking hazard to children. Don't use paint to decorate a blanket. The thick stuff peels off - we don't want a child eating it. Other kinds of paint rub off.

    Please DO..... Do have fun and include love in the blankets. Do know that even one blanket makes a difference in the life of a sad or ill child or teen and their family. You make a difference in Project Linus!

    Raleigh, NC
    phone: 919-846-8564

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