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Corporate Sponsorship Program for Centers at Work 

Imagine the Little Red School House in the country years ago. Remember how it developed the small community for all ages of children? Enter into this picture an office location for the connection to parents, involving them fully in the educational process. Additionally, sprinkle a little home atmosphere into this formula for comfort and care. What exists here is a recipe for attracting the best and most productive employees, as they know corporate sponsorship for such a venture establishes a real commitment to their family even while it doesn't break your corporate bank account. This is social responsibility at its best!

Independent Study Umbrella Program for Home Education

The umbrella program is for third party attendance and record keeping; ongoing support for information and counseling via the internet group. The family is responsible for educational content and hours of operation. We provide referrals and support for your family if you have problems with your local school district. We certify the mentor based upon parental recommendations. We allow use of our trademark name for your homeschool as allowed by law.

There is a one time application fee of $45.00 per student. The monthly tuition is $20.00 if paid monthly ($240.00 per year). The tuition fee is reduced by 50% if paid at the same time as the initial application fee ($120.00). Thus, the Annual Tuition fee for this program is $120.00 per student if paid in one lump sum. However, these costs are contingent upon the needs of each family and is subject to be higher for those families with greater consulting needs related to legal, medical or testing issues. Each student will receive a Certificate of Achievement after each year of study. Services are available year round. The students who qualify graduate with a transcript and diploma from Progressive Network Academy.

 Empowered Socialization Program for Neighborhood Centers

Families in a given locale form an educational co-op to facilitate the Empowered Socialization Program. This program is usually located in a home and one or more parents are the mentors who work with the children. The children vary in ages and may attend during traditional business hours at the mentor's home or other agreed locale year round.

The cost of this program is usually $50-75 per week per child and this is paid to the Co-op to provide a stipend to the mentor(s) and for materials. The typical class consists of only twelve children who vary in ages/grades from K-12. There is a one time Co-op Development fee of $3500.00 which can be divided by the twelve students at $292.00 each. There is an Annual Enrollment fee per student of $120.00 payable to Progressive Network Academy. The Co-0p Development fee can be financed with a small down payment and approved credit. The Co-op is developed per PNA guidelines and per the laws of the state in which it resides. Mentors are certified by PNA based upon the recommendations of the parents in that specific program.

Empowered socialization is distinguished from the forced socialization of traditional schools in that children are not put into age segregated groupings, except on occasion and by choice; ie, to complete a specific project.

Inclusive... with Spiritual Awareness and Comprehensive Character Education

Respect for diversity entails a respect for cultural and religious differences. Learning about spiritual philosophies and religion in an environment free of coersion, children can development their own spiritual awareness. The program is centered on comprehensive character development. This includes the following traits for effective social engagement:

1. independence,

2. responsibility,

3. respect,

4. citizenship,

5. courage,

6. cooperation,

7. caring,

8. diligence,

9. integrity,

10. fairness,

11. trustworthiness,

12. appreciation,

13. honesty,

14. service,

15. goal attainment,

16. priority development.

 Pragmatic... with Community Involvement and Entreprenuarial Self Sufficiency Training

From their beginning in the 1830's, state funded public schools have primarily attempted to achieve cultural uniformity, not diversity, and to educate dutiful, not critical citizens. The system had been under pressure to support the expanding industrial economy by establishing a competitive meritocracy and preparing students for their vocational roles.

With the decline of local community life and small scale enterprise, students were losing valuable opportunities to learn the arts of democratic participation. Progressive education opposes the growing national movement that separates the academic education for the few and the vocational training for the masses. We believe that all students must be culturally literate in order to function effectively in our society. We do this by including core knowledge for each child regardless of whether they plan to attend college or vocational school. Each child takes from this core knowledge and thoughtfully develops their self directed inquiry of the world around them.

In summary, as we move from the industrialism to the information age, we must make sure our schools are places where we can connect and relate to others in meaningful ways, including the redevelopment of small scale enterprise and its corresponding self suffiency and economic independence of yesteryear.


Activism, Democracy & Diversity : You ADD it up for Yourself!

'ADD' is not just about 'attention deficit disorders' anymore! Seemingly, many so-called attention deficit disorders are abundant due to our ignorance of children's instinctional learning behaviors which are not being acknowledged properly in our adult-centered culture. As a result, drugging a whole segment of our population because of this ignorance will only serve the meritocracy of an already outdated industrial age.

What are you going to do to protect your child's educational future? What part can you play to help protect democracy for your grandchildren?

Join us in our effort to provide the best system of education for a culture that respects the democratic goals of activism, diversity, freedom and economic independence.

Progressive Network Academy (PNA) is a nonpublic school which qualifies under NC Gen Stat 115C-555 et seq Delconte v. State, 329 S.E. 2nd 636 (1985). PNA does not receive or solicit government subsidies or grants; therefore, our funding is 100% private. Furthermore, while it is not mandatory nor encouraged, some individualized programs may include a religious component democratically chosen at the descretion of the participants.

Email us a detailed note using the email form below for more information on how you can support true educational excellence in your area or to have someone call you about enrolling your child/ren.

2840 South College Road, PMB #134  •  Wilmington, NC 28412
phone: 910-632-9454

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