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Mission Statement 

“SEASCAT” is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating, finding, &/or providing a supportive living environment for adult survivors of childhood abuse for the purpose of allowing them the safety and security they need to focus on recovery.

What we are-
We are not an online support group only for survivors. I have an extensive list of survivor forums for those interested. SEASCAT is for planning and organizing to fullfill our mission statement and welcome everyone with interest.

SEASCAT's been a dream for 15 years, but due to the struggles of daily living was only incorporated in May of '08. We are working on the 501(C)3.

Not long ago, the diagnosis of C-PTSD didn't even exist and forget trying to find a psychiatrist to accept the diagnosis of DID (MPD, then) . Now, there are more websites with useful information then I can keep track of! (I've been working on organizing my links and it's really quite overwhelming.)

There are two things that are different about SEASCAT:

  1. Our focus is "adult survivors of child abuse" (most org.s are slightly different such as DID, child abuse prevention, sexual abuse, domestic violence, PTSD mostly for veterans, etc.)
  2. Our goal of creating a supportive and nurturing "physical" environment.... an actual place for survivors to come to and feel safe while working on recovery (not a recovery program receiving $ from insurance and fees, not an online support group, not a weekly meeting.... but a place to live). For many of us, homelessness has been a major roadblock towards our recovery.

    Connie Jean Conklin, MEd, founder 2008 SEASCAT

 What we do-
SEASCAT stands for Supportive Environment for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse & Trauma. In my mind, “supportive environment” means a place to go, a place that is safe & nurturing. The kind of place where all children should be raised, but the residents of SEASCAT lacked when they were children. In a safe and nurturing environment, they can focus all their energy on recovery from the effects of their childhood.

We have the goal of building and equipping what could amount to over a quarter million dollar facility, not to mention salaries, utilities, and other services.

We will start by improving the environment in the community through these educational workshops to aide in your understanding of our target population, adult survivors of child abuse & trauma.

In these workshops you will learn:

  • what is child abuse
  • what is the lasting effects of child abuse
  • more detailed information about the diagnosis most common to adult survivors
  • how to recognize these diagnosis
  • what you can do as a layperson in the community
  • the cost to our nation and our community, when people do not get the help they need.

    SEASCAT has also purchased a car. We hope to have it running soon and hope it lasts until we get our 501(C)3 and can ask for a donation of a newer better car. For now, it will be providing transportation to (at least) 3 survivors in western NC (USA).


Why the need?
Almost half of all child abuse occurs in the home and by a parent or guardian. This results in survivors who have no support system, more often then not. Survivors of child abuse almost always have serious problems with relationships, communication problems and no trust in other people.

SEASCAT is intended to be the supportive other and the advocate that adult survivors can come to when they are struggling. Homelessness is a major issue that blocks recovery and, eventually, we intend to be an actual place to live as long as there is need. A safe and nurturing place where everyone is welcome, never judged as lesser then anyone else, and 'home' is a good word, not a bad.

Sylva, NC

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