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Contest News
WOW! We had 100% class participation on tacks 1&4 for the current Boxtops contest.

Several students have already brought in over 100 boxtops this year! They have been awarded small incentive gifts and have been recognized durring the morning announcemtns.

Disclaimer: I am a parent volunteer. I am not a web designer. This site--while about WSES boxtops and Canmpbells labels collecting is not created by or maintained by the school. Please note that there will be no student information listed on this site.

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Community Coffee Cash for Schools
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Save UPCs (bar codes) from all Community® and Private Reserve® products available at the locations listed below:
a. Grocery Stores, Supermarkets & Other Participating Retail Outlets (Retail UPCs) All coffee products, tea products, creamer, sugar and coffee filters contain eligible UPCs.
b. Restaurants, Hotels, Offices & Businesses (Office Coffee UPCs) Boxes of coffee and tea products delivered to restaurants, hotels and other businesses also contain high value UPCs.
Please refer to our Community Products Summary for a complete list of products from which you can save UPCs.
Red Bag Coffee Products, Premium Blends, Dark Roast, Medium Roast, New Orleans Blend® Coffee & Chicory, Between Roast, Café Special®, Colombia Hotel Blend™ Decaffeinated, Decaffeinated Lite Coffee, Half the Caffeine New Orleans Blend®, Coffee & Chicory - Decaffeinated
Red Bag – Flavored - French Vanilla Flavored Coffee, Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, Four-Cup Filter Packs, Dark Roast Individual, Decaffeinated Individual, Medium Roast Individual, Mochasippi® Bottled Coffee Drinks, Mochasippi® – Coffee, Mochasippi® – Mocha, Mochasippi® – French Vanilla, Private Reserve® Coffee Products, Non-Flavored Breakfast Blend, Crescent City Blend®, Espresso Roast, French Roast, Iced Coffee Blend, Kona Coffee Blend, Louisiana Blend® Dark Louisiana Blend® , medium-Dark Special Gourmet House Blend, Colombia Medium-Dark, Gourmet Flavored - French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Hazelnut Decaffeinated, Pecan Praline, Instant Coffee - Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Decaffeinated New Orleans Blend®, Coffee & Chicory, Instant Cappuccino – Caramel, Instant Cappuccino – French Vanilla, Instant Cappuccino – Mocha, One-Cup Coffee Pods Dark Roast Medium Roast New Orleans Blend® Coffee & Chicory Community® Tea Products Brewed Tea Tea Bags-Family Size – 24 Quart Size Bags Tea Bags-Family Size – 24 Quart Size Bags (Decaffeinated) Tea Bags-Individual – 48 Individual Size Bags Tea Bags-Individual – 48 Individual Size Bags (Decaffeinated) Tea Bags-Individual – 100 Individual Size Bags Green Tea Bags-Individual – 48 Individual Size Bags Iced Tea Mix (with Lemon and Sugar) Ready-to-Drink Tea Beverages Gallon Tea – Regular with Lemon Gallon Tea – Diet with Lemon Gallon Tea – Green Tea with Honey & Lemon Gallon Tea – Diet Green Tea with Honey & Lemon 12-Pack Canned Teas – Regular 12-Pack Canned Teas – Diet One-Cup Tea Pods Earl Grey English Breakfast Herbal Blend Chamomile Honey Lemon Green Tea Decaffeinated Oriental Green Tea Coffee Related Products Non-Dairy Liquid Creamer – Regular Non-Dairy Liquid Creamer – French Vanilla Non-Dairly Liquid Creamer – Hazelnut Non-Dairy Powder Creamer Non-Dairy Powder Lite Creamer Sugar Shaker Canister Community Coffee Filters Community® Coffee Company
Product Summary UPCs/Proof of Purchase seals are available on the following products for use with the Community Cash for Schools™ program. Please note that the UPCs & Proof of Purchase seals may vary slightly in appearance by product line. Office Service/Commercial Products Retail Grocery Products

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