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June 2018
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Members List:


Sandra Nelson
1nd Vice President:
Nancy Seward
2nd Vice President:
Kay Harris
Beth Uden
Meleese Schmidt
Inez Logan
Board Member:
Linda Carroll
Conservation Chair:
Jean Priefert
Education Chair:
Marge Finley
Art Chair:
Wanda Marget
Faye Bonin
Writing Chair:
Nancy Galaway
International Chair:
Louise Gipson
Public Issues:
Donna Lefler
Donna Atmore
Carol Bettger
Connie Jo Felton
Pat Gage
Karolyn Glenn
Lea Johnson
Gloria Miller
Marilyn Oates
Donna O'Brien
Delores Roper
Donna Thompson

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Oppertunities For Youth
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          The GFWC Fairmont Woman’s club offers opportunities for youth in the area.  To find  details on opportunities use “Find” function on your computer to find the opportunity you are interested in from the list below.  Most Nebraska clubs offer these same opportunities so if you don’t live in the Fairmont area contact us or the Nebraska Federation of Women’s Clubs for a club near you.

          Also check out the page on this website on contest for youth.




Sophomore Pilgrimage

Writing Workshop

June Russell Scholarship (High School Seniors)

Educational Loan (High School Seniors)

Juniorette Club


Sophomore Pilgrimage

          The Sophomore Pilgrimage is a day in Lincoln where High School Sophomores observe our Nebraska government in action.  It is usually held in April, sometimes late March.  Each GFWC Woman’s club in the state can sponsor two High School Sophomores.  The Fairmont Club works with the GFWC Geneva Woman’s Club, so we are able to send four students from Fillmore Central High School.

          The students spend a day at the Capitol--in the morning they hear presentations by the elected officials (Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, etc), they then observe the Legislature in session for about an hour, next they have lunch at the Governor's Residence with their state senator.  Following lunch they go to the Supreme Court area to learn about the Nebraska Courts.

          Group pictures are taken and given to each student as well as a certificate.

          For more information contact ngalaway@windstream.net




Writing Workshop *wtch for dates for 2016


The 12th annual Writing Workshop for Women and Young Women.  Open to all NFWC Clubwomen and high school age young girls. This year on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 from 9 to 2:30 at the Seward Civic Center directed by Dr. Lauren Gatti, Ph. D.from the university of Nebraska at Lincoln. Luncheon feature speaker is National Author, Victorine Lieske, National Best Seller. The cost is $10.00 per participant which includes your lunch and breaks.  Why not come and spend some time to learn about writing.  You must pre-register for this workshop. 

Contact Nancy Galaway ngalaway@windstream.net



June Russell Scholarship


Chair: Diane Uher

PO Box 414

Clarkson, NE 68529




This scholarship is open to a high school senior young woman who is planning to further her education at an accredited institution/college/university within the State of Nebraska. The young woman must be related to a GFWC/NFWC member. The scholarship award is $250.00. This amount will be issued to the school for the first semester of classes with proof of admission. The DEADLINE IS MARCH 1 of each year.


Selection for scholarship is based on:

1.                 Proof of commitment to volunteer work (signed statement of sponsor)

2.                 Minimum GPA

3.                 Extracurricular activities

4.                 Two letters of Recommendation

5.                 Letter of recommendation from a NFWC clubwoman, stating the name of her Federated Club.


Any questions, please contact ngalaway@windstream.net





This application form must accompany a ONE PAGE TYPED LETTER OF “WHAT THIS SCHOLARSHIP MEANS TO ME”.  Deadline is MARCH 1 of Each Year.
















Institution you plan to attend:


Name  of NFWC Club Woman and  her Federated Club Name




Relationship of NFWC Club Woman to you:


Extracurricular Activities (School, community, church, service groups)








Signature of Applicant                             Date of Application



Educational Loan Fund

Liz Gerberding



Rules governing Loans from the NFWC Educational Loan Fund


A loan from the Nebraska Federation of Women’s Clubs Educational Loan Fund is available to qualified students working for a degree, taking vocational training, or entering graduate school.  School to be attended must be in Nebraska or one of its perimeter states (Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Colorado, or Wyoming). For a four-year course, there is either a one-time loan of $4000.00, or an initial loan of $3000.00 with the option of renewing the loan for a second $3000.00.  For a two-year program such as trade school, cosmetology school, or similar two-year community college, the maximum loan will be $2500.00.


1.     The applicant must:

a.      Be a resident of the State of Nebraska.

b.     Provide a signed letter of request.

c.     Provide a plan of study toward future career.

d.     Obtain the signature of the President of his/her sponsoring Nebraska Federated Woman’s Club.

e.      Provide financial information to include:

Income available.

Cost of tuition.

Cost of Books and supplies.

Cost of board and room.

Estimated miscellaneous expenses.

f.       Provide two letters of recommendation (Non-relative).

g.     Provide a letter from College advisor or a copy of high school credits.


2.     Upon approval by the committee and NFWC President, a Promissory Note will be signed by the applicant and parents of the applicant, guardian or other responsible adult.

a.      Promissory Notes mature six months after graduation.  If a student does not complete the course or ceases to be a full-time student, the note becomes due immediately.  All notes bear interest of six (6) percent annually for a period of two years following maturity.  If not paid by the end of the second year, the balance of the loan will bear ten (10) percent interest.  If not paid in four years from the date of maturity, the balance of the loan becomes due immediately.

b.     Any change of marital status, address or phone number must be reported to the Committee Chairman.

Return your completed application to NFWC SECRETARY

          Liz Gerberding, 108 Voss Road, Grand Island, NE 68801



Juniorette Clubs

Juniorette Clubs, sponsored by GFWC Women's or Junior Women's Clubs, whose members are middle school, junior high school, and high school students.  These clubs are a great way for youth to volunteers and give of themselves.  Contact us to see where a club is near you or to organize a club in your community.



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