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Brrr, it's COLD!
Doesn't it feel good to crawl into a nice warm bed every evening? We are the lucky ones. There are children who are cold all night long. And we need to step up to help. We have volunteers to make blankets, but we are low on funds, and are in need of yarn. Will you help these kids stay warm at night? Even a couple of dollars makes a difference. All donations are spent on the children. Volunteers do not receive compensation for supplies, gas, etc., as we are true volunteers. So please help us help the children. Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you, Jennifer, Maureen, and Sandra.

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During 2016, we delivered over 1,900 blankets to local hospitals, shelters, children centers and the Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). When children are removed from abusive environments, they spend time with the social worker while a foster parent is located. The social worker allows the child to go to the blanket closet to choose their very own blanket. When the child chooses a blanket, they are surrounded with love and security, and it is usually the first time the social worker sees a smile. We also ensure that any child who loses a parent or sibling to the current war is comforted with a blanket.

In Need of Drop-off Locations 

We are looking for additional drop-off locations. Do you know of a business that would be interested in being a drop-off location? We are especially looking in the Exeter, Derry, and Salem areas. We are happy to provide a container for collecting the blankets along with signage and information about Project Linus. Please let us know if you have a business or other location that would be interested in supporting NH Seacoast Project Linus in this way.

Blanket Specifications

Project Linus blankets must be new, handmade and washable, as our mission is to donate only handmade blankets. We receive thank you notes from children who express how touched they are that a stranger would take the time to make something special just for them. They really know the difference. Purchased blankets are nice, but handmade blankets are from the heart, just like a warm hug. Some Blanketeers will use a purchased blanket and then add loving touches such as appliques, crocheted trim around the edges, etc. These are perfectly acceptable, as they are unique and special.

We like to have a variety of sizes on hand. For example, blankets could be as small as 36" X 36". The majority of Project Linus blankets are about 40" X 60", or what is called crib size. Blankets could be as large as 45"X 75" or twin size (64" x 75") for teens. Our chapter is in need of all sizes right now, as we have very few blankets.
Whether they are made of fabric, yarn or fleece, all blankets need to be machine washable.
Please take special care to ensure that blankets are free of smoky smells or any chemicals which could jeopardize the health of the child.
Check blankets carefully for forgotton pins, and please do not use embellishments such as buttons that could come loose and be swallowed.

Blanket recipient Wentworth Douglass Hospital

That is one snuggly quilt!


Community Service Opportunity

Are you looking for a rewarding way to give back to your community? Consider becoming a Blanketeer. We accept handmade quilts, knitted and crocheted afghans, and no-sew fleece.

Does your school require hours of community service? If so, let me know....the children need your help. You don't need any craft knowledge, sewing skill, etc. Maybe you have some ideas? Most of the projects can be done in your own home, so you don't need to worry about travel. Send an email to me:

9 McCarron Road  •  Deerfield, NH 03037
phone: 603-463-5776

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Contact: Jennifer Verville, 603-463-5776,


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