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2015 Make a Blanket Days a Great Success!!

Our 2015 Make a Blanket Days were a terrific success and helped us collect many blankets and supplies to continue our mission of helping local children in distress.

At the two days we made and/or collected a total of 186 blankets, plus 46 skeins of yarn and 12 pieces of fleece and fabric to be made into blankets and quilts

A total of 86 people attended the two events and worked tirelessly for the children. Thanks to all for your generosity and giving spirit and for sharing your time and energy for others.

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Blanket Guidelines
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Blankets must be new, handmade and washable (do not use wool yarn or wool fabric) Do not use washable wool or yarn with any wool content, not because of washing, but because some people are allergic.

Suitable materials:
100% cotton fabric, flannel, fleece, or acrylic yarn. Made in infant, child or teen friendly colors. These blankets should be colorful, cheerful, and cuddly. Please try to use yarn and fabrics that are suitable for both genders. We always seem to run short on blankets for boys.

SIZES (measurements are approximate)
Newborn: 30" x 36"
Young Child: 36" x 45" to 40" x 45"
Older Child: 43" x 54" to "45" x 62"

Remember that a big blanket will fit all ages, a small blanket will only fit the little kids. Blankets of any size will be accepted, because kids come in all different sizes!

  • Quilts and Tied Comforters
    A quilt is defined as a blanket, which has three layers a top (which may be pieced or simply a single piece of fabric), batting in the center, and backing (which is usually a single piece of fabric). In order to keep the batting from shifting, the batting should be secured into the outer seams, and the three layers of the quilt must be secured together. This is accomplished by sewing the three layers together by hand (hand quilting), machine (machine quilting), or tying (using yarn or thread to tie the three layers together at various points on the blanket). If yarn is used to tie a blanket, make sure the ends are trimmed to approximately 1" and the knots are secure. We don't want the quilt to fall apart after just a few washings. Check your blanket carefully for straight pins. It is better that you find that pin and not the child who receives your blanket.

  • Afghans
    Afghans are made of acrylic yarn that is crocheted or knitted into a blanket. Weave in all yarn ends on crocheted or knitted afghans for at least 2 or 3 inches so that the ends don't pull out and the blanket doesn't come apart.

  • Fleece blankets
    NO DOUBLE FLEECE, Please. Pieces of polar fleece may be purchased and it takes very little work to create a blanket. A crochet edging or a cut fringe can finish off the edges. For fringing, start with at least 1 1/2 yards of fleece.

    PLEASE NOTE: Blankets that smell of smoke or strong chemicals (including perfumed fabric softeners) or have pet hair on them are not acceptable as they may produce a severe allergic reaction in the children.

    Click on the national web site www.projectlinus.org for links to free patterns for Project Linus blankets.

    If in doubt, would the blanket you plan to donate be welcomed by you and your child if you were on the receiving end of a Project Linus blanket?

    For additional blanket recommendations please download this PDF file.
    Add'l Blanket Recommendations

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