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ARVAS held its annual Aquarium Tropical Fish Show 2019 Will be from Monday, April 8th through Saturday, April 13th at the Olean Public Library in Olean, NY. Library statistics show about 4,000 people visit the library during the week of our show.

ARVAS ANNUAL AUCTION 2019 ,Columbus Day Weekend, on Sunday, October 13, 2019, at the John Ash Community Center, 112 N. Barry Street, Olean, NY, starting at 11 AM. Anyone can buy and/or sell. All items being sold must be tropical fish keeping hobby related.

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WWW.arvasny.org - same information but a newer and more colorful web site for ARVAS

www.bergenswatergardens.com - great for your water garden/ponds, plants and supplies

www.kingfishservices.net - keep informed, represents several manufacters

www.peteducation.com - good information

www.angelsplus.com - good fish and merchandise

www.milliondollartropicalfishpage.com - lots of clubs and information about them listed

Ken's fish (www.kensfish.com) - for fish products and value

Aqueon Central Aquatics (www.aqueonproducts.com)

Aquarium Technology Inc, (www.atisponge.com)

The Fish Factory,

Eastern Aquatic Blackworms (www.easternaquatics.com)

Cichlid News Magazine (www.cichlidnews.com)

Swiss Tropicals Inc. (www. swisstropicals.com)

Coral the Reef –Amazonia’s Magazine(www.amazonasmagazine.com)

Cichlid Press Books (www.cichlidpress.com)

Discus Hans USA (www. discus-hans-usa.com)

Diskus Brief Magazine (www.diskusbrief.com)

Aqueon products (www.aqueonproducts.com)

Omega One Foods (www. omegasea.net)

BlueZooRadio.com (www.bluezooradio.com)

San Francisco Bay Brand – (www. sfbb.com)

Omega Sea LTD - (www.omegasea.net)

Rolf C Hagen USA - (www.hagen.com/usa)

Kordon LLC - (www.kordon.com)

TFH Magazine - (www.tfhpublications.com)

Drs Foster & Smith - (www.DrsFosterSmith.com)

Marine Enterprises International-Crystal Sea Salt - (www.meisalt.com)

That Fish Place, Lancaster, PA - (www.thatpetplace.com)

Zoo Med - (www.zoomed.com)

Ginger – (www.gingerinc.com)

Cobolt (www.cobaltaquatics.com)

Ecological Laboratories - (www.microbelift.com)

Aquatic Technology - (www.aquatictech.com) )

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