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From the Commodore:

"The 2018 season if over and the buoys have been pulled off the pond for winter storage and maintenance.

We'll all be busy this winter checking over our boats, and making plans for the 2019 season.

We’ll meet informally over the winter for lunch and discussion.

Meanwhile, if you would like more information about us feel free to use the contact information provided here.

December 2018
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12:30pm-3:30pm Monthly Lunch at Professor Javas. 217 Wolf Road

Members List:

Peter Meixner
Vice Commodore:
Gary Hubert
Secry / Treas:
Jeff Walshe
Site Manager:
Ted Smith
Jeff Bull
Gerry Crawmer
Al Deresienski
Dave Dougall
Jerry Griggs
Paul Hoffmann
Fred Mackintosh
Steve Mintz
Dean Perry
Richard Piasecki
Ed Sanders
Art Sarles
Ralph Siebert
Mark Supley
Don Thorn
Rodger Voss
Jeff Warrick
Bill Zautner
Marcel Zucchino
Steve Zucchino

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Capital Area Model Boat Association

CAMBA is the New York Capital District’s organization for radio control sailing. We are sanctioned club #32 of the American Model Yacht Association. (AMYA). Currently, we sail three classes, the Soling 1 Meter one design, the US 12, and an adaptation of the US One Meter. The Soling One Meter is the primary boat. There are approximately 18 Solings in the CAMBA Fleet. The US 12 is a recent addition to CAMBA. There are seven US 12s sailing and one is under construction. The One Meter is a re-introduction of the class from more than 15 years ago.There are thirteen One Meters in the fleet. Some are vintage designs from 15 to 20 years ago.

The Soling 1 Meter
The Soling 1 Meter is a relatively inexpensive one-design class. These boats are governed by a strict set of rules which keep the boats very evenly matched. This way the skipper is the most important factor in performance. More specific information about the Soling 1 Meter can be found at the AMYA web

The US 12
The US12 class is a yacht of the old America’s Cup 12 meter design. The boat is 46 inches in length with a 16 pound minimum weight, carries a rig of 714 sq. inches. of sail area. The rules and specifications were written to attain a one design class. This way the skipper is the most important factor in performance. More specific information about the US 12 Meter can be found at the AMYA web site:

Open One Meter
Since we now have two restricted (one design) classes for competition which put the emphasis on the ability of the skipper, we thought it might be fun to have a more open class to allow for variables in boat design. So we are beginning an experiment with a race series for one meter boats as an open class. This event is open to any boat with a maximum length of one meter a maximum sail area of 600 square inches and a maximum keel length of 14 1/4 inches. These are the only restrictions. Many existing boats will fit these specifications but original designs to the specs would be just as welcome; or for example, a hopped up Soling One Meter.

Where and When
Currently, we sail on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at The Crossings of Colonie on Albany Shaker Road (See Crossings Page). Tuesday is a Soling One Meter race day. We start sailing at noon and racing begins at 1:00 PM. Thursday is a more informal Open One Meter / US 12 Sailing day. We start sailing noon and racing begins at 1:00 PM.

Interest and Follow Up
If you have an interest in R/C sailing, we invite you to visit us at the Crossings to watch, and then try your hand at sailing.

Tuesday is a better day to visit if you want to watch all the boats racing.

Thursdays are better if you want to talk to the skippers, and try radio control sailing. Several club members have Soling you can sail. If you are interested, please let us know in advance to insure the boats are available.

Note: if you are travelling a long distance, please contact Peter Meixner (518-439-5947) to insure CAMBA is sailing as scheduled. Occasionally, sailing is cancelled due to poor weather.

An assortment CAMBA sailing videos can be seen by searching “Youtube CAMBA Sailing”

Feel free to contact Peter Meixner at: 518-439-5947, or at: soling62 at aol dot com.

Colonie, NY
phone: 518 439 5947

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