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Our Mission The Communion of Independent Charismatic Churches is an independent Evangelical, Charismatic, Contemplative, and Sacramental church committed to training, credentialing, encouraging, and sending forth presbyters to pastor, evangelize, and start churches. ."
Who We Are
The CICC is a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, God-pursuing association of churches and presbyters that believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Lord's Supper.
 Returning to Early Christianity
The CICC is part of a movement of God to return to the beliefs and practices of early Christianity. Apostolic Tradition is one of the best means of understanding the Scriptures. We may determine what tradition is "apostolic" and what is not by employing four basic criteria: (1) antiquity, (2) consensus, (3) universality and (4) Scripturalness. In the pursuit of ancient Christianity, we are careful to maintain the Biblical principles while adapting our methods to the Twenty-first Century. Principles never change, but methods do. We seek to be a modern church unencumbered by centuries of useless traditions that hide more truth than they express.

"The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches." - C. Peter Wagner

Licensed and Ordained
Most Christian believe in the idea of a Christian vocation, meaning that we all have a calling. This is especially true of Christian ministers. God wants some of us to use our gifts and talents as clergy to glorify God and advance His kingdom. For those of you that are so called, the Charismatic Church of God can provide you with the means to fulfill your calling and pursue your ministry. The CICC can provide a spiritual covering for you as one of our licensed or ordained ministers. We offer ministers the opportunity to affiliation with others who share a like faith and calling. We serve those who desire to network and fellowship with other Christian ministers for mutual nurturing and encouragement.

Syracuse, NY

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