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Wednesday, JULY 25, 2018, 6:30 p.m. at:

Denny's Restaurant, South Bay Rd. (corner of Lawrence Rd.), N. Syracuse.

Speaker will be Dan Senn of Bug Slayer Pest Control, Auburn, NY.

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations for the meeting are not required; food may be ordered from the restaurant menu. Questions? Call 315-451-1304.

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Previous Speakers
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Jim Blakeman, Syracuse City Code Enforcement Supervisor.

Types of code enforcement issues                                  06/18/98


Paul Ciodo, City Marshall.

Four kinds of evictions                                                   08/18/98


Bob Zimmerman, Real Estate Investors of CNY.

Questions and answers                                                  10/30/98


Jack Fitch, Onondaga Count Lead Poisoning Dept.

Legislation  updates and field quest                                 10/28/98


Betsey Puffer, Animal Cruelty.                                                    03/    /99


Tom Sain, Nationwide Insurance Agency.

Renter’s insurance and property insurance                        08/25/99


Tim Doyle, CLC – Community Preservation Corporation.

Small business loans                                                     09/29/99


Mary Beth Penpezzulli, VISTA.

Loans to landlords for rental property renovation                01/27/99


Vito Sciscioli, Commissioner of Community Development. 02/    /00


Alison Bukata, Real Estate Law Center.

Rental forms and procedures


Judge Edward Carni.

Court procedures for landlord/tenant cases                       08/30/01


Sgt. Sweeney, Syracuse Police.

Code enforcement and ordinance


Steve Seifritz, OCDSS.

Temporary benefits, public assistance                             10/   / 01


Steve DeRegis, Councilman.

Dealing with the city                                                                  


Terry Kressey.

Lead paint                                                                     02/28/01


Speaker from HUD.

Safe work practices, HEPA vacuum cleaners,

maintenance training                                                      03/19/01


Steve  Carroll, Construction and Rehab Specialist at Home Headquarters.

Lead hazard control and rules with Section 8, housing quality

standards and  Social Services inspections                      10/10/02


Lou Vasta, BPI/NYSERTA certified Energy Specialist.

Energy issues for landlords                                             11/20/02


Pella Window and Sunrise Building Supply.

The window of opportunity                                               01/29/03


CBI Comprehensive Background Investigations.

Intelligent tenant selection                                              02/26/03


Steve Woiler, Insurance Specialist.

Dogs, huge price increases, cancellations                        03/30/03


Bill and Kathy Basko,

Environmental specialist. Clean air and water issues         04/30/03


John Farstler, Recycall.

Economy cleanouts, waste handling, debris.                    05/28/03


Annual Picnic.

Good cookin’, lots of fun                                                 07/30/03


Peter Baum, Attorney.

25 years representing landlords … shared landlord horror

stories, Q&A                                                                 08/27/03


Nancy Kronen, Home Headquarters.

landlord training, government issues                                09/24/03


David Gregg, Computer Consultant

            Computers for Landlords                                     10/27/03


Lou Vasta, BPI/NYSERDA Certified Energy Specialist

            Energy Issues for Rental Properties                                 01/28/04


G. Scott Leader, Tax Specialist, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

            Tax Issues for rental property owners                               02/25/04


Robert Eaton, CAPS (Coalition for Advocates of Personal Safety)

            Security Issues for Rental Property Owners                      03/31/04


Dave Patruno, Patruno Electric Co.

            Electrical Issues for Rental Property Owners                    04/28/04


Mike Goss, City of Syracuse Lead Program

            Lead Issues for Rental Property Owners                           05/26/04


Sharon Patchett, NCR National Revenue Corporation

            Credit Issues for Rental Property Owners             06/30/04


Group Discussion

            Issues for Rental Property Owners – Leases,

            Bad Tenants, etc.                                                          07/28/04


Annual Picnic                                                                            08/25/04


Anthony Diglio, Syracuse City Marshall

            Legal Issues for Rental Property Owners              09/29/04


Political Candidates for NY State Legislature

            Political Issues for Rental Property Owners                      10/27/04


Landlord Forum                                                                          11/17/04


David Schilling, Financial Councilor, A.G.Edwards & Sons, Inc.

            End of Year Strategies for Rental Property Owners           12/15/04



Arlene Corbin Lewis, Fair Housing Council of Central New York

            Discussion of Fair Housing Laws and Practices                01/26/05


Brian Foster, CPA

            Income Taxes for Real Estate Investors                           03/30/05


Lt. Joseph Cecile, Syracuse Police Department

            The Police and You (Landlords)                                       04/27/05


John Valentino, Real Estate Attorney, Green & Seifter

            Landlord/Tenant Legal Issues                                         05/25/05


Jim Blakeman, Syracuse Code Enforcement

            Code Enforcement in Syracuse                                       06/29/05


Terry Kresser, Section 8 Program Director                                  

            Section 8 and How It Works                                           07/27/05


Annual Picnic

            Onondaga Lake Park                 (Held on Rain Date)        09/07/05


Brian Foster, CPA, Hansen’s Financial Services  

            Software Options for Landlords                                        09/28/05


Political Speaker

            Candidate for Syracuse Common Council             10/26/05


Landlord Discussions

            Scheduled speaker did not show up                                 11/30/05


Brian Foster, CPA, Hansen’s Financial Services

            Tax Issues for Landlords                                                01/25/06


Frank Netti, Senior Vice-President, Wachovia Securities

            Building, Managing and Preserving Wealth                       02/22/06


Kathleen Callahan, Real Estate Attorney, City of Syracuse Councilor

            New Issues for Landlords                                                03/29/06


Scott Lance, Manager of The Home Depot,  Camillus

            Services and Supply Sources for Landlords                      04/26/06


Evelyn Kay, National Grid

            New Program for Landlords, Policies toward Landlords      05/31/06


Jason Allers and Rick Robson, from Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc.

            Insurance for Rental Property Owners                              06/28/06


Dick Kornbluth, owner of Entherm Insulation Co.  

            Energy Conservation and Programs                                 07/26/06


Michael Goss, director of Lead Hazard Control, Syracuse Code  Enforcement

            Lead Issues for Rental Property Owners                           08/30/06


Karen Schroeder, director of Home Headquarters, Inc.                   09/27/06


Charles Andrews, account executive, Brown & Brown: Empire State

            Safety and Dangers, for  Rental Property Owners  10/25/06


Holiday Party at Plainville Turkey Farms                                      11/29/06


Holiday Party at the home of Ann Barnes                         12/27/06


Anthony Diglio, Syracuse City Marshal

            Evictions                                                                       01/31/07


Brian Foster, CPA

            Tax Tips and Mistakes to Avoid                                      02/28/07


Peter Baum, esq., Attorney at Law

            Landlord/Tenant Legal Issues                                         03/28/07


Mark Desiderio, Electrician and Landlord

            Electrical Safety Issues and  Codes                                04/25/07


Michael Goss, Syracuse, Code Enforcement

            Lead Code Information                                                   05/30/07


Dan Metz, Chuck Hafner’s Landscapes

            Design Specialist, Planting Information                            06/27/07


Joseph Gizzey, Northeast Claims Service

            Employment and Tenant Screening Issues                       08/29/07


Norman Roth, University Hill Realty, Ltd., Syracuse

            Property Owners Association

            New Residency Laws of the City of Syracuse                    09/26/07


Group Discussion

            New Residency Laws of the City of Syracuse                    10/31/07


Jim Blakeman, Syracuse Code Enforcement

            Building Code Enforcement                                             11/28/07


Terry Kresser, Section 8 Program

            Section 8 in Syracuse & Onondaga County                      01/30/08


Dave Quigg, Stanley Security Solutions

            Property Safety and Security                                           02/27/08


Jay Parnell, Manager of The Bargain Outlet

            Bargain Outlet’s Discounts and Program for Landlords      03/26/08


Hal Travis

            Property Management                                                     04/30/08


Speaker from Habitat for Humanity                                              05/28/08


Russ Andrews, Joe Ash and Ted Furze from Syracuse 20/20

            Views on Government Modernization                                06/25/08


Keith Green and Tom Zirelli, ProSource of Syracuse

            Wholesale Florr Coverings                                              07/30/08


Minch Lewis, Eastwood Neighborhood Association

            5-Star Rental Program for Landlords                                08/27/08


Kathleen Joy, member of Syracuse Common Council

            Programs of Interest to Landlords                                    09/24/08


Frank Netti, Senior Vice-President, Wachovia Securities

            What to do with Your Investments – Now!                        10/29/08





















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