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April 16-19, 2012 Our OCR Primate, Peter Brennan, attended the National Workshop on Christian Unity in Oklahoma City. Its theme was "The Hope of our Calling."

October 27, 2011 Ecumenical Pilgrimage to Assisi. In the USA a special commemoration and Assisi Gathering will be held at Graymoor, Garrison, NY by the Atonement Friars. The OCR Primate, Peter Brennan, has been invited to attend.

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st_Peter_Paul_icon_2.jpgWelcome to The Order of Corporate Reunion 

That All May Be One -- Ut Omnes Unum Sint.

This is an organization of interdenominational people who pray for and work toward Christian unity and religious interfaith cooperation. We especially affirm Catholicism in Anglicanism and in the other Reformed Churches.

The Order of Corporate Reunion encourages things Catholic through Christian Unity and Ecumenism. The OCR was founded in 1874 by Rev. Frederick G. Lee in Lambeth, London, England as an Pro-Catholic Anglican association. Most of its early members were also members of the Society of the Holy Cross which had a similar spiritual goal of unity with Rome. The goal of the Order today remains the same to pray and work for Christian Unity especially to bring the Anglicans into communion with the Holy Father as the center of Christian Unity. Our scope today is a bit more interdenominational and more inclusive of all Christian Unity (East and West)and Ecumenical Dialogues. There is a Facebook page and a Yahoo E-Group which complement and update this web site. You can find them in the links in the column on the left.

In the USA, the office of the OCR is at Christ House Ecumenical Center, 151 Regent Place, Cathedral Gardens, West Hempstead, NY 11552. Telephone: 516 485 0616 and at

In the UK, the OCR office can be contacted at which is the email address of Dr. John Kersey.

OCR Founder, Frederick G. Lee's Burial Place 

I have been in contact with Joan Toogood, editor of the Brookwood Express, which is the newsletter of the Brookwood Cemetery Society in Woking, London, England. She has sent me two issues of the newsletter nos. 59 and 60

These issues contain a biography of Frederick George Lee, OCR founder, written by Robert Alexander. The biography is highlighting Lee as someone who is buried at the cemetery. But it has great value as the biography is written by someone who is not a member of OCR and who is thereby more objective. The biography is entitled: Anglican Vicar and Catholic Bishop.

Lee is buried in his wife's grave. The tombstone only commemorates his wife. No mention is made of Lee himself. The grave is in the original Catholic section of the cemetery which is also known as Plot 131 and his grave number is 147468. The cemetery is currently restoring grave sites. I will work with them to see if there is a way that we can have a plaque placed there to commemorate the life of our founder. Lee's wife Elvira died in 1890 and since she had become a Catholic she was buried in the Catholic section. Lee was buried there on Jan 27, 1902 following a solemn requiem mass at St. George's, Southwark.

Lee retired in 1899 when All Saints Church was sold by an act of Parliment to the South Western Railway to enlarge the train station. Waterloo Station in London is the site where All Saints Church was previously.

In 2011, Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, Primate of the OCR, had a memorial stone placed in the entrance of a newly constructed Catholic Church on Long Island as a memorial to Bishop Lee. The plaque reads: FREDERICK GEORGE LEE, 1832 - 1902, OCR LAMBETH. Memory Eternal!

In October 2012, I (the OCR Primate) visited the burial site of Dr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Lee at Brookwood Cemetery. The Catholic section of the cemetery was easy to find and close to the railroad station. The stone markers are very old and unreadable so I was in the area but could not determine the specific grave location. There is, however, a Catholic Chapel nearby and two memorial plaques were on the front wall of the chapel. Perhaps, we could add one in honor of the Christian Unity work of +Frederick Lee as a remembrance of him. I will see if that can be done.

Which is the Authentic Order of Corporate Reunion?

We are established by a Court Order based on English Common Law and by The State of Missouri and its Secretary of State which finds, affirms and recognizes that our Order of Corporate Reunion under the current primate, Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, is the Authentic and Original Order of Corporate Reunion founded by Bishop Frederick Lee in 1874. This information is available in the Notes on our Facebook page. See the column at the Left for the link.!/note.php?note_id=100152600026671

OCR Apostolic Succession

The Roman Catholic Church through the Order of Corporate Reunion (O.C.R.) (1)

+ Dominicus Cardinal Agostino (CardinalPatriarch of Venice), assisted by + Luigi Cardinal Nazari di Calabiana (Archbishop of Milan), + Vincentius Cardinal Moretti, and + Ignatios Ghiurekian (a Byzantine Catholic Archbishop and Abbot-General of Ordo Mechitaristarum Venetiarum from the Island of Saint Lazarus near Venice) in 1877, acting under the authorization of Pope Pius IX, consecrated + Frederick George Lee, + Thomas Wimberley Mossman, and + John Thomas Seccombe

+ Stanton + Conybeare + Mathew + Howarth + Nichols + Plummer + DeWitow + Propheta + Ryan + Curreri +Brennan

The Roman Catholic Church through the Order of Corporate Reunion (O.C.R.) (2)

+ Frederick George Lee, + Thomas Wimberley Mossman, and + John Thomas Seccombe:

to + Stanton, to + Conybeare, to + Mathew, to + Howarth, to +Nichols, to +Plummer, to +De Witow, to + Propheta, to + D. M. Baxter, + Forest Ernest Barber, + Peter Paul Brennan

The Roman Catholic Church through the Order of Corporate Reunion (O.C.R.) (3)

+ Frederick George Lee, + Thomas Wimberley Mossman, and + John Thomas Seccombe:

to +Morgan, to +Stevens, to +Checkemian, to +McLaglen, to +Herbert James Monzani-Heard, to +William Bernard Crow, to +Hugh George de Willmott Newman, to + Herman Philip Abbinga, to + Perry Nikolaus Cedarholm, + Nils Bertil Persson, + Peter Paul Brennan,

Lee Collection at Pitts Theological Library

There is a small collection of Lee writings and works at the Pitts Theological Library. The webpage is:

Kirkenlexikon Bibliographies: F G LEE

Automatic Internet Translation.

Volume IV (1992)Columns 1343-1345 Author: Guenther Thomann

LEE, Frederick George, * 6.1. 1832 in Thame/Oxfordshire, + 22.1. 1902 in London. -

F.G.Lee began studies in 1851 at pc. Edmund resounds, Oxford, graduated however not, but became 1854 student of the civil law (S.C.L.) and stepped briefly thereafter into the Cuddesdon Theological college a 1856 received it the Priesthood in the Anglican Church. 1858 he was "assistant Minister" to the Berkeley Chapel, London, and showed soon thereafter his sympathy for the "ritualistic" clergymen of St.George's into the East (B.King, C.F.Lowder, A.H.Mackonochie), which was exposed to substantial excesses. 1859 he became a minister at St.John's Aberdeen/Scotland, where it came to a lengthy conflict with the bishop because of Tractarianism practices. With a new church, which was built under Lee's supervision, the bishop finally refused the Rectorship to Lee. 1867 returned Lee to London and received the charge of Rector at All Saints, Lower Marsh Street, Lambeth. Lee held this post up to his retirement in the year 1899, when his church was sold to the Railroad for Waterloo Station. Shortly before his death he joined the Roman Catholic Church. Lee was a representative of the ritualistic and extremely ultramontanen wing of the Church of England. In the hope, which becomes Oxford movement the reunification of Rome, Canterbury and Konstantinopel causes, he created 1857 with Ambrose Phillips de Lisle, one roem. kath. Noble one, the "Association for Promoting the union OF Christian cathedral" (A.P.U.C.), for which it published 1863-69 the "union Review". For approx. 1870 it doubted the "order OF Corporate RH union" (ocr) the validity of its Weihen and created 1877. This medal with strict Arkandisziplin should become the basis of a anglikanischen union church with Rome, as rite should the medieval Sarum sarum-Missale serve. For this purpose L was konsekriert 1877 in Italy secretly to the bishop. The closer circumstances of its Konsekration, as well as those his trailer Thomas Mossman and John Seccombe could be never clarified clearly, since L eliminated all documents. The project pushed in the anglikanischen church on clear refusal, the medal must around 1890 have expired to a large extent. L published several magazines, thus from 1877-79 "Reunion of magazines", the popular "Church News", "Church Herald" and "penny of post office" as well as some very short-lived sheets.

Works: Poems, 1850, 1854 2 ; Clinton May pool of broadcasting corporations, 1862; The Communion Office OF the Church OF Scotland [ = Episcopal Church OF Scotland ] (Hgg.), 1862; Prayers for the Reunion OF Christian cathedral (Hgg.), 1863; Sermons on the Reunion OF Christian cathedral (Hgg.), 1864; Directorium Anglicanum, 1865 2 , 1878 4 ; Franciscus A Sancta Clara [ = Christopher Dave haven ], Paraphrastica expositio articulorum Confessionis Anglicanae (Hgg.), 1865; Manual OF Devotions for the Blessed Sacrament, 1866, 1869 2 ; Notitia Liturgica, 1866; The King's Highway, 1866, 1872 2 ; Altar service Book, 3 Bde., 1867; Essay on the Reunion OF Christian cathedral (Hgg.), 1867; Sermons, 1868; The Validity OF the Orders OF the Church OF England maintained, 1869; The Beauty OF Holiness, 1860, 1869 4 ; A Dictionary OF ritual, 1871; The Christian Doctrine OF Prayer for the Departed, 1872; Manuals Clericorum, 1874; The Bells OF Botteville Tower, 1874; Glimpses OF the Supernatural, 2 Bde., 1875; Memorials OF R.S. Hawker (Hgg.), 1876; A Glossary OF Liturgical and Ecclesiastical of term, 1877; anon., Pastoral type character by the Rector, Provincials, and Provosts OF the order OF Corporate Reunion, 1877; More Glimpses OF the World Unseen, 1878; Historical Sketches OF the reformation, 1879; The Church of under Queen Elizabeth, 2 Bde., 1880, 1892 2 ; Hymns for Several Occasions, 1880; Reginald Barentyne, 1881, 1883 2 ; The History OF the Prebendal Church OF the Blessed Virgin Mary OF Thame, 1883; Glimpses into the Twilight, 1885; King Edward the Sixth, supreme Head, 1886; Reginald of poles, 1888; A manual OF Politics, 1889; The Sinless Conception OF the Mother OF God, 1891; Sights and Shadows, 1894.

Bibliography: Cunning OF the Works by the Rev. F.G.L., 1876; British museum Catalogue, CXXXIII, 177-81; National union Catalogue, CCC XXII, 665-8. Lit.: William grant, Is the order OF Corporate Reunion Schismatical?, 1878; - Society OF the Holy CROSS, A statement by the SHC concerning the ocr, 1879 2 ; - walter Walsh, The Secret History OF the Oxford Movement, 1897; - Edmund Purcell (Hgg.), Life and Letters OF Ambrose Phillipps de Lisle, 2 Bde., 1900; - Thomas's WRIGHT, The Life OF walter Pater, 2 Bde., 1907; - John R. S.Leslie, Henry Edward Manning, 1921; - Gaius J. Slosser, Christian Unity, 1929; - James Embry, The Catholic Movement and the Society OF the Holy CROSS, 1931; - S.L. Ollard, A Short History OF the Oxford Movement, 1932 2 , reproduction 1963; - Henry R.T. Brandreth, The Oecumenical of ideal OF the Oxford Movement, 1947; - ders., Episcopi Vagantes and the Anglican Church, 1947, 1961 2 ; - ders., Dr.L. OF Lambeth, 1951 (Lit.); - Robert D Middleton, Newman and Bloxam, at Oxford Friendship, 1947; - Joseph Crehan, Black Market in Episcopal Orders?, The Month, N.S. 9, 1953, 352-58; - Peter F. Anson, Bishops RK Large, 1964 (Lit.); - Lida Ellsworth, Charles Lowder and the ritualist Movement, 1982; - Alan Bain, Bishops Irregular, 1985; - DNB 2. Supplement, II, 440-42 (Lit.); - Concise DNB 1901-70, 401; - ODCC 2 , 809. Guenther Thomann Last change: 09.06.1998

 Sept 8 OCR Anniversary Date

September 8 - the Nativity of the BVM - was always celebrated by Bishop Lee as the anniversary of both the Order of Corporate Reunion and of his prior foundation the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom.

Each year Lee would hold a formal annual service of commemoration at All Saints Church in Lambeth where he was the pastor. It was usually a Vespers Service and reknowned speakers were often invited to speak. Clergy members and laity came to All Saints to celebrate their work for Christian Unity.

Prayer for Christian Unity

Our OCR members offer three masses a year for Christian Unity and join in works for Christian Unity like the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebrated every January 18 - 25.

May God grant you to be of one mind towards one another; that with one mind and one mouth you may honor our God. Rom. 15:5-6

We being many are one bread and one body, all that partake of the one bread and of the one chalice. ! Cor 10:17

Prayer -

O God, who does correct what has gone astray, and gather together what has been scattered, and keeps what you have gathered together, we beseech you, in your mercy to pour upon your Christian people the grace of union with you that putting aside disunion and attaching themselves to you, the true Shepherd of the Church may be able to render due service to you. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord... Amen.

Prayer from the Mass of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

We beseech you, O Lord, to grant to your servants the gift of your heavenly grace: that as the childbearing of the Blessed Virgin was the beginning of salvation, so the joyful festival of her birth may bring us an increase of peace. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord... Amen.

The Order of Corporate Reunion 1874 - 2005 126th Anniversary

The Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom 1857 -- 1877

Western Rite Orthodoxy.

A question was sent asking information about St. Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow and his relationship to the Western Rite, the New Calendar and Episcopalians. I have posted a number of articles related to this question on the OCR E-group. The column on the left can bring you there.

Sophia Institute at Union Theological Seminary
Archbishop Peter Brennan of the Order of Corporate Reunion was inducted as an Associate Fellow of the Sophia Institute at Union Theological Seminary at the annual meeting, luncheon and conference in December 2010. The Sophia Institute specializes in the study of Orthodox theology, history and ecclesiology and is under the direction of V. Rev. Fr. John McGuckin of the Romaninian Orthodox Church and a professor at Union Seminary.
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Work For Restoration Of Full Communion Between East And West

On Saturday morning, 3 July 2001 on the occasion of the third centenary of their founding, the Holy Father received in audience a group of priests of the Mechitarist Order. "Mechitar saw the fulfilment of a longing ever present in the heart of Armenians when he realized communion with the See of Rome", John Paul II. The Holy Father celebrated the union of the two branches of the order: "He certainly rejoiced from Heaven for the recent reunification of the two branches of your Congregation, fruit of the desire to seek together the roots of the charism of your monastic life to serve the new needs of the Armenian people in a renewed and united spirit". The Pope also stressed the ecumenical vocation of the congregation. The Pope urged them to take part in "frontier ecumenism" with Christians of the Armenian Apostolic Church in their homeland because monastic life prevents the monk from withdrawing into isolation or fundamentalism, but opens him out toward all who are seeking the face of God. Here is an English translation of the address given in Italian.

The OCR connection is that Frederick Lee was likely consecrated by the Mechitarist Abbot-Archbishop and probably on the Island Monastery in 1877 of San Lazarro near Venice.

History Of Mechitarist Order

The Mechitarists are a community of Catholic Armenian monks founded at Constantinople in 1701 in union with Rome by Fr Mechitar Petrosian (1676-1749) of Sebaste. Mechitar was ordained an Armenian Catholic priest in 1696. On the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady 8 September 1701 he dedicated himself and the community to Our Lady. The community lives under a modified form of the Benedictine Rule and Clement XI approved the Order in 1711. In 1703 the community was driven from Constantinople to Modon in Morea (1703-1715) and finally in 1717 settled on the island of San Lazarro, Venice.

In 1772, however, due to an argument over a revised constitution drawn up by Abbot Stephen Molkonen, a group of dissidents left Venice for Trieste where they remained until 1810 when they were forced out by Napoleon. They moved to Vienna where they obtained the permission to own a printing press. The two branches are now united in one congregation.

The Mechitarists devote themselves to study, education and missionary work; they have a missionary outreach and have established parishes in Budapest, Cambridge (Mass.) and Los Angeles. The congregation is also famous for having published many important Armenian books both in Venice and Vienna. The Armenian Academy at San Lazarro, set up in the early 19th century, pioneered a dictionary of the Armenian language (1836) and continues to publish classics and original works in Armenian. Vienna publishes Handes Amsorya (since 1887) a journal of Armenian philology. Since 1906 the cause of Abbot Mechitar has been in the hands of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints.

L'Osservatore Romano, Editorial and Management Offices, Via del Pellegrino, 00120, Vatican City, Europe, Telephone 39/6/698.99.390.

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