Seaway Valley Council

Council Shoulder Patches

Issues classified according to An Aid to Collecting Selected Council Shoulder Insignia with Valuation Guide (2012 Edition) 
S-1 sil/m bdr - 1/2 bridge issue - bridge ends at water line

sv1.jpg (73058 bytes)

S-2 sil/m bdr - Regular wear issue - bridge comes to border

sv2.jpg (84136 bytes)

S-3 red bdr - Regular wear issue

sv3.jpg (84543 bytes)

SA-4 Camp Portaferry

sv4.jpg (86957 bytes)

SA-5 1994 Brotherhood Camporee (20th Anniversary)

sv5.jpg (80052 bytes)

SA-6 yel bdr - Council Exec special recognition issue (like S3 design)

sv6.jpg (96714 bytes)

SA-7 1997 FOS issue - NY (200 made)

sv7.jpg (78453 bytes)

SA-8 1997 Popcorn issue - 97 (1500 made)

sv8.jpg (102742 bytes)

SA-9 1997 JSP - Character Counts 1997

sv9.jpg (109529 bytes)

SA-10 1998 FOS - sil/m bdr - Ice Storm issue

sv10.jpg (87026 bytes)

S-11 red bdr - Regular wear issue - design change

sv11.jpg (92327 bytes)

SA-12 1998 Brotherhood Camporee (3000 made)

sv12.jpg (83032 bytes)

SA-13 yel bdr - Council Exec special recognition issue (like S11 design)

sv13.jpg (90971 bytes)

TA-14 Mall Scout Show

sv14.jpg (85113 bytes)

If you have any patches not pictured here, please email a scan to the webmaster. Scans should be at least 100 dpi, but 300 dpi is better. If you don't have a scanner, I will scan the patch for you.


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