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8th Grade Earth Science
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Earthquake websites

Click on Earth tab and scroll down on page to Earthquakes section.

Earthquake Animation

Earthquake animation

Earthquake Study Guide

Also - I've released study guides, videos, animations and audio files on SuccessNet.

Minerals Layered Curriculum


On line Rock Cycle Assessment:

Complete all of these exercises, take the final "Test Your Skills" assesment, and print out the top sheet, or copy and paste it into an e-mail for me.

Interactive Rock Cycle

Layered Curriculum - Rocks

Layer B #8: Monumental Stones Game Scroll to the bottom of the page and play the monument game.Print out the page when completed (to screen print, hit Ctrl and print screen, paste into word and hand in as proof of completion.)

Layer A #6: Rock Identification Activity. Under Course Content, type in web code: cfd-1051. Print out and complete the rock identification web activity.

Layer A #7: Research the stone city of Petra. Petra Write a one page paper about the city of stone and its construction.

Seafloor Spreading class notes 2-06-8

Plate tectonics and earth layers class notes 2-6-08

Seafloor spreading

Earth Science notes & animations

Check out this site for fun rock info: http://www.amnh.org/ology/earth/

On-line Rocks Games & Quizzes:

On-line Review of Rocks and the Rock Cycle

Rock Smart Quiz
Rock Cycles Quizzes - 3 to choose from

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