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Lead and We Shall Follow is very happy to announce that we have recently Incorporated as a Non For Profit Cooperation in the State of New York. As Part of this new and exciting move Lead and We Shall Follow INC. has many plans for the up and coming year to change the way the internet can be used as a tool to bring change and a better life for those who need one at home and abroad. In the second quarter of 2009 we will be updating with a brand new web site on the kkjik network who will be hosting our site. We thank all those who have lent their support over the last several months while the restructuring process has been in effect.

Update 2008

LWSF would like to announce that we have been on a 3 month reorganization.

In the process of this reorganization, we are debating the process of become a full fledged not for profit entity.

We have during this time suspended all programs related to the our up and coming release of, "Site for Kids".

LWSF in no way is going out of service, weather we become a 501C or not. We are just looking at our options and reassessing the market.

We look froward to a very fast moving and productive return in 2009.

Thank you for your support and we will see you soon!

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 With in the infrastructure of the internet today, there is no help in helping these children and adults deal with what they may have experienced, seen and heard up to now in their lives.The LWSF program hopes to help many learn that; "The condition of the less fortunate, in some ways is effecting their own lives and the lives of their own family no matter where they live or what their incomes are."

By presenting fictitious stories based on factual possibilities of situations,that will include the less fortunate and the better off. The children and adults can then have a chance to think about this great plight and think about what they might could do one day to help!

This in turn can also teach compassion as in how to treat other human beings and not to abuse them, no matter what they might have done. Like setting children on fire because they stole something, cutting off the hands and feet because they lied or did not pay back a debt.

As well as charity: How to give to those in need! These are the issues that many face around the world every day.

This is what we hope to change.


LWSF is not a well known mission but our name is growing.
We are part of the some what successful Hands of Love Group System. That has had some success with their NGO type people helping organization.
Hands of Love is a private watchdog type group that gets involved with issues in the Third World.
We have commented on several issues and had a direct effect on the out come!
LWSF is a separate program but it is designed with the same fact based hard hitting approach at the matter that has proven:It can work!
As of today there is a lot you can do right now.
And this need is growing!
Over the course of the next few weeks,LWSF is attempting to reach out.
We are looking for people that are willing!
Willing to do many things.
Willing to help us find stories that are for and about real Third World children and buld web sites and stories based on the Mindy theory.
I may know what kinds of treats and special foods kids eat in one region but,I may not know what they eat some where else.
We need stories, information about and for real Third World children and their familles.
You also don't have to be from the Third World to help us do this.
If you can find stories good and no matter how bad about real Third World lives and send them to us that would help a lot.
The internet is a very big place and it is hard for a small group to do it all alone!
One of our main goals for LWSF 2007 is clean water!

We are implementing programs to bring various home style methods of water purification that can be achieved by just about any one.

The main part of this message is to stress the importance of clean water as a number one priority in any third world household, even those run by the very young.


As well as the importance of soap and disinfectants in the home at all times. The need for water containers to be cleaned at the least, weekly to prevent the spread of germs and harmful organisms!

In addition to, as well as warnings about the over use of bleach and the other alternatives that are easily obtained.

We hope to spread this method online as well as issuing manuals to on site agencies in locations of high risk, to be used as guides to explain how easy this is as well as the risk if you do not clean you water before use!

LWSF has also been involved in various programs for adults.

Through our various methods we have been promoting more donations and investments in computers and online services to be provided for lower income and poor adults and families for free or at a very low cost!

We have also prepared and presented several helpful and informative guides that tackle some very serious social issues that exist in the third world today!

We hope by a combined effort at all levels of the family structure of the many at risk, including our early guidance programs for children.

That LWSF can be one of the leaders toward making real change now and in the future, for the third world and developing nations across the globe!We are also at this time accepting funds to help us with this part of our mission.

Youcanhelp35 "Pay

If you are interested in getting involved,keeping in touch or just showing your support then you can! We also do not take kindly to people that leave mean and nasty comments, about the very sad and desperate plight of so many!

In the work that we have done thus far, we have found that there are many that really want to help.
But if they can't reach the a place where real help is offered, then it really doesn't matter!When going to a site that has a message board, as many do.Then reading some of the things that people say about different topics presented.
It makes it hard for those truly interested in making a change or lending a hand, even if it's just a good word or a show of support.

When they read negative, rude comments.This makes them change their mind!They don't believe that the place they have come to learn about helping, is really true, based on this.
It turns them off to the cause, as well as the organization or group that is providing the information.

That may not be at all at fault!

Because of the many requests we have recived by those who belive in our mission, we are now accepting gifts and donations to help us achive our missions goals!

Youcanhelp35 "Pay

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