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© Donate NEW materials such as yarn and fabric, in child friendy colors and patterns or batting

© Donate your time to sew in labels or help out at future events.

© Donate supplies: new postage stamps, copier & ink jet printer paper or contact the chapter coordinator for up to date needs of the chapter.

© Donate Gift Certificates for yarn and fabric from retail or online stores Organize fund-raisers

©Check with your place of employment to see if they have a volunteer grant program application

©Organize a (church or scout) youth group to collect skeins of acrylic yarn to be made into blankets (each youth member could bring one or two skeins of yarn)

© Donations via checks can be made payable to Project Linus, and sent to the Orange County / Pike County chapter or the national headquarters.

© To donate to Project Linus via the internet you can go to PROJECT LINUS HEADQUARTERS DONATION PAGE and follow the instructions.

Please designate that your donation be directed to the Orange County, NY & Pike Coutny, PA Chapter.


Does Your Child, Your Child’s Class or Teacher Want to Help Project Linus?

  • Collect New Yarn
  • Collect New Material
  • Color Muslin Squares for Blankets/Quilts

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