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Blanket Specifications
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Our website has very specific guidelines and directions for making fleece blankets. Unfortunately, we have seen too many blankets in 2014 that were made without referring to these guidelines, or without any care to follow them. We'd like to think that volunteers were caught up in the activities that they just didn't stop to consider what we're asking.

When blankets are not made to these guidelines, they are not acceptable to receive the Project Linus label and be delivered under the organization's name. Some may think we're being too picky, but with an organization with a nationally recognized name/brand, we need to adhere to the utmost level of quality.

Blankets MUST be free from dirt, strong odors (perfume, fabric softener, smoke), and pet hairs. Blankets coming with smoke odors cannot be cleaned completely, as the chemicals within the cigarette smoke linger and can pose a health risk.

Fleece blankets need to be single layer (not double layer). The selvage edge MUST be trimmed from the fleece. When it isn't trimmed, our volunteers must take time to do this after we receive the blankets. Not sure what a selvage edge is, ask! Typically it's the printed, wavy, or sometimes crimped edge along two edges of the fleece.

Fleece fringes need to be the consistent in length -- not 4" on one side, 6" on others. Fringes can be knotted or left "fringed". If knotted, avoid making the knot too close to the uncut portion of the fabric. When knots are too close to the blanket, and too tightly tied, the blanket becomes distorted in shape (bowl-like). These situations require our volunteers to trim uneven fringe, or even cut off all knots and start over with the blanket.

Blankets received that do not follow our guidelines may be delivered to other organizations without the Project Linus endorsement. These locations may include animal shelters, food pantries, homeless shelters, etc.

We are looking for blankets that we can proudly call Project Linus blankets. While not asking for perfection, we are asking for attention to small details. We hope you can understand and work with us on these requests in 2015.

*Make blankets from NEW (NOT RECYCLED), CLEAN, WASHABLE materials in infant, child or teen friendly colors.
*Blankets may be crocheted, knitted, quilted, or no-sew fleece with a finished edge.
*Make blankets from 100% cotton fabric, flannel, polar fleece fabrics. If using yarn, please use cotton or acrylic (NO WOOL).
*Secure the batting into outer seams and if the blanket is tied, please anchor it every 4 - 6 inches, cutting ties to 1 inch in length.
*Weave in all yarn ends on crocheted and knitted blankets.
*Check your blanket carefully (double check and triple check) for straight pins and needles. PLEASE use only safety pins (not straight pins) to attach notes to quilts.
*Avoid buttons or decorative items on a blanket. They can be a choking hazard.
*Pre-wash all fabric that you feel may cause a problem with bleeding.
*Avoid using fabric or yarn that has been stored in a damp area and has a musty smell. Mold spores can cause an allergic reaction in a child and are very difficult to remove from the fabric. Even if the musty smell disappears after laundering, the spores are still present and can cause serious respiratory problems in children.
*Absolutely no odors of smoke or strong chemicals (including perfumed fabric softeners), or pet hair. Washing these blankets does not always remove the problem.
*Blankets should be free of religious messages since they are donated to children of all faiths.
*No holiday fabrics or panels please (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.)


    (measurements are approximate”)
    Baby blankets…..no smaller than 30” X 30”.
    Child…………………..40” X 60”
    Teen…………………..45” X 72”

      Please remember that the sizes listed above are just guidelines.

      We accept blankets of all sizes.

    *No matter what method is used to finish a fleece blanket, remove the selvedge edges (the wavy sides with small holes punched all along the side) and even up all sides.
    *We prefer single layer polar fleece blankets. They are lighter and easier for younger children to handle. Double fleece blankets can be heavy and bulky.
    *You may serge or hem the fleece, cut a fringed edge, or crochet a decorative border.
    *You do not have to knot the fringe.
    *Do not cut the fringe any longer than 2" - 4". Longer fringe tangles in medical instruments and tubes. Remember, the longer you make the fringe, the less blanket area there is for snuggling.

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