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Chinchilla Application
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Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies and Feathered Friends Rescue and Sanctuary
11836 South Ave #19. North Lima, Ohio 44452
Phone: (330) 881-6543
Email: f5rescue@yahoo.com
501(c)(3) non profit-corporation

Chinchilla ADOPTION APPLICATION Please copy and paste into a Word Document

This application is for Chinchillas only.

Adoption Policies **This application is confidential**

1). We do not adopt out to children. Parents must agree to be the primary caregiver; older youth will be considered a secondary caregiver.
2.) We interview all applicants for the adoption of any and all of our adoptees.
3.) Adoption fees are based on age, health, and type of adoption.
4.) All adopters must have a veterinarian.
5.) We will take back any adoptee within the first three months, minus a percent fee.
6.) We will take back any adoptee after the first year minus the adoption fee.
7.) All small animals must be inside pets, and all pets must have appropriate sized cages.

All our pets have had a general healthcare veterinarian check-up. Adoption fees help to cover this cost.

Adoption fees All pets come without a cage unless noted.

We reserve the right to deny any adoption for any reason.

Date: _________________________________________________________________________

Name: (please print) _____________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________

City: _______________________________

State: ________________________________

Zip: _______________________________

Phone Numbers: Home (____)________________________

Cell: (____)__________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

If youíve seen this pet on Petfinder.com, what is this pets name? _________________________

If this specific pet isnít available, do you want put on our waiting list? (_)Y (_)N

General Information

Do you own home? (_)Y (_)N
Do you rent? (_)Y (_)N
Does landlord allows pets? (_)Y (_)N
Is your home small pet proofed? (_)Y (_)N

Please answer the following questions

What is the best hay for an adult Chinchilla? ______________________________________________________________________________

What is the best type of pelleted diet for a chinchilla ______________________________________________________________________________

How do you give a chinchilla a bath? ________________________________________________________________

What research have you done on Chinchillas? Please list books or websites:


What is the best way to hold a chinchilla? ______________________________________________________________________________



All small pets should get time every day for exercise and play. How much time can you give to a pet outside the cage on a daily basis?
(_)1-2 hours (_)3-4 hours (_)5 or more

Do you have children? (_)Y (_)N If yes, please list ages: __________________________

Is this pet for a child? (_)Y (_)N

Children and young adults need supervision with any animal, who will be the primary caregiver of this pet?


Do you have other pets? (_)Y (_)N Please list: ____________________________________

Please be aware that even the nicest dog or cat can be a danger to any small animal.

What type of plants do you have in your home? _______________________________________

Do you know that some houseplants are poisonous to your pet? (_)Y (_)N

If you go on vacation, will your pet sitter be familiar with your petsí needs? (_)Y (_)N

Veterinarian & Health Care

Who is your primary veterinarian? __________________________________________________

Is this an exotic veterinarian? If not you will need to list an exotic veterinarian that you will be using. ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________

Every pet needs a yearly wellness check, are you willing and able to provide one? (_)Y (_)N

Please remember any pet that spends most of the day in the cage should be able to turn around, stretch and have room for food bowl(s), water bottle, hay rack, toy and litter box.

In case of allergies, will you return this pet to F5RS? (_)Y (_)N

Have you ever given a pet up for adoption or given a pet away? What was the reason?

If we approve your application, you will be asked to sign a contract with F5RS. Are you willing to sign a contract that states our adoption policies? This contract is legally binding and is to protect our rescued pets and us. (_)Y (_)N

How did you hear about F5RS? (_)Web Site (_)Facebook (_)Friend/Family Member (_)Veterinarian (_)Other ____________________________

Thank you for your interest in a Fuzzy from F5RS. We will review your application and contact you for an interview if your application is approved.

Please be aware that we may have little or no information on the pet you are interested in and cannot guarantee health or temperament of the pet you choose.

For Office Use Only

Date Application Taken: __________________________________________________________

Staff Comments on Application: ____________________________________________________





Date of Interview: ___________________________ (_)Phone (_)E-Mail (_)In Person?

Staff Comments on Interview: _____________________________________________________




Date of Meet & Greet: ___________________________________________________________

Staff Comments on Meet & Greet: _________________________________________________




Approved: ___________________________ Denied: ______________________________

Staff Comments: ________________________________________________________________




Date of Pick-up:

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