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Queen/Ambassador Rita



Patti Rose



June 2018
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Members List:

Rita Lane
Jackie Gordon
Darlene May
Connie Reed
Patti Rose
Starr Willaman
Gloria Waldeck




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Red Hot Flashes Chapter #32295
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Our first chapter get together was May 3, 2004 at Queen Rita's house. There were five of us that showed up that day,
Shirley, Barb, Lois, Joanie and Rita. Darlene couldn't make it that day, but was part of the group.. The six of us worked together
and retired together. So we decided that we would get together once a month as Red Hat Ladies and have lunch and do something fun.

We were first known as the "Ladies From Packard". A few months later we changed our chapter name to the "Red Hot Flashes"
for some of our new members weren't from Packard...

We were very active for many years. Then I was a chapter of one for a few years. But recently I decided I wanted to be more then just a chapter of one.
I contacted a few friends and so, February 22, 2013 the Red Hot Flashes met for breakfast at Perkins on Elm Road and we are on the move once more...
We decided we will meet the last Wednesday of each month for lunch and friendship...

Sometimes we have more than one event a month, we are flexible and love having fun...
We also like to meet with other chapters occasionally to do a fun event...
We are planning a few events at Queen Rita's Hall this summer with the Fun Attitudes and a few other chapters...

We do not have chapter dues, but a Supporting Membership in the Red Hat Society ($30 year) is required.

Red Hatting is not something you join,
it is an experience you share.

Guidelines For Our Chapter

#1 ~ You MUST wear a Red Hat
#2 ~ You MUST wear Purple attire
#3 ~ You MUST RSVP the Queen for each "Event"
#4 ~ You must be a supporting member to the Red
Hat Society.

Also required is a Red Hot Flashes roster
with the list of cell phone numbers
to be in their purse or glove compartment. when we are going on an outing!"
So, please be on time!

January 14, 2017
Shopping and lunch kind of day!

February 14, 2017
Lunch at Enzo's on Elm Road

March 7, 2017
Our Mardi Gras Party


February 28 ~ Jackie

March 5 ~ Connie

March 24 ~ Patti

July 22 ~ Starr

July 23 ~ Darlene

September 15 ~ Queen Rita

November 21 ~ Gloria


May 3, 2004
The beginning of our chapter
Joanie, Barbara, Queen Rita, Shirley, Lois and
Darlene couldn't be with us that day.


How to play a Kazoo~

• Hum into the large opening of the kazoo. (Don’t blow, just hum.)
• The sound comes out the top
• The extra air goes out the small end of the kazoo or the “trumpet” end, if you have one of those “fancy-dancy” kazoos.
• If you don’t get a sound, try saying a word like “who” in the kazoo.

Kazoo History~

The kazoo is in the family of musical instruments called “mirlitions.”
These instruments make their sound by sympathetic vibration with the human voice.
The sound of your humming voice causes the wax paper resonator to vibrate in the kazoo,
and the shape of the kazoo helps amplify and project the sound.

The 3 H’s of Basic Kazooing~
• Hold the kazoo in the right position for your work
. • Humming is most important, as it is your unique hum that will set your kazooing apart from other artists.
• Hands are used to accentuate the various emotions of the kazoo. Advanced Kazooing
• Play a musical scale (i.e. do-re-mi-fa-so- and so on).
• Play “Happy Birthday.”
• Make a mosquito sound.
• Make the sound of a fast sports car (followed with the sound of a police siren).
• Play Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
Kazooing Health/Safety Rules~
• Never stick your kazoo up your nose.
• Do not inhale through your kazoo.
• In subfreezing temperatures, use only plastic model kazoos, since a metal kazoo
could become permanently affixed to lips and/or tongue.
• Use a protective covering to keep your kazoo free of purse/pocket lint and/or belly button fuzz.
• Prevent lip fatigue by adhering to short practice sessions, lengthening sessions
only when muscles have reached “Schwartzeneger-ian” status.

Kazooing Benefits~

Even if you don’t have an ear for music, humming may help keep your sinuses healthy.
A new study shows humming can improve ventilation in the sinuses,
which might reduce your risk of developing sinusitis.

CAUTION: Continued kazoo-ing can be very annoying to spouses, neighbors,
and co-workers… it’s a “kazoo-envy” thing, don’t “ja” know!
Words of Wisdom:
Lifes too short to take it seriously.
Each day we wake up is a bonus.
So enjoy it to the fullest...

((( DO U KNOW )))))The "Officials" of the Red Hat Society
The "Officials" of the Red Hat Society
The Official Mascot: Ruby Red
The RHS Sign in Sign Language:
This is the sign: crossing the pointer finger
the middle is the sign for red and tapping
head is the sign for hat
The Official Flower: The Drama Queen Poppy- it combines red and purple
The Official instrument: kazoo
The Official Red Hat Day: 25 April-the day of the first gathering in 1998
The Official Girlfriend Day: 22 July (1944) the birthday of the EQM Sue Ellen. This is a day to exchange cards, etc.
The Official Sport: shopping
The Official Song: The Red Hat Society Song
The Official Ode: written by EQM Sue Ellen "Ode to the Red Hat Society"
The Official website:
The Official Game: Bunco, a game started in the 1800's
The Official Greeting: brushing of the brims of your hats
The Official Social Gathering: tea party
The Official Dessert: dindongs

Who are the women of The Red Hat Society?

Our Queens & Members are from all walks of life and have varied interests.
As a result, each Chapter is unique. Unlike traditional clubs, then by all means… self appoint!
Members who have attained the fabulous age of 50 wear red hats and purple clothing,
while those under 50 wear pink hats and lavender clothing.

Queen Rita

Newton Falls, OH

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