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img s.gifLakewood Neighborhood Watch
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lakewood.jpgWelcome to Lakewood Avenue Neighborhood Watch                  
Just fill out the form below to join the block watch. You can be as involved as you want to be. All information will be held confidential and used ONLY for block watch purposes. I will contact you via email or phone to confirm your involvement. Let's keep our neighborhood safe.

Mission Statement
Lakewood Neighborhood Block Club is a resident-driven program that helps neighbors work together and work with police and other City departments to ensure safety and security for each person in our community, based on the guiding values of:

P- Protection and Prevention watching out for and reporting crime or suspicious acts
R - Responsibility and Respect for ourselves, our neighbors, and property
I - Integrity and Ideals in our daily lives within the community
D - Dedication to making Lakewood a safer, cleaner, and stronger community
E - Excellence in our civic pride and in our relationships with city safety forces

The WEAKEST HOME SECURITY link is the home occupant who fails to lock doors or windows or who will open the door without question at the sound of a knock. The best defense against home invasion is education and planning. Parents should hold a family meeting to discuss how to answer the door when someone knocks. Another important topic is how to act should your home or family be invaded.

Neighbors Working Together Can Make a Difference! 
"The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor."
– Vice-President Hubert Humphrey
A can typically shoot 20 to 30 feet; and is a lot more accurate than pepper spray, while with the pepper spray, thieves have to get too close to you and could overpower you. The wasp spray temporarily blinds an attacker until they get to the hospital for an antidote. Keep a can on your desk in the office and it won't attract attention from people like a can of pepper spray would. Keep one nearby at home (OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN) for home protection.

Most people will let neighbors know when they are going on vacation. That is a good idea. Just make sure you completely trust your neighbor before doing so. Make sure your neighbor gets your newspapers or collects your mail. Better yet, go to your local post office and tell them to put a hold on your mail delivery for however long you will be gone. Of course, it is also a good idea not to share your plans on social media like Facebook also. Thank about that.

This should go without saying. But, you would be amazed how many people have the most flimsy locks on their doors these days. You need, at a minimum, a deadbolt on each door leading in and out of your home. Lighting is equally important throughout the house. Some people will leave home with lights off, thinking they will save money on the power bill. They may come home and find out they will have an even more expensive bill to pay.

Having a couple of dummy security cameras is a deterrence. But, a professional burglar will know the difference right away. A desperate drug addict won't care either way. You can get some cheap motion detection cameras that will make a snapshot of any motion in your house. These cameras will easily fit in the palm of your hand. I have one that is wireless and snaps pictures of any movement in my home. The pictures are transmitted to my home computer (with a mini-dvr in a usb port) where they are saved. This one is an inside camera. You can buy outside wireless security cameras as well.

This is probably the easiest and most cost effective deterrent around. A dogs bark puts the fear of God in any would-be burglar or, hopefully, drug addict. If you do have a dog, bring him inside at night if possible, for protection and alarm. He won't do you much good outside if the burglar is armed
 Car Remotes help protect Families

How to use your remote car alarm system to protect your home and family! There are many different brands and models of remote car alarm systems. Some of them are only a remote vehicle alarm with a panic button. Other systems include additional features such as a remote car start, door lock/unlock, parking light button, et cetera. The more features your remote car alarm system has, the more ways it can help protect your home and family. However, even having a basic remote car alarm can often do the trick!

If you're not sure what your remote car alarm system is capable of doing, the first thing to do is to become familiar with it. Take your remote outside where your vehicle is parked and figure out what all the buttons are for.

Now that you know what your car alarm can do, it's time to use it to help protect your home and family, besides your vehicle. Instead of hanging the keys (and the car remote) to your vehicle on a hook and forgetting about them when you get home, keep the remote accessible, especially at night. It would be a good idea to even place the car remote on your nightstand when you go to bed. Your remote should work anywhere inside your home. But, just to make sure, walk to different points in your house and check the operating range.

Then, if you ever see or hear a suspicious person lurking outside your home, use your remote car alarm remote to set off your vehicle alarm. Or, use it to make your vehicle's horn start honking. The noise in itself can scare off would-be intruders and help protect your home and family. The noise can also alert your neighbors to the fact that there's something wrong next door.

You can also started your car and turned on the parking lights. It had the same effect on the trespassers. Since it's pitch dark out, the trespassers couldn't tell if there was anyone in the car or not.

You should grab your telephone at the same time you pick up your remote to your car alarm system. That way, if the deterrent doesn't work, by chance, you can use your phone to immediately contact the police.
Home Secrity Systems
Home security systems work to keep your family safe in a number of important ways. One of the most basic: they can prevent burglaries and invasions from happening simply by installing them. Would-be robbers won’t select homes that are difficult to invade - they pick homes that appear to be easy to enter. So just by installing a security system the odds of your home being burglarized will lessen substantially.

They alert law enforcement authorities and triggering a sound alarm as an additional deterrent.

They can also keep your family safe from fire, saving lives by allowing your family to get out of a burning structure, and limiting damage to your home, by alerting you to the presence of smoke or fire when it’s a containable situation. And, a home security system can also be connected to a medical alert: meaning that emergencies ranging from heart attack to a fall can be resolved quickly, with the result that personal recovery and treatment options both improve. Home security systems can also be used to alert home owners in the case of flooding or water pipe breakage, or severe temperature drops in an unoccupied home.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fortify your home with solid core doors, strong locks and security devices on windows.
To strengthen locks, secure heavy-duty strike plates with at least four three-inch screws.
Keep all doors and windows in the home and garage locked at all times. Install a peephole and use it before opening your door.
Make sure your porch light is in a position to help you see persons at your front door clearly.
 More Helpful Hints
**Plant Thorny Bushes Around Windows. Not only do these shrubs serve as an aesthetically pleasing deterrent, they also can collect DNA from blood and skin. And torn clothes can leave evidence that does not require an FBI lab to analyze

**Hang a Bell on the Door. Anyone entering will trigger this simple, unobtrusive alarm.

**Keep a Spare Front-Door Key on a Chain with a Glowstick If you're stuck on an upper floor when the police arrive, how will you let them in? Crack the glowstick and toss it out a window so officers can gain quick access to your front door

**If You Own a Gun for Self-Defense.
-Gun ownership comes with grave responsibilities and may not be for everyone. Pull a gun only if you are trained to use it.

-Practice shooting with both eyes open—depth perception and peripheral vision are needed in an actual gunfight.

-Store Your Gun Somewhere Accessible, and with a Flashlight.
-A gun safe should have rubber buttons because, according to Gun For Hire instructor and police detective John McAloon, "biometric safes can fail if your fingers are sweaty or covered in blood."
-Instead of a weapon-mounted flashlight, keep a spare handheld light to avoid pointing a gun at neighbors, family members, or cops.
-Ohio Law, it's legal to shoot trespassers in your home.

***** Just remember ..."Every bullet you fire comes with a lawyer attached,"*****


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