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LSA Meeting Information
Regular LSA Meeting:
Wed., Mar. 7th
at 7:00pm
in the gym

Childcare is provided!

Lori Krenisky: LSA President

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July 2018
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Officer List:

Lori Krenisky
Vice Presidents:
Manny Rose
Mandy Tarrant
Lindsay Miller
Lsaboard13613@ Yahoo.com

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Events,Fundraisers & Committees
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Volunteers are needed for every event and committee! If there is something that you are interested in helping out with, do not hesitate to send an email to the LSA at lsaboard13613@yahoo.com or call Gina Parker(440) 254-4079

*Chairperson(s) listed in green

Ice Cream Social           LSA Board

Takes place in August before school starts! The purpose of the Ice Cream Social is for the students to find out their teachers and meet their classmates. It's a great way to kick off the year and have a little ice cream as well!

Book Fair           Gina Parker

Takes place in November and March. The purpose of the book fair is to raise money for each teacher's classroom libraries as well as the school's library. The Chairperson will be responsible for organizing volunteers, setting up and taking down the Book Fair, handling the money and filling out the Scholastic paperwork. The volunteers will assist the chairperson with the above duties as well as help the children select their purchases. At least 10 volunteers are needed for this event.

Bake Sale          

The Bake Sale is on Election Day in November. Chair is responsible for sending out flyers, coordinating with Hospitality Chair for donations, soliciting donations from businesses, and scheduling volunteers. Many volunteers are needed to bake and approx. 10 volunteers are needed to man the table throughout the day.


Mother/Son Night Bridget Jackson

The mother/son night is an outdoor activity the Mother and Son can do together! Each year will be slightly different but fun, prizes, trophies and pictures will be a part of each year.

Father/Daughter Dance Jen Harden
The Father/daughter dance will be held in February and is a night of dancing, games, beautiful pictures and a special night with dad. A DJ is there along with food and fun. A can't miss night for all of the Leroy girls!

Coco with Hoho Tricia Young

This event is held in December and coincides with the Santa Shop. The Chairperson is responsible for arranging for Santa's arrival and coordinating ticket sales for pictures with him. The Chairperson will also contact Hospitality Bakers for cookies to be served during this event. The Chairperson will also be responsible for coordinating volunteers to assist with set up and tear down, crafts, and serving cookies and drinks. Five to eight volunteers are needed for this event.

Santa Craft Deena Scouloukas

This event coincides with the Secret Santa Shop. The Chairperson would be in charge of organizing each grade's crafts to be made for the Santa Shop. Crafts are made the first week of November. Therefore, you will be working with the art teacher on these projects! The time commitment is two full days at the school.

Teacher Conference Dinners           Jeanna Kotnik

Takes place two nights in November. One night's dinner is provided by parents who donate food and drinks. The second night is purchased by the LSA. The chairperson is in charge of volunteers to help prepare, set up and deliver first night's dinner and purchasing the second night's dinner.

Santa Shop Angelia Murino

This event is one of our biggest and most fun events of the year. Our Santa Shop opens the day of Co-Co With Ho-Ho. Students make crafts during their art class and can purchase their craft or donate it to the Santa Shop. The kids are also allowed to shop during the school week. Many volunteers are needed for this event. Volunteers will assist with set up and take down, crafts, and helping students shop.

Right to Read Week           Joan Durda

This event happens at the end of January. The is another fun event that is sponsored by the teachers. The week is filled with daily events to encourage the love of reading. The LSA assists by providing cookies and drinks and purchasing reading incentives. Only a few volunteers are needed to set up cookies and drinks and clean up afterward.

Spring Carnival/Chinese Auction Pam Wooledge and Kim Gamiere

This event takes place in March. This event is another big favorite among parents and students. The fun includes Chinese Auction, games, face painting, cake walk, fish game, cotton candy, popcorn and much more! Many volunteers are necessary to make this event possible. This event requires a Chair and Co-Chair. These people are in charge of set up and tear down, contacting Hospitality Bakers (for cake walk), printing and distributing flyers, purchasing toy prizes and candy, arranging for equipment from the rental company, coordinating volunteers, and ticket sales. A person is also responsible for soliciting donations from local businesses for our food sales; this included pop, water, soft pretzels, pizza and hot dogs.

Teacher Appreciation Week          Anne Wright

This event takes place in the first week of May. We like to take a week to let the teachers and staff know how much we appreciate all they do for the parents and students at Leroy. The Chairperson is in charge of daily activities to show our appreciation; that is cards, gifts, art work, etc. LSA also gives a gift(different each year) to the teachers and staff. Five to seven volunteers are needed for this event.

Teacher Luncheon           Anne Wright

This event coincides with Teacher Appreciation Week. A lunch is provided to the teachers and staff one day during Teacher Appreciation Week. The Chairperson is responsible for getting donations from Hospitality Bakers for food and baked items. There is $75 budgeted to help with the meal. Sometimes the lunch has a "theme"; such as Mexican, Italian, baked potato bar, etc. Volunteers are needed to help set up, prepare food and decorate for the luncheon. We need about five volunteers for this event.

Field Day           Tina Miklos

This is another favorite and great way to end the year! The day is filled with many sports activities- Frisbee toss, long jump, basketball and jump rope competitions, teacher relays and much more. The Chairperson is responsible for scheduling activities, coordinating volunteers, buying water, ice, and Popsicles. Many volunteers are needed to help with the activities.

Standing Committees
Contact Joan Durda with any questions regarding Box Tops, Tyson, or Campbell's!

Box Tops

For each Box Top collected from selected General Mills products, the school receives 10-15 cents. When many families participate, it all adds up. Check all your products for box top coupons, they come on many products other than just cereal. We also have contests throughout the year for the children when they bring in their box tops!

Another way to participate in the Box Tops fundraiser is to sign up at the Box Tops website. (www.btfe.com). If you sign up for the newsletter, 5 Bonus Box tops will be automatically credited to our school. You'll get updates on our school's Box Top earnings, money-saving coupons, family pleasing recipes, the latest Box Top news and chances to win Bonus Box Tops for our school. http://www.boxtops4education.com/

Tyson A+ Project Labels

Clip and collect the entire label to send into school. Each label is worth 24 cents to our school. Contests are held several times throughout the year for classrooms and students to win prizes. These funds go towards purchasing reading incentives for classrooms and items for the school.

Campbell's Soup Labels

Each label UPC symbol on a Labels for Education product (Campbell’s Soup and Pepperidge Farm products) has a point value. UPCs are worth 1, 5, 10, or even 100 point values. Our school accumulates points that will be redeemed for free educational equipment provided by Labels for Education. For more information about the program visit http://www.labelsforeducation.com/

By-Law Committee

This committee reviews our LSA by-laws and the amends items that need to be revised. All changes are then brought to the members of the LSA for a vote.

Calendar Advertisers Monique Farenchak

Every year we produce a calendar with all the events of the school year. We ask vendors and businesses if they would like to advertise in the calendar for a small fee. Everyone in the school gets the calendar including our advertisers.

On-Line Donations Coordinator(s)

The on-line donations coordinator is responsible for soliciting on-line donations for the Chinese Auction at the Spring Carnival. The coordinator will keep a detailed record of donations and assist with the thank you letters.

Garden/Greenhouse/Land Lab

If you like to work outdoors, this club is for you. The Club’s purpose is to maintain the flowerbeds surrounding the school, work on the vegetable garden throughout the summer, and help maintain the greenhouse vegetation. The Chairperson would be in charge of coordinating volunteers throughout the year to pull or spray for weeds, mulch beds, and plant flowers/vegetables. Some of the past volunteers have included the 4H Club, Cub Scouts & Leroy Community Church Youth Group.

The land lab is located in the wooded area to the left of the school grounds. The teachers use this outdoor learning center throughout the year. Students get to learn about plants, animals and pond life. The pavilion makes a great classroom. Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with the upkeep of the land lab. This includes pulling and/or spraying weeds, keeping the path cleared, and cleaning the pond.

Giant Eagle Apples for the Students Program Angelia Murino

Giant Eagle Apples For the Students program allows you to support our school simply by shopping at Giant Eagle and using you Advantage Card. Each time you shop, you will earn points for our school - points our school saves and redeems for great educational tools. Unlike collecting receipts that can be forgotten or misplaced, the points are automatically credited to our school through the Giant Eagle Advantage card. Friends and family may participate as well, they don't need to have a student in the school to sign up! *Note* In order to participate in the program, you must be a registered user with a Giant Eagle Advantage Card. You can call 1-800-474-4777 and enter our ID #0599. You can also go to their website and register. Go to the "Saving" tab at the top of the page. Click on the the link here: www.GiantEagle.com/AFTS. Our school ID is #0599.

Hospitality Bakers

The Hospitality Bakers are parents and guardians who volunteer throughout the year to cook or bake items needed for our events and fundraisers. The Chairperson will be called upon when the bakers are needed. The Chairperson will call volunteers and coordinate items needed for a specific event. The events include (not necessarily limited to): Teacher Conference Dinners, Bake Sale, CoCo with Hoho, Right to read Weeks, Carnival, and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. The more volunteers the better!!


This committee will be responsible for taking pictures at all events and fundraisers and coordinating with the Yearbook company to put some of these pictures in the yearbook.

Website Gina Parker

The purpose of this committee is to maintain the website designed by the LSA, to update the Facebook page and to use the web efficiently to get news out to parents, teachers & community. This committee runs the entire school year.

Toner/Ink Cartridge Recycle Program

Bring in your used ink cartridges, toner cartridges and cell phones. We can ear up to $700 a year by recycling these items! If your employer has items to dispose of, you can bring those in as well. Collection bins are located in the hallway by the office next to the display case.

Cash Box Reimbursement Form
Event Worksheets for Chairpersons

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