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September 2018
16171819 202122

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Members List:

Peggy Boyd
1st Vice President:
Mary Hoke
2nd Vice President:
Kirsten Burkey
Sandy Mahaffey
Pam Hallett
Linda Baer Bigley
Terri Crabbs
Meribeth Feher
Rosemary Grayson
Joanne Siembieda
Dorothy Sideropolis
Susan Smith
Terri Crabbs

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Nonpartisan Policy
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In accordance with the LWV bylaws, the League of Women Voters of Trumbull County is a nonpartisan organization that does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.

A Board member may serve on any public board, commission, committee, or coalition. However, that Board Member does not represent the League unless officially designated as a League representative by the LWV of Trumbull County Board.

The political activity of a League memberís family does not affect the eligibility of the League member for a leadership role.

All members of the League of Women Voters of Trumbull County are encouraged to become politically active, but under no circumstances shall they identify themselves as League members when promoting a candidate or political party.

Any League member engaged in a League activity or assignment shall maintain non-partisanship in those situations.

Board members shall not be elected to a public partisan office with the exception of Central Committee Members and positions voted on within the party. If a board member declares for an elective partisan office, the member should resign from the board. Announcements of the resignations of board members to pursue political activities should be carefully worded to avoid the appearance of endorsement of the activity of the member.

Whenever League (local, state, national) takes a position on an issue, League members may not identify themselves as members in publicly expressing an opinion that is in opposition to a League position. A Board Member may never speak or work against a League position while representing themselves as League members.

It is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to alert prospective officers and directors to the nonpartisan responsibility of each board member.

The Board will review political activity by a Board member not addressed by these guidelines, as situations require.

This policy shall be reviewed and adopted annually at the first meeting of the board immediately following the annual meeting.

Adopted: 4-30-08, 6-28-08, 6-27-09, 6-19-10, 6-21-11, 6-2-12, 6-19-13, 8-25-14, 6-4-15, 6-10-16, 6-28-17

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