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News - Dayton PWP Alumni Dance
Dayton PWP will join the Miami Valley Christian Singles Dance the second Friday of each month at the Christopher Club, E Dorothy Ln in Hills & Dales Shopping Center. Dance lessons begin at 7pm. Dance begins at 8pm. Admission is $8 or $7 with a food bank donation. Are you a single parent? Do you want info about PWP? International website is: www. parentswithoutpartners. org Would you be interested in a local orientation? Just show up- and ask for "PWP" on the second Wednesday we have a special night out & Orientation at The Spaghetti Warehouse, 36 W. Fifth St in downtown Dayton at 7pm. Also the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, we have Orientation at 7:30pm at Fairview Church, 828 W Fairview Ave at Catalpa Dr. Finally for a daytime, individual orientation call Madonna at 937-294-0101 and she will set up a time and place to meet you. We want you as part of our chapter. Thank you.

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class_clapping.jpgWelcome to Parents Without Partners Dayton #210        PWP began in New York City in March 1957 with two single parents. The Dayton Chapter was incorporated in 1969 and has served single parent families since that time. The bimonthly calendar features activities for building families and for building friendships. Because we are dedicated to supporting the single parent families, your children's activities are subsidized and you will quickly recover your annual dues of $39. Because we are an International, Member Organization, we are structured with a hierarchy built upon your membership, expanded to Regions (3+ chapters), Zones (3+ States), and International (Zone Presidents and elected Officers) comprising Parents Without Partners Inc. PWP’s MISSION is to provide single parents and their children with a nearly ideal family and child raising experience. THREE MAIN GOALS OF PARENTS WITHOUT PARTNERS 1. To provide a near perfect extended family - and a healthy environment for children and their single parents. 2. To provide communication and contact between parents sharing common interests and concerns. 3. To work for improvement of single parents and their children through education, legislation, and social services.
ZONE D Conference May16-18, 2014 The Dynamic Zone (A five state conference - with PWPOhio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and West Virginia) May 16, 17 & 18, 2014 Hosted by Central Indiana Regional Council #10 Zone D 2014 Conference Schedule for May 16, 17 and 18, 2014 Friday-May 16 6:00 – 9:00 pm Registration – Hotel lobby 6:00 – 9:00 pm Credential validation 9:00 – 11:00 pm Meet & Greet – Games & Hospitality Saturday-May 17 8:30 – 9:00 am Registration and Credential Validation 8:50 am Line up for Parade of Flags 9:00 am Parade of Flags 9:10 am – 11:00 am Opening Session—Welcome Introduction of Officers & Guests Officer’s Reports Convention Report Nominating Committee Report Election and Credentials 11:00 am – Noon Keynote Speaker – Indiana State Police Noon – 1:00 pm Awards Luncheon 1:00 – 1:15 pm Election of Officers 1:15 – 2:15 pm Workshop Session I A Orientations that Pop! B Personal Growth: “Always With a Smile” Shriners Clown 2:30 – 3:30 pm Workshop Session II A Publicity-Social Media, Websites, PSA, Etc. Bring newsletters to share B Personal growth: “Caring for Our Veterans” Speaker from VA Medical Ctr 3:45 – 4:45 pm Workshop Session III A Programming for Everyone—Interactive workshop, handouts B Personal Growth—“Cucumbers Are Better Than Men Because…..” 5:30 – 7:30 pm Dinner and Installation of Officers 8:00 pm–12:30am Dance at Knights of Columbus Hall DJ: Francis Simmons Sunday, May 18 9:00 – 11:00 am Zone D Board of Directors Meeting
PWP Fact Sheet
Parents Without Partners Today • Thousands of members in the United States and Canada. • 65% female, 35% male. • Ages range from 18 to 80; most have teenage children • Average length of membership is four years. • Approximately 85% of the membership is separated or divorced. • Never married members are under-represented in PWP compared to national statistics • Widowed parent membership is comparable to national statistics. • PWP members are typical middle class North Americans. They come from all walks of life, representing a kaleidoscope of occupations, interests, income brackets and educational attainment. • Some PWP members have only recently become single parents, while some have been single for some time. Some are sophisticated; others have led sheltered lives. All are in a process of transition and change, and seek help from PWP. • PWP members are of all faiths and political beliefs • All chapter members are verified as being single parents by members or professionals in the community. An international, non-profit educational organization devoted to the welfare and interests of single parents and their children Parents Without Partners Chapters ! Chapters range in size from 25 to 3,500 members ! Chapters are run entirely by volunteer members who assume a variety of leadership roles. ! All chapters, to comply with their PWP International Charter, must run programs balanced among three areas: Educational, family and adult/social/recreational programs. • Educational activities may be group discussions, lectures by psychologists, attorneys, or other professionals, and also workshops. • Family activities may include, but are not limited to, picnics, hikes, camping, bowling, etc. for children and their parent. These activities may be unique in that they are the one place where children can interact with other single parent children. • Adult social/recreational activities help single parents learn to relate again with other adults as single persons. ! Chapters also conduct community involvement programs. These include community outreach (providing speakers for seminars and workshops in the community), fund raising for national or local charities, or cooperative exchanges (such as baby-sitting, clothing, or toy exchanges). ! Chapters are organized under Regional Councils, which elect officers, coordinate programs, provide training to chapters and sponsor quarterly conferences. ! Regional Councils are organized into Zones, which elect officers, coordinate programs, provide training to Regional Councils and sponsor annual conferences. ! There are 12 Zones which cover the 50 states most Canadian Provinces Parents Without Partners International Services As an international organization, Parents Without Partners offers the following services to all members: • The Single Parent newsletter; free for members, available to other subscribers. • Advocacy – PWP speaks for all single parents and their children on Capitol Hill, at conferences, in national coalitions, and in workshops. The International Board of Directors supports legislative policies and priorities to further the interests of single parent families. • An Annual Convention – Every year at the annual meeting, members conduct organization business, elect officers and attend workshops on both single parenting subjects and on how to run PWP programs at the chapter level. Children and adults receive special awards for arts and talent. • Organization awards – Single Parent of the Year is presented to PWP’s outstanding parent. • Distinguished Service to Children Award is presented to a person or group outside PWP that has made a great contribution to children and teens. • Scholarships – PWP teens compete for college scholarships. • Affiliation with U. S. Department of Education and U. S. Health and Human Services which allows our members to be up to date on educational and health issues important to single parents. • Website – Featuring Chat Room for members to exchange ideas, bulletin boards where members can ask for and receive help with problems and find addresses to contact IBOD members; plus an Events Page where members find out what is happening in other areas around the country; and a Chapter Search section to locate chapters in their area. • Partnership with Parenting Coalition International – keeps us up to date on parenting issues. International Affiliations • Parents Without Partners, Australia (1975 affiliation) • Verband Alleinstehender Mutter and Vater, Germany (1984 affiliation) • Gingerbread, Great Britain (1984 affiliation) • Birthright, New Zealand (1992 affiliation) • Single Parents of Antigua-Barbuda (1996 affiliation) For more information on Parents Without Partners, Inc., check your local phone directory for a chapter listing or contact the Parents Without Partners International Office at 800-637-7974 Visit the PWP International web site at:
PWP: A WISE INVESTMENT? WHY AM I IN PWP? IS IT WORTH MY TIME? HOW DOES MY INVESTMENT HELP ME? Good questions? Certainly. Time's important - a rare commodity to many of us -- and we therefore must make the best use of the time we have and make wise decisions concerning the way it will be spent. Let us chart a course, step by step, for protection of our investment. To begin, whatever return we get will depend upon how much we put into the venture. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Therefore as a new PWP member, it is wise to become involved immediately in the affairs of the chapter: accept appointment to a committee, because you learn and grow by participation. Committee work means working closely with others, setting goals, accomplishing tasks perhaps new and different to you but nonetheless satisfying and broadening. All such contacts contribute to individual growth, strengthen self-confidence, and add new perspectives to sometimes dull and routine assignments. Each new assignment you assume will help your learning and growing process. The next step concerns leadership. The successful committee member progresses to the chairmanship of a chapter committee and the investment pays greater returns: opportunities open for creative abilities to be used, plans are made and executed in working closely with others, the importance of utilizing people and time to the best advantage is recognized, and responsibility for maintaining satisfying personal relationships with others further adds to the self-confidence of the individual. The successful leader advances to the point where the return pays double dividends -to the individual and the to the chapter. A chairman with newly acquired leadership qualities becomes ready to lead the chapter as an officer. Talents are recognized by fellow members and true growth begins. Service as a member of the chapter board of directors opens many new pportunities: a chance to voice opinions, make decisions, respect differing opinions, accept compromises when necessary. Monthly meetings are a form of continuing education which can be tailored to your personal and professional development needs. By pooling resources, members can present speakers and workshops that otherwise would not be available to them. Take advantage of the career building opportunities PWP offers. Use your PWP Chapter as a place to try things out and to learn by trial and error. Use it to find out what you like and what abilities you possess. Opportunities exist in PWP for practicing public speaking, meeting and program planning, recruitment and public relations skills. Whether or not “we are what we do” we surely become like those with whom we associate. In any group, those who take on leadership roles tend to be those who are also successful in their jobs. By choosing to become active in PARENTS WITHOUT PARTNERS, you choose success.
ACT (All Chapter Training) Conference
The Zone D All Chapter Training Conference provides training of all the PWP Chapters in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The Spring conference is scheduled for March in Richmond, Indiana. It will be held at the Holiday Inn. To register for the conference contact Marti Baxter, 4571 E. 85 S., Marion, IN 46953.
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