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2018 Race Days Daily Schedule

All racing takes place at BSA Camp Sitgwandish, 7497 Ross Rd.,

Madison, OH

See "Calendar of Events" section for dates


Saturday Schedule:

9:45 AM- gather 10:15 AM WRMYC Sailing Schools (see downloads)

10:45 AM- Practice Race for fleet racing

11:00 AM S1M Fleet Racing


Tuesday Schedule:

4:30 PM- Gates Open

4:45 PM: Tuneup Race

5:00 PM: 12 Heats for all Soling Skippers

March 2018
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Larry Lamphier
Vice Commodore:
Wayne Forbes
Secretary Treasurer:
Dan Jarold
Board Mbr at Large:
Dave Steger
Sailing Director:
Rick Lawler
Wayne Forbes
Bob Green
Jim Hogan
Dan Jarold
Dave Karpuszka
Larry Lamphier
Rick Lawler
Nick Lessick
Tom Melsheimer
Doug Rieger
Tom Schreiber
Bob Schuster
Dave Steger
Bob Valentine
Larry Ward
Mike Wyatt
Alan Zelina

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American Model Yachting Assn.

Soling 1 Meter Official Website


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Soling Yahoo Group Site

AMYA Region 4 Yahoo Group


WRMYC Information

100 Pictures!!!

Lake Co. News Herald article

Video- Wednesday Night


Club Websites

Ann Arbor MYC

Radio Control Sailboat Cincinnati

Cleveland Model Boat Club

Miami Valley MYC (Dayton)



Toy 'N Hobby HQ- S1M Parts

Victor Model Products

Leading Edge Hobbies-Canada

Brighton Boat Works RC supplier

HiTec RC, servos & info



BSA Camp Stigwandish

City of Painesville- Our Hosts
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Western Reserve Model Yacht Club

AMYA #255

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WRMYC_logo3.JPG.jpg Last update: 3/16/18- Boats for Sale updated (Sect. 4)      

See below for club contact information. WRMYC welcomes new sailors!!


Commodore Larry Lamphier at 440-346-0402


Vice Commodore Wayne Forbes at 440- 639- 1085 for club information.

2. NEWS!

 3/10/18: Next: Final 2018 WRMYC Build Clinic- Saturday, March 24th, 10:00 AM. For info and directions- contact

Dave Steger:

April Schedule:

Sat. 21 ...............Sat. 28

Sea Trials.............Race Date 1- Spring Series Race 1


Build Clinic Report- March 10, 2018

Eight club members attended build session five including Larry Lamphier, Bob Green, Rick Lawler, Tom Melsheimer, Tom Schreiber, Tony Schreiber, and Dave Steger. Potential Member Steve Winfield was also there for his second time as he builds his first Soling.

Rick Lawler is showing great progress as his boat now has the keel and rudder attached with carbon fiber reinforcement in key stress areas. His boat is shown below...

Rick Lawler's New Soling

With respect to model building and weight placement, Tom Schreiber brought his model balancing jig to the session. This allows you to determine where the fore/aft balance point of the boat is located. He brought a test boat to demonstrate the jig and we tried testing Dave Steger's fully rigged #78 to see how the the addition of the mast and rigging effected the balance point. Finally we tried Rick's new empty hull, deck and lid without lead in the keel to see how a base boat fares before ballast is added. Surprisingly, all three examples had balance points that were within about 1/2 inch of each other.

Tom Melsheimer is making great progress with the GPS speedometer. Using a classic (clamp-to-the-shoe) roller skate allowed testing of the device out on Lloyd Road. Bob Green was our cordless drill operator for this initial trial. (No model builders were harmed in any way while performing this test.)

As it turned out all of the enhancements Tom added to the software for the receiver put too much stress on the processor as it tries to do all the floating point calculations needed, and all within a very short time cycle. We did get some sporadic speed readings. Tom's version 2.0 processor will have enough digital horsepower to capture all the data, do the math and include filtering to improve the final result. Testing will continue at the next session.

As it happens we had yet another birthday to celebrate. Our other "Tom" (Melsheimer) was the birthday boy this time and had a delicious "banana bread birthday delight".

The last 2018 Build Clinic will be on March 24th. Tom Schreiber has created a Boat First Aid Kit and will bring it along. We look forward to seeing what Dr. Schreiber can do for sick Soling.

Also, the "Lloyd Road Soup Kitchen" will be open on the 24th for a post session lunch for those that can stay to celebrate the start of the 2018 season. Until next time...

Jane & Dave........CLEAR !!!


WRMYC Sailing Schools Announced. Each Saturday Race Day in 2018, WRMYC will hold a 30-minute Sailing School aimed at all new (or not so new) sailors who want to learn more about the hobby and their boats. These will be shore-based and on the water, depending on content. All will be at Camp Sitgwandish- and the sessions in April will be held at the Nature Lodge (indoors), prior to us going to the Dike for sailing. So- come even if the weather looks ccccccold.

Start: 10:15 AM Conclude: 10:45 AM

ALL sailors are invited to attend.

See "Downloads" for specific topics, dates and instructors.


Remaining Build Clinic Dates: March 24th, 2018.

Contact: Dave Steger Tel.: 440 477 5521 for address, directions and specific times of the Build Clinics. ________________________________________

Camp Stigwandish in Fall (photo by Mike Wyatt)


Sect. 3. Soling 1 Meter 2018 U.S. Nationals
September 26 – 29, 2018

For Notice of Race: with a registration form – click above far top left “WRMYC Downloads"

11/22/17: Motel reservation code is needed for making a reservation- now added to the NOR- the code is "SRC".


Registered Skippers:

For a list of current Registered Skippers entered in the 2018 Soling 1 Meter National Championship Regatta, go to the Soling 1 Meter Yahoo Group Bulletin Board:

Sect. 4


Commodore Larry Lamphier at 440-346-0402 -OR- Vice Commodore Wayne Forbes at 440- 639- 1085 for club information.



There are a few club member boats for sale for those wanting to sail with us; for available boats:

Go to "WRMYC Downloads" above left (in margin), then click "Boats for Sale" .

Perry, OH
phone: 440-478-8208

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Contact us here: Be sure and type in the code below, so we know you are really you. Mike Wyatt, WRMYC Webmaster


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