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December 2016
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Larry Lamphier
Vice Commodore:
Wayne Forbes
Secretary Treasurer:
Dan Jarold
Imm Past Commodore:
John Richmond
Sailing Director-2016:
Tom Schreiber
Sailing Director- 2017:
Steve Sears
Tom Brackett
Wayne Forbes
Paul Gersin
Bob Green
Jim Hogan
Dan Jarold
Dave Karpuszka
Thad Lamphier
Larry Lamphier
Rick Lawler
Nick Lessick
Wally Otto
David Querin
Ron Raubenstraw
John Richmond
Doug Rieger
Darlene Schreiber
Tom Schreiber
Bob Schuster
Steve Sears
Dave Steger
Bob Valentine
Larry Ward
Mike Wyatt
Alan Zelina

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HiTec RC, servos & info

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AMYA Club #255 Western Reserve Model Yacht Club
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Since 2007 - Northeast Ohio, USA


WHO? The Western Reserve Model Yacht Club is a group of model sailing hobbyists, who build, sail and race RC model boats.

WHERE? Northeast Ohio- the Western Reserve was located in the northern part of what is now Ohio, from Lake Erie south to around Akron. We sail at BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH- about 3 miles off I-90 Exit 212.

WHAT? DO WE DO? We build, sail, and race a variety of model sailboats, bought ready to sail (RTS), used, built as kits or purchased new. Club members race the Victor Model Products Soling 1 Meter- a 40", 10 lb. boat built from a kit, bought used, or ready-built by the factory OR from local builders. Solings are all identical or nearly so, built from the same kit, and under the Soling 1 Meter Class Rules. This makes the racing equal, and fun.

WHEN? Racing is from mid-April through October, BUT we also build boats as a group several Saturdays over the winter months.



Please contact Commodore Larry Lamphier at 440-346-0402


Vice Commodore Wayne Forbes at 440- 639- 1085

for club information.


ALL WRMYC sailors belong to:

Visit AMYA on the web:

See WRMYC on Facebook:

Posted Dec. 8: Officer elections:

Re-elected: Vice Commodore Wayne Forbes, term of 2 more years

Re-elected: Secretary/Treasurer: Dan Jarold, also a term of two additional years.

The position of Sailing Director (SD) was discussed, and the following changes were made:

1. The Sailing Director was added to the Board of Directors as a non-voting member; and therefore is now an elected office with two-year terms. (Steve Sears will start his first term eff. 1/1/17).

2. The SD is to present his/her club sailing program annually to the Board, not later than 3/15 each spring. 3. A Sailing Director Job Description will be developed by Mike Wyatt, for addition to the Bylaws, and in consult with Steve and Tom Shreiber, outgoing SD.

Minutes of the Dec. 6 Club Meeting will be released as soon as ready.


11-7-16: WRMYC Has a Facebook Group Page!!!:

WRMYC 2016 Calendar of Events


December 2016

-No additional activities planned.-

WRMYC Build Clinics- Again This Winter!!!

(photo by Larry Lamphier)

How do these "Building Clinics" work??

1. Contact Larry Lamphier for the latest details on the clinics. 440-346-0402

2. Go to Toy N Hobby HQ in Geneva, OH. Tell them you want to build a Soling- they have the kits, and all the supplies.

You can buy what you need in three phases:

- The kit, CA glues, sandpaper, Exacto Knife.

Then in February-

- The servos, small screwdrivers, paint.

Finally, in March-

- The "radio" and receiver, battery pack, and charger.

While you're there- buy a Model Yachting magazine (the issue he has in stock features the Soling).

 2017 Calendar Dates


2017 Building Clinics being planned!! WRMYC will again offer FREE building clinics for you to build YOUR new Soling 1 Meter.

WRMYC experts guide you through your Soling build, and help you toward a strong, fast Soling for next spring and summer. We do all the tricky parts as a group, and you do the painting etc. at home in between sessions.

These six Saturday sessions will be held in January, February, and March. Watch this site for times and location!!

January 2017

Sat. 14 Building Clinic

Sat. 28 Building Clinic

February 2017

Sat. 11 Building Clinic

Sat. 25 Building Clinic

March 2017

Sat. 11 Building Clinic

Sat. 25 Building Clinic

Mike (L) and Larry (R) Put a Deck on a Soling

Lake County News Herald Picture (C)- 2014)


Our Boats

WRMYC fleet racing uses our Soling 1 Meters.


Soling 1 Meter One-Design- model yachts... the ideal boat for sailors at all levels:

for beginners, the S1M is a cost-effective first boat.

for modelers, the S1M Kit is a straightforward (but not easy) build;

... for seasoned sailors the S1M is challenging to tune, and offers competition at every level- local, Regional, and National.

The Crossing- Sept 10 Pic by Steve Sears

S1M # 2648 (Brian Verdi Picture)


Buy OR Build!! OR Buy AND Build!!

Why not do BOTH??? Buy a used Soling, so you get to sail WHILE you build your Kit!! THEN- sell the original boat- you'll likely get at least as much as you paid, maybe even a few dollars more, if you made improvements.


The club also has a limited number of refurbished Solings for those wanting to sail with us; for available boats: contact:

Commodore Larry Lamphier



For sale by WRMYC Members


White deck over blue hull, Victor sails, 1-pc. spruce mast, fixed keel.

Built by a very good, precise builder. Includes stand, and Spektrum receiver- no transmitter.

$ 400

The fixed keel makes shipping a risk. The boat needs to be picked up in the Cleveland area- Call Wally at 440-205-8940.



Soling 50- #69- fiberglass Vortex very good shape. White deck over white hull. Incl. Spektrum receiver and stand. The boat sails great, but I have TWO!!

$ 450.00. Pickup in Cleveland Area, up to Dec. 24 ONLY!

Contact Mike Wyatt-, 440-478-8208.

NE Ohio: Toy N Hobby HQ

775 South Broadway Ave. Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-0696

Internet pricing - Victor Parts - S1M Kits


45,000+ Hits!!!! The number below left reset at 45,000 Hits!! Thanks!!

Perry, OH
phone: 440-478-8208

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Contact us here: Be sure and type in the code below, so we know you are really you. Mike Wyatt, WRMYC Webmaster


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