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Wed., Sept. 30 Racing will start

at 5:00 PM at BSA Camp Stigwandish.


Saturday Oct. 3

Run What Ya Brung at BSA Camp Stig




Saturday, Oct. 3

10:30 AM- Skipper Meeting

11:00 AM WRMYC Saturday Series.


October 2015
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10:30am-2:00pm At BSA Camp Stigwandish, 7497 Ross Road, Madison, OH, 44057

Wednesday Oct 14
5:00pm-7:30pm 5:00 PM at BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH Contact: Tom Schreiber, 440 251 3422


Commodore-Term Expires 12/31/15:
John Richmond
Vice Commodore: Term Expires 12/31/16:
Wayne Forbes
Secretary Treasurer: Term Expires 12/31/16:
Dan Jarold
Immediate Past Commodore:
Dave Karpuszka
Tom Brackett
Al Daviso
Wayne Forbes
Paul Gersin
Dan Jarold
Dave Karpuszka
Larry Lamphier
Thad Lamphier
Nick Lessick
Wally Otto
David Querin
Ron Raubenstraw
John Richmond
Tom Schreiber
Bob Schuster
Tim Shimek
Larry Ward
Mike Wyatt

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Soling 1 Meter Class Assn.

Soling 1 Meter Yahoo Group

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Ann Arbor Model Yacht Club

Cleveland Model Boat Club

RC Sailing Club of Cincinnati

Naples MYC- FL

SailWave Regatta Scoring


Toy 'N Hobby HQ

Victor Model Products

BSA Western Reserve Council- our hosts

City of Painesville- Our Hosts

Video- Wednesday Night

Slide Presention introducing our Members

Lake County News Herald article about our club
img s.gifWestern Reserve Model Yacht Club

AMYA #255--- Since 2007

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Latest: Wednesday, Sept. 30 Report ("NEWS")                

Based in Northeastern Ohio, we sail and race Soling 1 Meter model yachts. You will find much information about us, and about the Soling in the "WRMYC Downloads" section to left.

Who are we? A YouTube slide presentation introducing our Members can be accessed using the link below left- in "Links" section


Another great "Darlene Productions" slide presentation is a beautiful look at a Wednesday night race at Camp Stigwandish, can be accessed using the link below left- in "Links" section.


A great article about the club appeared in the Lake County News Herald- see the link below left in the "Links" section.


Regular Racing Program

Saturday Series 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays of each month, 10:30 AM. BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH


Wednesday Series- Racing every Wednesday at 5 PM, always at BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison OH

Contact Sailing Director: Tom Schreiber Tel. 440 251 3422


ALL WRMYC sailors belong to:


For more information about RC sailing, WRMYC, or life in general, contact:

Commodore John Richmond 216-831-2506

Vice Commodore Wayne Forbes Tel. 440-639-1085




As we approach the end of our season I will be posting standings of the top 5 in each category each time we have an event.


Wednesday, Sept 30 Report

WE are BACK. Hopefully the website woes are behind us and we can again post results. Fall is upon us already somehow. Tonight's forecast was for winds above 20 knots and on the chilly side (60 degrees F). So, at pond side 7 skippers came prepared with jackets and gloves, so, they were ready. But....the predicted wind never showed.

We sailed with puffs of 2 to 4 from the NE. Getting all 12 heats in was a challenge we rose to by the time dusk had set in.

Wayne Forbes took the night on the strength of four wins and four seconds, with an average of just 1.80 points per race. In second was Mike Wyatt, followed by Tom Schreiber. Wally Otto also had a good night, averaging 4.20.

Place Name Avg.

1. W. Forbes 1.80 avg. finish

2. M. Wyatt 2.08

3. T. Schreiber 3.58

4. W. Otto 4.20

5. N. Lessick 4.80

6. D. Jarold 5.00

7. B. Schuster 5.50

Season Standings: Top 5

1. W. Forbes 2.44

2. B. Schuster 2.84

3. W. Otto 3.10

4. T. Schreiber 3.41

5. M. Wyatt 3.92


Saturday 10-3 we are having our second " Sail what you Brung" day from 9 to 12 at Camp Stigwandish. We are hoping for a wide variety of model boats to be sailing or otherwise to be present. No official racing is planned.

If you're in the area, take an hour or so and join us!! In case of rain an enclosed pavilion is available, and a technical clinic on winterizing, and batteries is planned.


Saturday, Sept. 26 Report

GOLD 9/26/15

1. T. Schreiber 16 pts.

2. T, Lamphier 19

3. M. Wyatt 30

4. J. Richmond 39

4. L. Lamphier 39

5. A. Daviso 40


RD N. Lessick

1. D. Karpuszka 18

2. W. Forbes 22

3. R. Schuster 25

4. W. Otto 33

5. T. Brackett 50

6. R. Raubenstraw 51

Fall Series Standings- no discards- 6th race date is next time = 1 discard.

GOLD Those who have raced no times not shown.

1. T. Schreiber 10

2. M. Wyatt 11

3. L. Lamphier 15

4. T. Lamphier 19

5. J. Richmond 20

6. A. Daviso 23

SILVER Those who have raced no times are not shown.

1. B. Schuster 9

1. W. Forbes 9

3. D. Karpuszka 18

4. W. Otto 20

4. R. Raubenstraw 20

6. N. Lessick 23

7. D. Jarold 24

8. T. Brackett 26

9. L. Ward 30

PAIRS Best 6 dates counted

1. Team 9 Forbes/ Schuster 26 points

2. Team 1 Daviso/ Karpuszka 29

3. Team 7 Wyatt/ Lessick 38

4. Team 8 Wyatt/ Raubenstraw 39

5. Team 5 Richmond/ Jarold 48

6. Team 6 Schreiber / Brackett 57

Our Most Popular Downloads:
Our downloads are located in the "Downloads" section, up and to the left margin

Our most popular ones:

Soling 1 Meter Building Procedure

Finishing the Soling 1 Meter

Electronics and Batteries

are all located in the Downloads section.

  WRMYC 2015 Calendar of events



10 (RD Larry W) Fall Saturday Series Race 10:30 AM BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison

24 (Dave K) Fall Saturday Series Race 10:30 AM BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison

31 (RD Al) Fall Saturday Series Race 10:30 AM BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison

7, 14, 21, 28 Wednesday Series 5:00 PM BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison


No Events Scheduled


Sat. Dec. 5th- afternoon-

WRMYC Awards Dinner

TRY Sailing with us!!
Western Reserve Model Yacht Club maintains a few used Soling 1 Meter yachts, for demonstration purposes to potential members, and...

...are available for sale under the WRMYC Used Boat Program>>>

 WRMYC $ 350 Used Boat Program
WRMYC has a program for selling refurbished Soling 1 Meters for just $350. These boats have been refurbished for functionality by WRMYC racers.

There is also a 12-month BuyBack program: Try racing with us with little or no risk!!

The boats available have a decent rig and sails, a stand, a Spektrum receiver, and a basic battery charger (wall charger). All you need is a simple Spektrum transmitter and a 6V battery pack. We can even fix you up with these, pre-owned but fully functional!!

This program is designed for building our club's membership only. Therefore, these club-owned boats are available ONLY to prospective active Members of our club, approved by the Commodore. Sorry, they are NOT available to anyone else.

For details: contact:

John Richmond (216) 346- 9302, OR

Mike Wyatt, using the e-mail contact function at the bottom of this web page.


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