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January- March 2016 Build Clinic(s) Contact: Larry Lamphier

440-352- 6349

February 2016
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Commodore- Term expires 12/31/17:
Larry Lamphier
Vice Commodore: Term Expires 12/31/16:
Wayne Forbes
Secretary Treasurer: Term Expires 12/31/16:
Dan Jarold
Immed. Past Commodore:
John Richmond
Tom Brackett
Al Daviso
Wayne Forbes
Paul Gersin
Jim Hogan
Dan Jarold
Dave Karpuszka
Thad Lamphier
Larry Lamphier
Nick Lessick
Wally Otto
David Querin
Ron Raubenstraw
John Richmond
Tom Schreiber
Bob Schuster
Larry Ward
Mike Wyatt

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AMYA Region 4 Yahoo Group

Ann Arbor MYC

Cleveland Model Boat Club

RC Sailing Club of Cincinnati

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Toy 'N Hobby HQ

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Western Reserve Model Yacht Club

AMYA #255--- Since 2007 - Northeast Ohio, USA

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WRMYC_logo3.JPG.jpg01/22/16 2016 Build Clinics Announced!! ("News")        

Winter building season is underway!!

You will find much information about us, and about the boats in the "WRMYC Downloads" section to left.

Windicators are on vacation. No more wind indicators will be available until further notice. Sorry.


Regular Racing Program, Soling 1 Meter racing Mid-April to November 1:

* Saturday Series-2nd, 4th, and 5th Sat. of each month, at 10:30 AM

* Wednesday Series- 5:00 PM every Wednesday at at BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison OH

50/800's (Soling 50's/ Soling M and Vintage Marbleheads) are raced "for fun" (approx. 2:00 PM) on Saturdays following the S1M racing program,

Fun Sails are scheduled in-between, several times a year. Members bring "whatever boat you float"- sailboats only- on those days.

Social events are generally two per year- a mid-season picnic, and an Awards Dinner around Thanksgiving.


ALL WRMYC sailors belong to:

Go to




Let the "experts" from WRMYC help YOU build the perfect Soling.


- S1M Kit

- Thin, Thick CA, and CA Accelerator

- 1 Pkg 1/2- 3/4 oz. hobby-grade fiberglass cloth

- Xacto Knife

- 80-120 grit sandpaper

All of the above available at Toy N Hobby HQ Geneva; 775 South Broadway Ave. Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-0696

- Pencil

- Measuring device- tape, plastic ruler, etc.

- NO NEED to buy all the electronics, those will come later.

- Club will have epoxy, lead shot for keels, and heavy-duty tools as needed. You will pay your share of the epoxy and shot.

It's build clinic time at Larry's.

210 Wintergreen Hill Drive

Painesville, Ohio 44077

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

*February 13th

*February 27th

*March 12th

*March 26th

Questions?? Call: 440-352- 6349


WRMYC 2016 Calendar of Events


Racing Program:

- Soling 1 Meter Class Yachts: Saturday Series- 2nd, 4th & 5th Saturdays, April- October,

Gold and Silver Fleets

10:30 AM- Practice Racing, and Training

11:00 AM Racing, Gold and Silver Fleets

After Soling 1 Meter racing- approx. 2:00 PM

Casual Racing: unscored Soling 50 & Vintage Marblehead Racing.


- Wednesday Series-Every Wednesday, April- October, Soling 1 Meter Class Yachts:

5:00 PM- Fleet Racing


2016 Dates:

Build Clinics:

210 Wintergreen Hill Drive, Painesville, Ohio 44077

All 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Saturday:

*February 13th

*February 27th

*March 12th

*March 26th

April 2016

16- Sea Trials, 11:00 AM- Painesville Rec Park

Start Spring Series

23- Race Date 1, 11:00 AM Rec Park

27- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

30- Race Date 2, 11:00 AM Rec Park

May 2016

4- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

7- Race Date 3, 11:00 AM Rec Park

11- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

18- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

21- Race Date 4, 11:00 AM Rec Park

25- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

28- Race Date 5, 11:00 AM Rec Park

June 2016

1- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

4 - 5 Cincinnati:RCSCC "First Chance" Regatta; contact Bob Bottenhorn

8- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

11- Race Date 6, 11:00 AM Rec Park

15- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

22- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

25- Race Date 7, 11:00 AM Rec Park

29- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

July 2016

6- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

9- Race Date 8, 11:00 AM BSA Camp Stigwandish

13- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

20- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

End Spring Series

Start Fall Series

All racing from July 23 - Oct. 1 at BSA Camp Stigwandish, Ross Rd., Madison, OH

July (cont.)

23- Race Date 9, 11:00 AM BSA Camp Stigwandish

27- Wednesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

30- Race Date 10, 11:00 AM BSA Camp Stigwandish

August 2016

3- Wednesday Series Race

10- Wednesday Series Race

13- Race Date 11, 11:00 AM

17- Wednesday Series Race

27- Race Date 12 11:00 AM

24- Wednesday Series Race

31- Wednesday Series Race

September 2016

7- Wednesday Series Race

10- Race Date 13, 11:00 AM

14- Wednesday Series Race

21- Wednesday Series Race

24- 25: S1M R4 Regional Championship, Century Park, Vernon Hills, (Chicago area) IL

23- 24- 25 WRMYC Open Regatta BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH

Contact:Wayne Forbes, Regatta Manager,

Fri., 23- Match Racing Tournament- 11:30 Registration

Sat., 24- Open Regatta Starts- Registration 8:30 AM


Race Date 14, (Sat. Results only)

Sun., Open Regatta continues 9:30 AM- 12 noon

28- Wednesday Series Race

October 2016

5- Wednesday Series Race

8- Race Date 15, 11:00 AM

12- Wednesday Series Race

19- Wednesday Series Race

22- Date 16, 11:00 AM

26- Last Wednesday Series Race

29- Last Race Date 17, 11:00 AM

An earlier WRMYC Open


Our Boats
WRMYC fleet racing uses our Soling 1 Meters.

Soling 1 Meter One-Design- model yachts... The most-sailed RC boat on the planet!! The Soling 1 Meter (S1M) is the ideal boat for sailors at all levels: for beginners, the S1M is a cost-effective first boat ($ 350 used to about $ 500 built by yourself as new); for modelers, the S1M Kit is a straightforward (but not easy) build; ... for seasoned sailors the S1M is challenging to tune, and offers competition at every level- local, Regional, and National. Since all boats come from the same Kit, it is very competitive.


Plus- on an informal basis, Two Classes of 50/800-- 50 inch boats, having 800 sq. in. of sail area. These can be any design fitting the AMYA Soling 50 One-Design Class, or the "Vintage Marblehead" Class.

Soling 1 Meter (L), 50/800 Class yachts: Vintage Marblehead (C), Soling 50 (R)


WRMYC $ 350 Used Boat Program
WRMYC has a program for selling refurbished Soling 1 Meters for just $350- refurbished for functionality by WRMYC racers.

There is also a 12-month BuyBack program: Try racing with us with little or no risk!!

The boats available have a decent rig and sails, a stand, a Spektrum receiver, and a basic battery charger (wall charger). All you need is a simple Spektrum transmitter and a 6V battery pack. We can even fix you up with these, pre-owned but fully functional!!

This program is designed for building our club's membership only. Therefore, these club-owned boats are available ONLY to prospective active Members of our club, approved by the Commodore. Sorry, they are NOT available to anyone else.

For details: contact:

Larry Lamphier (440) 352- 6349, OR

Mike Wyatt, using the e-mail contact function at the bottom of this web page.



50/800 Soling 50; fiberglass Vortex, complete, very good condition. Original alum. spars, and sails, Spektrum receiver, stand, NEW hatch, and battery pack.

Dialed in!!! Shipping not available! $475.

Mike Wyatt, 440-478-8208


25,000+ Hits!!!! The number below left reset at 25,000 Hits!! Thanks!!

Perry, OH
phone: 440-478-8208

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Contact us here: Be sure and type in the code below, so we know you are really you. Mike Wyatt, WRMYC Webmaster


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