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July 26 Tuesday Series Race:

BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH


July 30 "5th Saturday"!!! - Saturday Race Day - Fall Series #2:

BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH

July 2016
August 2016
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5:00pm-8:00pm Every Tuesday Night, at BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH

Saturday Jul 30
10:30am-2:30pm At Camp Stigwandish

Tuesday Aug 02
5:00pm-8:00pm Every Tuesday Night, at BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH


Commodore- Term expires 12/31/17:
Larry Lamphier
Vice Commodore: Term Expires 12/31/16:
Wayne Forbes
Secretary Treasurer: Term Expires 12/31/16:
Dan Jarold
Immed. Past Commodore:
John Richmond
Tom Brackett
Al Daviso
Wayne Forbes
Paul Gersin
Bob Green
Jim Hogan
Dan Jarold
Dave Karpuszka
Thad Lamphier
Larry Lamphier
Nick Lessick
Wally Otto
David Querin
Ron Raubenstraw
John Richmond
Doug Rieger
Darlene Schreiber
Tom Schreiber
Bob Schuster
Steve Sears
Dave Steger
Bob Valentine
Larry Ward
Mike Wyatt
Alan Zelina

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BSA GWR Council- Our hosts

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Video- Wednesday Night

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YouTube Presentation Wed 7/15/15

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HiTec RC, servos & info

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Western Reserve Model Yacht Club
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Since 2007 - Northeast Ohio, USA

Latest: Saturday July 23 Results ("News")

Visitors are always welcome. The club holds Open Houses at our pond(s) monthly, when Guests can bring ANY RC sailing model and sail. See the Calendar of Events section for Open House dates and locations.

You are also welcome to race with the club. For new sailors, we often invoke the "New Guy Rules"- new sailors always have the right of way (so you don't have to know the Racing Rules).

Please contact Commodore Larry Lamphier (440-352- 6349) or

Vice Commodore Wayne Forbes (440- 639- 1085) for a loaner Soling unless you have your own.


ALL WRMYC sailors belong to:

Go to

AMYA Club #255



Saturday July 30: WRMYC sails on the 2nd, 4th, and (when it occurs) 5th Saturday of the month. That means, we will race our Fall Series #2 on Saturday, July 30, at Camp Stigwandish.


Saturday, July 23 Race Report- Race Date 1 of Fall Saturday Series

HOT Day!!! Close to 90, and very light air. Great turnout though of 11 Gold Fleet and three Silver. RD Dave Karpuszka kept the program moving, and still... we could only get in 9 Heats before THE Heat got to us, and we all retired to the relative cool of the covered patio at Joey's in Madison. There, we had a nice lunch, followed by a great ice cream "social" at Darlene and Tom Schreibers, followed by the awards for our Saturday Spring Series.

Also at the meeting, new Members Bob Green, Doug Rieger, Dave Steger, Steve Sears, and Bob Valentine were all voted into the club- WELCOME guys!! Club Roster is now at 25 Members.

Saturday Spring Series Champions:

Gold Fleet.....................Silver Fleet

1. Mike Wyatt.................1. Dan Jarold

2. Wayne Forbes............2. Al Daviso

3. Dave Steger...............3. Nick Lessick

Back to today:

Dave Steger won 4 of the 9 Heats, and scored only 12 points after discard, to win Gold Fleet for the day, followed by Mike Wyatt in second at 30 and Bob Schuster placing third with 37. Notably- Steve Sears was just ONE point behind Bob in fourth. In Silver Fleet, Bob Green was first, then Nick Lessick, followed by Dan Jarold.

Gold Fleet Results:

1...... D. Karpuszka. RD

1...... D. Steger.... 12

2...... M. Wyatt..... 30

3...... B. Schuster... 37

4...... S. Sears.... 38

5...... B. Valentine.. 40

6...... T. Schreiber.. 43

7...... D. Rieger.... 43

8...... W. Forbes... 45

9...... J.Hogan..... 67

10..... T. Lamphier.. 71

11..... L. Lamphier.. 83

Silver Fleet Results:

1...... B. Green....... 9

2...... N. Lessick.... 17

3...... D. Jarold..... 23


Tuesday July 19 Report:

Truly a nice night tonight, moderate temperature of about 75 degrees and dropping, with winds from the Northeast at an average of 4- 5 MPH.

It was great to have Darlene Schreiber back, keeping scores.

In the racing, courses were generally S- 1- 5- F, or S- 1- 5- 1- 5- F.

"X" and the northernmost S/F buoy were missing.

With the NE wind, it was very hard to set an opening leg to windward, so getting to Mark 1 in good position was about a good start, pointing high, and keeping boat speed up. The reaches saw some place-changes, due mostly to several of the boats consistently sailing above the rhumbline early in the leg, only to lose a place at the end of the leg as the boats at/below the rhumbline came up fast to Mark 5.

The first leg w/ tacking ended up being on the short 5 to Finish leg, and then really only 2 tacks were needed to lay the line.

Dave Steger did it again- scoring an average of just 2.08, and having a season (so far) record 8 wins of 12 Heats. He got consistent decent starts, and was generally upwind of most of the fleet on first legs of the courses, more consistently than the others- hence his good results. In second place for the night was Mike Wyatt, at 3.25, then in Third Steve Sears at 4.08.

Place...Net Pts.. Skipper.......Avg. Finish

1.......25..... D. Steger...... 2.08

2.......39......M. Wyatt........3.25

3.......49......S. Sears........4.08

4.......46......B. Green........4.60

5.......58......B. Schuster.....4.83 Tie: most firsts

5.......58......J. Hogan........4.83

7.......76......T. Schreiber....6.33

8.......68......D. Jarold.......6.80

9.......82......L. Lamphier.....6.83

10......88......N. Lessick......8.80


July 9th at Rec Park; Nita Wyatt photo

This section keeps track of the various projects underway by WRMYC Sailors. If you are working on an RC boat- refurbishing, or building- let the webmaster know!!

* Wayne Forbes is building a Micro Magic kit.

* Dan Jarold is building a new Micro Magic from the "Mark III" series of kits, again available in the USA through Graupner USA.

* Steve Sears is doing a major refurbish of his Soling- in the meantime, Steve has "chartered" another S1M so he can continue to participate in club racing.

* Tom Schreiber is refurbishing Dave Karpuszka's old Soling as a club boat for sale, plus 2 Soling 50s, a total refurbish of a Free sail boat, then restore (No RC) garage sale find to be converted to a RC pond sailor. Busy!!

* Bob Schuster is refurbishing a Hartman Soling 50, the ONLY- as as far as is known- Soling 50 with NO gelcoat or paint!! You can see the fiberglass cloth through the clearcoat on the hull.

*Mike Wyatt is refurbishing Larry Lamphier's old boat as a club boat for sale. He is also starting a new S1M for display at Toy N Hobby HQ.

WRMYC 2016 Calendar of Events


2016 Remaining Dates:

July 2016

July 26- Tuesday Series Race BSA Camp Stigwandish

30 Saturday Race Date 2, 11:00 AM BSA Camp Stigwandish T. Lamphier

August 2016

2- Tuesday Series Race

6- Open House Sailing Event BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison

9- Tuesday Series Race

13 Saturday Race Date Race Date 3, 11:00 AM RD:R. Raubenstraw

16- Tuesday Series Race

23- Tuesday Series Race

27 Saturday Race Day 4 11:00 AM RD:L. Lamphier

31- Tuesday Series Race

#1156 Denny Cielensik Boat, painted to match Stars and Stripes 87, the boat that in 1987 took back the America's Cup from the Aussies, in Freemantle, W. Australia

September 2016

3- Open House Sailing Event BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison

6- Tuesday Series Race

10- Race Date 5, 11:00 AM RD:TBD

13- Tuesday Series Race

20- Tuesday Series Race

24- 25: S1M R4 RCR, Century Park, Vernon Hills, (Chicago area) IL

23- 24- 25 WRMYC Open Regatta BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison, OH

Fri., 9/23- Match Racing Tournament- 11:30 Registration

Sat., 9/24- Open Regatta Starts- Registration 8:30 AM


Race Date 6, (Sat. Results only)

Sun., 9/25 Open Regatta continues 9:30 AM- 12 noon

Contact:Wayne Forbes, Regatta Manager,

27- Tuesday Series Race

October 2016

1- Open House Sailing Event BSA Camp Stigwandish, Madison

4- Tuesday Series Race

8- Race Date 7, 11:00 AM RD:Hogan

11- Tuesday Series Race

18- Tuesday Series Race

22- Race Date 8, 11:00 AM RD:Steger

25- Last Tuesday Series Race

November 2016

5- Awards Banquet and Dinner; 4PM, at Grand River Yacht Club, Located at 415 River Street, Grand River Ohio 44045.

Go North into Grand River, down the hill, watch for Rutherford's landing on the right; enter through the entrance to Rutherfords Landing and continue south 300 feet to the GRYC clubhouse security gate.

December 2016

-No Events Planned-

Our Boats
WRMYC fleet racing uses our Soling 1 Meters.

Soling 1 Meter One-Design- model yachts... The most-sailed RC boat on the planet!! The Soling 1 Meter (S1M) is the ideal boat for sailors at all levels: for beginners, the S1M is a cost-effective first boat ($ 350 used to about $ 500 built by yourself as new); for modelers, the S1M Kit is a straightforward (but not easy) build; ... for seasoned sailors the S1M is challenging to tune, and offers competition at every level- local, Regional, and National. Since all boats come from the same Kit, it is very competitive.


Plus- on an informal basis, we sail two Classes of 50/800-- 50 inch boats, having 800 sq. in. of sail area. These can be AMYA Soling 50 one-design yachts, or any design fitting the AMYA "Traditional Marblehead" Division of the Vintage Model Yacht Group,

see AMYA:

Soling 1 Meter (l), 50/800 Vintage Marblehead (c), Soling 50 (r)

 Buy OR Build!! OR Buy AND Build!!

WRMYC Used Soling Program

Many enjoy building a Soling Kit.

But, some don't have the time or inclination to build. so...WRMYC has a program for selling used Soling 1 Meters refurbished for functionality by WRMYC racers.

The WRMYC Used Boat program is designed for building our club's membership only. Therefore, these club-owned boats are available ONLY to prospective active Members of our club, approved by the Commodore. Sorry, they are NOT available to anyone else.

Why not do BOTH??? Buy a used Soling, so you get to sail WHILE you build your Kit- with the buyback option you get 100% of the money spent on the used boat back!!

For details: contact:

Commodore Larry Lamphier

(440) 352- 6349



Soling 1 Meter #2125: $350. Contact Larry: 440-352-6349



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