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Local Authors of McCurtain County
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Jimm Jacobs Books

"Traveling Timber Towns"

Traveling Timber Towns is a compelling story of Oklahoma's traveling logging camps moving from one location to another in the quest to supply 40 acres of logs each day for hungry sawmills at Broken Bow and Wright City Oklahoma. These portable villages of 200 working men and their families living in 'shot-gun' houses moving all over the great Dierks Empire's "Million Acre Forest" between 1910 and 1960. The story is told in just over 200 pages soft-bound with over 300 photographs depicting the life and times of these camp people is featured. "Traveling Timber Towns" was co-authored by Jimm Jacobs, Fayrene Benson and Bob Burke.

Traveling Timber Towns may be purchased at the Gift Shop at Beavers Bend State Park or by writing to:

Forest Heritage Center
P.O.Box 157
Broken Bow, Ok 74728
Make checks payable to Forest Heritage Center 26.50 with 5.00 dollars for shipping and handling.

Other Books by Jimm Jacobs:
"Trails to Rails"

Author: Jimm Jacobs
P. O. Box 1102
Valliant,McCurtain, OK 74764
Phone: 580 933 7132

Call or email Jimm for further information

"The Civilian Conservation Corps of McCurtain County"

With the methods of another time, and in the manner of another way, the president's men, the heads of State Forestry, Interior, Agriculture, and Army changed America. They moved rocks and built boads, replanted decimated forests, built low-water bridges and dams on rivers and streams, beautified nature and built state and national parks. with hand-held tools, they performed their magic.

Jimm & Jackie Jacobs, (both CCC Brats) children of CCC fathers, spent some 4 years researching history, and interviewing former CCC boys-men-enrollee's. They also researched the microfilm of newspapers printed in all of the counties surrounding McCurtain County and found the names of approx 3000 young men who worked in the Quasi-Military Camps of 200 men each.

These camps were active between the years 1933 and 1942. When WW II came along, all these men needed was 2 weeks of rifle training and they were military ready. The CCC program was the second program started under the "New-Deal" program created within the first 100 days of newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This CCC book is available by mail, send 26.50, plus 3.50 postage to
Forest Heritage Center
Box 157
Broken Bow OK. 74728
or can be purchased at the Gift Shop at the front of the Forest Heritage Center or inside in the Heritage Center Office
or at the Museum of the Red River
You may also contact Jimm Jacobs at the above address or phone number.

The Civilian Conservation Corps of McCurtain County has received the Centennial 1907-2007 Logo as being one of one hundred books written in the first hundred years and significant to Oklahoma History

Oklahoma Centennial Logo


Prices of Violet's book are available upon request.

"Women and War"

This book is about a soldier whose battle does not end when the war does. A soldier must continue to fight the shadows of their military life when they return home to families who might not understand what is going on with the soldier. A non-fiction book - this will help both veterans and their families learn to cope and to comprehend what a soldier's duty really means.

"Thoughtful Prose"

A book which will give us insight into our souls. The short verses are easy to read,understand and infuse into our daily lives. Timeless words of encouragement and inspiration can be found within.

Author: Violet Davis Camp
Broken Bow, McCurtain, OK 74728
Phone: 580 420 3266
Email: violetcamp2003@yahoo.com
Visit Violet online at http://www.violetcamp.com


"The Military's Heart and Soul"

The Military's Heart and Soul by author Violet Camp is a stunning tribute to the men, women and children whose lives are greatly affected by their unselfish and unwavering commitment to our country. Camp gives voice to these people who are faced with uncertainty and loss on a daily basis. Violet Camp's book includes interviews with the families who have suffered through unimaginable loss-how they cope makes the difference between living and dying. She brings focus on the steadfast faith these families have, interweaving biblical scriptures with her writings of their everyday life. Camp's interviews include people who have experienced our nation's wars from as early as World I to present day. Her comprehensive research gives the reader an intimate view of those who have lived all over the world serving our country in order to maintain the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. This stirring narrative brings much-deserved honor to our military and their families. Camp writes with great sensitivity and explores the unbelievable emotional and spiritual strength these families maintain in order to survive experiences most of us could never imagine.

Violet Davis Camp

Violet Camp works in public relations in print media. She and her husband of 51 years have an active family life with their children and grandchildren that includes fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors. Ms. Camp is currently working on a children's book. She lives in Oklahoma. The Military's Heart and Soul is her third book. *******************************************************************************************************************

Dec 17, 1936 - Mar 05, 2010

Joy Smith, Author
Valliant, OK 74764
580 933 4205
Email: joydon@valliant.net

"100 Years of Valliant Memories 1902 - 2002"

Edited by Joy McDougal Smith and Sharon Strickland Bain. Personal stories written by Valliant and former Valliant residents for Valliants' Centennial Celebration. Copies available for $10 at Valliant Area Chamber of Commerce located on North Dalton Street in downtown Valliant. Phone: 580-933-5050

"The Chronicles of Oklahoma"

These chronicles are compiled by the Oklahoma State Historical Society and includes an article about the Alice Lee Elliott Memorial Academy written by Joy McDougal Smith. It tells of a boarding school for Choctaw Freedmen in existence from 1886 to the mid 1930s. The Chronicles were published in the fall of 1994 - Vol LXXII-#3 - Copies can be ordered from Oklahoma State Historical Society

"Hometown: Valliant, Oklahoma"
This hometown treasure was published in 1995 is sold out. This is the history of Valliant, OK from 1902 to 1995 with 285 photographs and 234 pages.

Joy Smith has four published articles in "Real West Magazine"which are:

  • From Deputy to Doctor - story of Dr. Ben Denison
  • Horsethieves Called Him the Bloodhound - story of Tom Graham
  • From the Coal Mines to the State Capitol - story about J. J. McAlester
  • Grand Lady of the Choctaws - story of Jane Austin McCurtain

She has one published article in "Old West Magazine" which is Alias John Smith - his tombstone at Wheelock Cemetery located at Millerton, McCurtain County, OK says, "Lee Sagel - bank robber grave" All the tombstones face eastward except this one. He used several alias' but after his death, it was learned his name was Lee Sagel.

She has one article in "Rodeo News Magazine" which tells of the Key Brothers Wild West Show - their home was in Ft. Towson, Choctaw County, OK.

Real West Magazine

Old West Magazine

Prices, availability and information on all publications will be furnished by the author upon request

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