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2016 Carbon Chapter PASR Update of Events

Thurs - August 4 - 9:30 AM at Lowes - Hunterdon Hills Playhouse

Wed - August 10 - 11:00 AM Picnic at Cindy Sabol's home

Thurs - Sept 8 - 9:30 AM Senior Expo JT

Thurs - Sept 15 - 10:00 AM Mahoning Ambulance Bldg - Special Event - Lunch - Flu Shots available

Tues - Sept 27 - 9 AM- Carbon Executive Meeting at Dinkey

Wed - Oct 19 -9:30 AM - Lowes- Keystone Military Families

Thurs - Oct 20 - 10:30 AM - CC Chapter Fall Luncheon - Lehighton Band Hall Bldg

Thurs - October 27 - Region 2 Board Meeting Berks Chapter hosting

Nov - Dream Come True - watch for date

*Dec - Toys for Tots - watch for date

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August 2016
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Thursday Aug 04
9:30am-4:00pm Meeting at Lowes

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PASR State Endorsed Benefits

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Carbon Senior Discounts

2015 Carbon Spring Newsletter
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In Memory of Phyllis             

Phyllis was Carbon County’s Chapter of knowledge. She helped every committee
person in their new role. She knew all the rules and regulations that chapters needed
to follow and filled in various positions many times throughout her membership.
She was PASR through and through. There will never be another
Phyllis and she will be deeply missed. Carbon County Chapter will never
be the same. But on the other hand, Phyllis would want us
all to do our best to keep Carbon County Chapter alive and vibrant!
In memory of Phyllis, let’s continue to strive to make her
proud of our chapter through that caring leadership she provided.

Welcome to the Carbon Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of
School Retirees which is comprised of 278 retired members who were employed at one
of five following school districts: Jim Thorpe Area, Lehighton Area, Palmerton Area,
Panther Valley Area, Weatherly Area, plus the Carbon County Career and Technical Institute
and the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21; or the retirees who are
Carbon County residents who were employed by public school districts outside of the Carbon County area.

Carbon Chapter joins with Berks, Lehigh, Northampton and Schuylkill Chapters to make up Region 2
of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees. Our members are former school
teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, secretaries, aides, cafeteria workers, bookkeepers,
business managers, bus drivers and maintenance staff.

Carbon Chapter of PASR is meeting the needs of former co-workers and friends,
raising money for scholarships, visiting members in nursing homes, doing volunteer
work in the community, and lobbying state legislators on issues of importance to school retirees.

If you are not a member of Carbon chapter or of our state association
won't you please join us?

We are waiting for you!

Current Trip - Thursday, August 4, 2016 – Hunterdon Hills Playhouse – Rock, Roll, and Soul-will feature some classic rocking and soulful hits from the 50’s through the 70’s, with a special emphasis on the female vocalists of that time period. We need to be there for 10:45am to be seated and enjoy a delicious meal with scrumptious desserts before the show. Cost: $59.50 per person. We will carpool from Lowe’s parking lot leaving at 9:30am. Reservations due by July 1st. Check payable to Carbon County PASR. Sandra Kokinda 225 Gilberts Hill Rd., Lehighton, PA 18235 570-386-5970


Message from Your President

It seems hard to believe this is my second year as President! It has been an honor and privilege to be your president.
So much has happened this past year!! I offer my very deepest condolences to everyone who has lost someone dear
this past year. I, too, was touched by many loses. We must remember life continues to go on and we must
continue to move forward. I am looking forward to my daughter’s wedding this year. Try to think of positive things.

I finished my end-of-the-year report to state and continue to be amazed at how much our Carbon Chapter
does to continue PASR’s Mission statement….to continue to serve others and to enjoy retirement. We are still
in need of volunteers for our many activities. If you can help, please contact me or any other officer or committee
member. We also continue to meet monthly and everyone is welcome to join our monthly meeting. Continue to
check the website for dates and places.

While doing my report, I noticed we had an area of weakness…..the area was in the legislative action
of our group. It will be a goal of mine and the chapter to continue to inform members of what’s happening
both in our community and nationally. Of course we are all concerned about our pensions. We will continue to
keep everyone posted with current news. To date Pennsylvania still does not have a budget. Also, the selection
of our new Presidential candidates has been very interesting. Everyone will be hearing much about both topics.

Have an awesome 2016! If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me,
either by phone or e-mail. Again, I’m looking forward to seeing or hearing from many of you.

PASR Mission: To serve others in need and help one another enjoy retirement.

Lucinda “Cindy” Sabol, Carbon County PASR President

Read the 2016 Carbon Chapter PASR Spring Newsletter by clicking on the link below.

Check out the photos of the luncheon on the last pages!

2016 Spring Newsletter


Carbon Chapter PASR Events

*July 12 – Tuesday - 11 AM - 2 Kings, Lehighton

*August 4 - Thursday – 9:30 AM - Meet at Lowes - Hunterdon Hills Playhouse

*August 10 - Wednesday - 11 AM - Picnic at Cindy Sabol's home Contact Cindy if you have any questions.

*Sept 8 - Thursday - 9:30 AM - Senior Expo JT

*Sept 15 - Thursday - 10:00 AM - Special event -Mahoning Ambulance Bldg - Lunch - Flu Shots available

*Sept 27 - Tuesday - 9 AM - Carbon Executive Meeting at Dinkey

*Oct 19 - Wednesday - 9:30 AM - Lowes - Keystone Military Families

*Oct 20 - Thursday - 10:30 AM - CC Chapter Fall Luncheon being held at Lehighton Band Hall Bldg

*October 27 - Thursday - Region 2 Board Meeting Berks Chapter hosting

*Nov. Dream Come True - watch for date

*Dec - Toys for Tots - watch for date

Pinochle – 4th Tuesday of every month, Contact Marjorie at 610-377-4740 for location.


Social Service Projects

Throughout the year, members are remembered with birthday cards, holiday cards, and cards for
special circumstances. Birthday flowers are, delivered to members 90 and above. Visits, phone calls,
a helping hand, and donations of money and meals are some of the acts of kindness that benefit
chapter members with special needs, those who are confined, or may have had surgery.

Spreading holiday cheer is always the goal of our members through social services,
as they visit, deliver poinsettias, and sing Christmas carols with our special needs and 90
and above members.

Won't you please help spread joy to those who are celebrating
90 or above birthday with a card or phone call?


Community Service Projects & Events

Having been a member of PASR since 2012, I have learned that our members’
hearts are huge, their generosity knows no bounds. As volunteers, our members,
continue to give of themselves, of their time, and of their talents.
Unfortunately, even though we continue to give to our fellow
residents of Carbon County, needs still exist, even grow.

In 2016, we will continue to volunteer our efforts to make
Carbon County better. If you know of anyone who is in need
whom we can help, please let us know. If there is a project or
event that could use helping hands, inform us. We will get
the word out to the membership. From individual efforts
to chapter projects, we help, we support, and we make a difference.

Food given at our Spring Luncheon


Click on the link below to and see what projects you would like to be involved in.

2016 Community Service Projects

2016 - 2017 PASR Trips

Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees, Members, Family & Friends

2016 – August 4 - Hunterdon Hills Playhouse- Rock, Roll & Soul- cost: $59.00.
Attendees will carpool and share this event with Northampton County PASR.- 2016 Hunterdon Hills Shows

2017 - Blue Danube Discovery STATE trip arranged by Boscov’s Travel- Blue Danube Discovery

Check this website or the state website for on-going additions or call Sandra Kokinda @ 570-386-5970 -

Our travels are open to PASR members, family & friends.


Why Should YOU Join PASR


As a Member of PASR, You Will Gain So Much!

  • Information – We keep you aware of all the issues that may affect you in retirement.
  • Socializing – Maintain contact with the people with whom you worked, and meet new friends who share
    your dreams for a happy, healthy, secure, and productive retirement!
  • Comfort and Support – For you and your fellow retirees who might find themselves in need of emotional or financial assistance.
  • Discount Benefits and Services – Use any of the programs available and you will likely save more than you will ever pay in dues.
  • Legislative Advocacy – A single cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) granted by the General Assembly could
    return more than you would ever pay in dues to support PASR’s efforts.
  • Support for Public Education – Promote public education, as part of an association that is highly respected by the public.

Help us help you. Join PASR today!

PASR members are encouraged to register on the PASR website so that they may take full advantage
of the additional information and services available to them online. The number of PASR state
members who provided e-mail addresses to PASR HQ indicating that they have access to the internet
is 12,876. The number of members who have registered on the PASR website is but 4,075.
An activity for the 2015/2016 chapter Goals and Activities Program is to increase the
number of members to register on the PASR website so that members may take
full advantage of the additional information and services available to them online.


Click the link below:

Carbon Endorsed Benefits


To view the State PASR Economic Endorsed Benefit brochure

Please click on the link below:

PASR State Membership Brochure

MB&S Committee Chair- Claudia Feller

APPLE COMPUTERS--newest discount benefit. As of May 2013, Apple and PASR have teamed up to
bring PASR state member’s exclusive savings on Apple Computers. As a PASR State member you
are entitled to a substantial DISCOUNT when buying an Apple desk-top or laptop
computer. This new benefit includes the computer and complimentary shipping on orders over $50.
To purchase a Mac computer at discounted prices, go to Economic Benefits at and click on links provided.

UNITED CONCORDIA DENTAL INSURANCE The United Concordia dental premiums remain unchanged for 2013-2014.
Annual lump-sum premiums are the following: $412 for individual coverage, $795 for two-party coverage, and $1,229
for family coverage. If you choose to make incremental payments, there is an additional bank fee of $24
or $2 a month. Network vs. Non-network Dentists. United Concordia will provide reimbursements for your choice
of either network dentists or non-network dentists. Network dentists accept United Concordia, which provides insurers with --
no claim forms, over 20% average savings off the dental fees, payment made directly to dentists, and dental locations
available nationwide. Non-network dentists offer policyholders with -- freedom of choice of dentists, payment made directly
to patient, and all eligible plan services covered but at a slightly lower rate than Network. For a listing of participating
dentists in the Concordia Advantage network go to

VISION INSURANCE PLAN--Standard and Enhanced Plans. Davis Vision now offers two plans
for your convenience. Participation in either plan easily pays for itself, whether it is
glasses, contacts, unconditional breakage warranty, or discounted laser vision correction.
Standard: this plan offers the policyholder an option of a new pair of eyeglasses
or contact lenses once every two years but allows a yearly eye exam.

The annual premiums are the following:
Standard: $62 (for single coverage), $112 (for 2-party coverage), and $162 (for family coverage).
Enhanced: For those who would like the option of a yearly exam as well as a new pair
of eyeglasses/contacts every year, an enhanced vision plan is available.
The rates are $72 (single), $127 (two-party), and $194 (family coverage).



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