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Historic Trails Service Unit serves Girl Scouts in Falls and Tullytown townships. Historic Trails is a service area of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, which is a part of Girl Scouts of the USA.

EVERY girl in Kindergarten through 12th grade is welcome to join us, as well as adult volunteers! All troop leaders are volunteers, and most of us got our start by helping out with our daughters' troops! Without volunteers, we cannot serve the girls who would like to be a part of Girl Scouting. Required training for adult volunteers is always free of charge, and experienced leaders are here to help!

If you would like to join us, just email us below or at!!

It costs $25 to register each Girl Scout year (from October 1st - September 30th). In addition, each troop collects dues of $5 - $10 per month. The dues pay for patches and pins that you earn, craft supplies and activities. Profits from Fall Product sales and Cookie sales are used to help pay for any larger trips the troop may decide to take. if you receive free or reduced price school lunches or other types of assistance, you should qualify for financial aid from council. You can find the forms here on the Files page of the website. We want to be sure every girl who would like to be a Girl Scout gets the opportunity to do so!!
GSUSA/GSEP Trip Procedures 

New, easier forms are now on the Files page of our website!!

*ALL trips need to be written into the Trip Log at a service unit meeting or reported directly to Michelle Barrett. Please use the Day Trip Application if the TROOP will be transporting girls and you are not staying overnight.
*All adult volunteers who will be transporting girls for the troop must be registered, cleared, and have a Driver Form filed with the troop leader.
*Indoor overnight trips and sleepovers require an adult who has had the council Indoor Overnight Skills training to be present through the entire trip. All adults who will be with the troop overnight must also be registered and cleared. In addition to reporting the trip, an Overnight Trip Application must be filled out and turned in to the SUM/Trip Manager BEFORE the trip.
*Any trip where the parents are transporting their girls and you are all meeting at a location other than your regular meeting spot must be reported for the Trip Log, but no other forms are needed.
*Overnight trips to GSEP properties and anywhere outdoors require an adult who has had the council Outdoor Overnight Skills training. Even if you are staying at a GSEP property, an Overnight Trip Application is necessary.
*High Risk Activities require a Day Trip Application as well as a High Risk Permission Form.
*Extended Trips (lasting 3 or more nights) have new requirements and forms. Please see the SUM for more information.
*You can also find the trip forms in the digital version of Volunteer Essentials.

All troop leaders are REQUIRED to attend the monthly service unit meetings to receive paperwork, training, and support for the troop. In addition to the meetings, you can find even more here on the website!

State Required Clearances:
Your new background clearances belong to you, and do not go to anyone else. Therefore, you must provide a copy of the clearances to GSEP by upload or on paper ASAP after you receive them, along with the required Disclosure Statement in the packet. For more info on getting and submitting your new clearances, download CBC Processing Packet 2017. If you can't use the upload system, you can mail paper copies to:
GSEP, CBC Info, P.O.Box 814, Valley Forge, PA 19482.
You may also fax them to:(610)935-8167.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."- Margaret Mead
 Girls and Parents

Having trouble registering online? You can register by phone with a credit or debit card by calling 1-888-564-4657, press 2 for registration.

Financial Aid

Financial aid forms are now part of the GSEP website under Forms at the top of the home page.

PARENTS: Please remember that this is a VOLUNTEER organization! The only way for you to ensure that your daughter gets a quality GS experience is for YOU to help make that happen! There are many ways you can help in your troop and in the service unit. Just ask!!

Cookie Sale

Thank you for a terrific cookie sale 2017!! Enjoy you troop proceeds!!


The fall product sale starts in September! Find out more at your troop meeting!!
Adult Volunteers

We are ALWAYS looking for adult volunteers!! We need leaders, co-leaders, troop cookie managers, and people to fill various jobs in the service unit. We all have the same 24 hours in a day - how will you choose to use yours? Make a difference by using some of your time to help support Girl Scouting!

"Nothing is impossible to him (or she) who will try." - Alexander the Great

 Community Service

How can we help?
Girl Scouts is primarily a service organization, and we are here to help! If you need girl power to help with your cause, email Nicole Johnson by clicking on her name in the left-hand menu.
Please note: Girl Scouts are not allowed to raise money for another organization, sell anything we didn't make or produce, or participate in raffles or any other games of chance.

Do you have an old, tattered American flag? Let us know! We do flag retirement ceremonies and we will dispose of it properly!


If you have not turned in your Troop Financial report to Kathy, do it immediately!!!

Information on our next Service Unit meeting will be posted soon!! Enjoy your summer!!

Join us for our upcoming events:

Are you interested in international travel with the Girl Scouts? Go to an informational meeting to hear Marah Walsh talk about the trips planned each year through 2020!! Email her for more info on the next scheduled session:

It's time to ban the "B" word - BOSSY - from our vocabulary when we talk about girls! Find out how by downloading the GSUSA Ban Bossy Troop Leader Kit on the Files page.

"Right is right, even if no one else does it." Juliette Gordon Low

Fairless Hills, PA

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