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NAR/Cookie Sale
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If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Battershell at bargainshoper@aol.com.

NAR Sale:

Cookie Sale:
The service unit cookie booth lottery will be held at the January service unit meeting. Please be sure to attend so you can sign up for booths in our area.

Every council service center has a supply of cookie costumes you may borrow! Just call the shop you want to pick up from, and ask to reserve one (or two). You are allowed to keep them only one weekend during cookie sale, but you may reserve again if they are available later.

Click below to download files you may find helpful during cookie sale:

download 2017 Cookie Manual

download How to Re-order cookies in SNAP

download Cookie Booth Inventory Sheet

download Buy 5 Club Poster

download Buy 5 Club Card

download 2017 Recognitions Brochure

download Cookie Booth Etiquette

download Safety Tips for Parents

download T-5 Parent Debt Delinquency Form

download Cookies From Home Materials

download OCFH Donation Receipt 16

download OCFH Poster

download Cookie Activity Pin Requirements

download Leader's Cookie Toolkit

download Excellence in Customer Service Certificate for girls

download Excellence in Teamwork Certificate for girls

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