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Any suggestions for future woodswalks are encouraged and will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at the email address near the bottom of the home page.

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Walt Petrick
Vice President:
Robert Friedl
Walt Petrick (acting)
Jim Hillebrand
Board, McKean County:
John Stratton
Board, Cameron County:
Tina Friewald
Board, Potter County:
Verda Weder Knowlton
Board, Elk County:
Russ Braun

Penn State Advisor:

Dr. Kimberly Bohn

Service Forester McKean, Potter:
Erick Monger
Service Forester Elk, Cameron:
Toby Herzing

Web Service:
Walt Petrick

Forestry Links

Forest education and resources

PA. Stewardship

PA. Forest Association

PA. Timber Market Report

Forestry Suppliers

Woodland Owners of Southern Alleghenies

Alenza - Vegetation Manager supplies

Arbor Day Foundation

DCNR's Forest Pest and Disease Site

PA. Game Commission

National Timber Tax Website

Forest Taxation

Forest Vegetation Management

McKean County Conservation District

Timber investment Calculator

Pensylvania Consulting Foresters
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North Central Forest Landowners Association

(McKean, Potter, Elk and Cameron Cos.)

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Purpose of Our Association It is the purpose of this organization to provide information, exchange of ideas, and to educate its members and others about the methods and benefits of proper forest management.

This is accomplished by sponsoring educational seminars, woodswalks on member's woodlands emphasizing different aspects of best practice forest management, regular business meetings and social events to encourage interactions between association members.

The NCFLA has a close association with Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry and Penn State Cooperative Extension. A Pennsylvania State DCNR service Forester and a Penn State forestry advisor are an integral, functioning part of the NCFLA who provide guidance, advice, organization, contact with the broader forest community and schedule regular classes and seminars on forestry topics of interest.

Members of this organization experience the excitement of expanding their forestry knowledge and skills, a sense of companionship with people of similar interests, satisfaction of promoting the health of Penn's woods and fun.



Learning about Oak regeneration at the Dave Errick Woods Walk.

Forest Maintainence

Timber salvage operation after 2003 blowdown.

Forest Managment

Tree measurement and forest health assessment.

Enjoying the forest environment

Annual Picnic.
Items of timely interest.

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This website contains information and schedules for the purpose of enhancing communication and information exchange between members of the NCFLA and other woodland owners associations.

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