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Any suggestions for future woodswalks are encouraged and will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at the email address near the bottom of the home page.

June 2018
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Walt Petrick
Vice President:
Robert Friedl
Walt Petrick (acting)
Jim Hildebrand
Board, McKean County:
John Stratton
Board, Cameron County:
Tina Friewald
Board, Potter County:
Verda Weder Knowlton
Board, Elk County:
Russ Braun

Penn State Advisor:

Dr. Kimberly Bohn

Service Forester McKean, Potter:
Erick Monger
Service Forester Elk, Cameron:
Toby Herzing

Web Service:
Walt Petrick

Forestry Links

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Alenza - Vegetation Manager supplies

Arbor Day Foundation

DCNR's Forest Pest and Disease Site

PA. Game Commission

National Timber Tax Website

Forest Taxation

Forest Vegetation Management

McKean County Conservation District

Timber investment Calculator

Pensylvania Consulting Foresters

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The North Central Forest Landowners Association is the largest of 23 forest landowner association in Pennsylvania with over 200 members representing 200,000 acres in the 4 county area.

It is the purpose of this association to provide information, exchange of ideas, and educate its members and others about the methods and benefits of proper forest management.

We emphasize providing awareness of best forest management practices to sustain the forest and meet each landowners objectives including recreational, economic and forest conservation values.

The association's educational efforts, in cooperation with DCNR Bureau of Forestry and Penn State Cooperative Extension can consider a wide variety of ownership objectives and recognize the importance of forests to the North Central Region. Through these affiliations are resources for an abundance of information about our forests in Pennsylvania.

Who is it for?

This association is geared toward private forest landowners (non industrial and industrial) and others who are interested in learning more about forest and wildlife management practices and resources that they can utilize in managing and enjoying their forest land. This is an opportunity to meet with other private forest landowners who have similar experiences that may help you identify and/or meet your own forest/wildlife management objectives.


Full individual membership in the association shall be open to all owners and/or managers of 5 or more acres of woodland within McKean, Potter, Cameron and Elk Counties. Full membership entitles a member to one vote in all matters of the association. Properties of multiple blocks or those held by more than one owner, such as clubs, corporations, partnerships, estates, etc., shall have one vote.

Associate (non voting) membership in the association shall be open to all those interested in proper forest management in McKean, Potter, Cameron and Elk Counties.

Student (non voting) memberships are available to full time students who reside or attend schools in this region and who are interested in proper forest management.

Family memberships entitles any of the family members for a given property 2 votes maximum for the entire family.

What are we doing?

The members of the association will meet to discuss matters of mutual interest or concern. Since the association consists of forest landowners, discussions focus on matters concerning our forest land. Each meeting usually has an educational component. Meeting subjects could range from timber management, timber sales contracts, soil erosion control, insect pests, disease outbreaks, forest land taxation, available markets, landowner liabilities and issues concerning mineral and gas rights..

Join Now

The Dues are $15.00 for Full Individual Membership, $10.00 for an Associate Membership, $5.00 for a Student Membership and $25.00 for a Family Membership.

To view and download a membership application, click here. Complete the application with the required information and mail it to:

North Central Forest Landowners Association Inc.
P. O. Box 141
Port Allegany, PA. 16743

Membership questions? Call or email:
Walt Petrick (Treasurer)
Phone: (814) 544-8883
email: ncfla2@gmail.com

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