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Scripture Rocks Project
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History Center Receives Grant for Scripture Rocks

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission recently announced that the Jefferson County History Center is the recipient of a $10,000 Keystone Preservation Grant for the Port Barnett Scripture Rocks Group Cultural Heritage Resource Site Mapping Project.

The project requirements include a final report covering the historic background, context and development of the site, how the survey was conducted, and completed maps and associated photographic records along with recommendations relating to a possible nomination to the National Register or further research or projects that could impact future development or long term use of the landscape.

Quinemahoning LLC under the direction of Brian Fritz has been contracted to complete the formal survey work and project map which will build on the Chapter 29 site assessments and records that have been conducted over the past several years. Fieldwork on this project will begin in late September with the final reports and materials due to the PHMC by March 31, 2013.

Chapter fieldwork on the Scripture Rocks survey will begin again right after Labor Day. If you would like included in the contact list to be notified of when and where we will be working, please contact Ken at kburkett-jchc@windstream.net or at (814) 849-0077 .

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