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June 2019

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Most Rev Robert W.M. Edmondson, CSP, MDiv, STM , DMin, ThD, DD
Chancellor Pro Tempre:
Very Rev Patrick Mc Douglas, MDiv, ThM


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The Danger and Sin of Liberalism in the Church
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Liberalism is a perversion, a synthesis of all heresies. It is a dogmatic affirmation of the absolute independence of the individual and social reason. It is a false hope leading individuals into thinking that they can liberate themselves from tradition, history, ethics, and eternal truths to a system of beliefs in which individuals can reinterpret truth to their making. Situationalism is the foundation of liberalism.

Liberalism presents a false dignity in which self-will and personal desire can discover new truths. The basic belief of liberalism is that each individual is free to decide what is true or false. It declares the basic law of man to be reason and free will. Liberalism rejects divine revelation and in fact rejects the divinity of God in favor of following personal dictates and judgements. It transforms the sacred to self. It forfeits individual dignity and the very nature of the soul. The false idea is a mortal sin, a pestilent' disease which promotes self interpretation over divine truth. The end product is the gospel of man in sin with out dignity.

Protestantism is born out of liberalism, promoting the idea that every individual can interpret the deposit of truth and revelation according to private judgement. This began when Eve picked the forbidden fruit and gave it to Adam. Eve refused to accept God's dictate in favor of her own judgement. Her sin is carried over into our time by modern feminism. The Reformation was a movement of liberalism. Calvinism and Zwinglianism denounced eternal truth in favor of individual will, bringing about denominationalism. The result of the Reformation is confusion and a geat variety of false truths. Liberalism has devoured Protestantism, redering it into a shapeless jelly with out form or substance.

The splender of real truth is that ego and conscience are ill equipped to be sources of eternal truth. It is ego that brings about the false thinking of revisionism.

Freedom does not create norms, it challenges norms for selfish reasons. Norms are truths given to us by tradition through Jesus Christ. The Church is eternal and the bearer of truth and the enabler of the fullness of that truth.

Any sociological interpretation of truth reflects the weakness of the individual in his refusal to accept established truth as proclaimed by the Church, Tradition, Scripture, and Divine Revelation.

Such an individual is a parasite on Christ's Church and true faith.

There is a vast difference between Catholicity and liberalism. Catholicity is the great antithesis of liberalism. Liberation theology failed because it disguised its self as Catholicity.

Catholic Doctrine is subjection of the individual to the Divine and its social order.

The end product of liberalism is paganism and atheism.

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