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*Articles of Interest
*Consulting Foresters and Tree Farm Inspectors
*WOCAV Board Minutes
*Member Experiences

Upcoming Events (See above for details

Field Day at Hillwood Tree Farm, June 23rd,Time 8:30 to 12:30 See above for more details

Annual Picnic, September 8th from 10 AM until 2PM, Program on Penns Woods. Caterer is O'Neil's. Will be held at Jefferson County Fair Grounds.

Chronic Wasting Disease, Saturday September 22nd, 8 AM until 12:30 PM, Jefferson County Fair Grounds See above for additional details.

Annual PA State walk in the Woods, October 7th at 1 PM Further details forthcoming.

Annual Christmas Party, December 13th, 7 - 9 PM at Bureau of Forestry Office, 2nd Ave, Clarion

June 2018
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Members List:

Max Lowrie
Joe Lowrie
Vice President:
Eugene Metcalf
Lee Swoger
John Daugherty
Layne Giering
Duane Harriger
Lana Harriger
Jim Ross
George Schmader
Jane Schmader
Dennis Waldorf
Jackie Waldorf
Ser. Forester:
Clarion Cty Dave Cole
Jefferson, Armstrong Gary Gilmore
Forest & Venango Cty Ty Ryen
Penn State Ext:
Gary Micsky
Penn State Ext.:
Scott Weikert

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WOCAV Board Minutes
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WOCAV Board Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2018

Present: Dennis and Jackie Waldorf, Gene Metcalf, Layne Giering, Max Lowrie, Joe Lowrie, George and Jane Schmader, Lee Swoger, Dave Cole, Duane and Launa Harriger, and Jim Ross.

President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:32
Minutes from the 3/6/2018 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:
Previous Balance $2179.06
Income $25.00 (new membership)
Expenses $00.00
New Balance $2204.06

Members renewed for 2017-2018 57 Renewals and 5 New = 62 Total

Old Business:
Nominations for Clarion County Conservation District Board of Directors. George Schmader will create a list of those who are interested in serving and there are currently two associate directors who are interested.
WOCAV past program database has been created and condensed into a two page spread sheet. Most of the details have been completed and Stacy will add the 2018 programs.

New Business:
Review 3/17/18 Pruning Workshop at Rimersburg Rod and Gun Program went very well with 34 people attending
Review 3/3/2018 Eagles Program at Rimersburg Rod and Gun Club Max spoke with someone that attended and they said it was excellent
Update on the program schedule from committee

BBQ Festival and Chainsaw Carving at the Clarion Mall - May 18-20
Friday - Dave will set up the WOCAV display.
Saturday - George, Layne, and Max will man display from 12-6 P.M. (2 hour shifts)

Field Day at the Schmaders - June 23 8:30-12:30
The event flyer has been distributed. Call the forestry office to register.
Dave will bring the coffee pot and Layne will bring the donuts.

Annual Picnic at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds - September 8 10:00-2:00
Catering by O’Neil’s - $10 per person or $25 per family maximum.
The program will be on Pennsylvania Forest History

Newsletter: Please submit articles to George as word document by 5/15. The annual picnic information will be included as well as other programs. There was a discussion about encouraging email use and clarifying the benefits of providing email. The newsletters and renewals notices are sent by snail mail. Updates, reminders, and other items of interest are sent by email. Jackie will send Max the snail mail list.

Contributions to Forestry Award nominations: Nomination are still being accepted for this year’s award. They could be members or supporting contributors.
Max will be attending the PA Forest Stewards class in September
The PA Forest Stewards Newsletter was discussed
Ken Vayda, a founding member of the forest stewardship committee passed away as did Gene Whited a charter member of WOCAV, They will be missed
Mark Orlic is back from Africa. Jackie still has his contribution to forestry award
The member’s location map was presented. We are centralized around Clarion with outliers as far as Hawaii.
Layne suggested the 1.5 mile Luke Trail at Clarion University for this years “A Walk in Penns Woods” on Sunday October 7th at 1:00. A motion was made to sponsor the walk but decide on the trail location later.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 10, 2018 at 6:30 PM.


WOCAV Board Meeting Minutes – March 6, 2018

Present: Layne Giering, Max Lowrie, Joe Lowrie, George and Jane Schmader, Lee Swoger, Dave Cole, Stacy Wolbert, Duane and Launa Harriger, Brian Fox, and Jim Ross.

President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:35

Minutes from the 1/9/2018 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:

Previous Balance $2144.06
Income $85.00 (new membership)
Expenses $50.00 (VNA Donation)

New Balance $2179.06

Members renewed for 2017-2018 57 Renewals and 4 New = 61 Total

Old Business:

Nominations for Clarion County Conservation District Board of Directors. George Schmader will create a list of those who are interested in serving.

WOCAV past program database has been created and condensed into a two page spread sheet. Specifics details about the programs are still needed and should be relayed to Stacy.

New Business:

Review 2/17/2018 Clarion Forest Landowners Conference at Clarion University 114 attendees. Excellent speakers. Lots of positive feedback

Review 3/3/2018 Sustainable Backyard Workshop at Butler Community College 241 attendees. 20 exhibitors. Planning underway for future events

Review 3/3/2018 Eagles Program at Rimersburg Rod and Gun Club 12 attendees. No board members attended.

Review 2/15/18 Center for Private Forests focus group meeting at Clarion There was talk about a certification program for consulting foresters and concern about percentage based fees.

Review 3/3/18 Center for Private Forests focus group meeting in Williamsport Looking at how they can help the 22 woodland owner groups coordinate with each other. Possibility of a centralized website with a map and links to all groups.

Program Committee Update:

May 18-20 - BBQ Festival and Chainsaw Carving at the Clarion Mall WOCAV will put up a display during the event and members are encourage to come out Saturday afternoon.

June 23 8:30-12:30 - Field Day At the Schmaders A wide variety of management activities will be showcased. Final agenda to be solidified after planning field tour on April 5.

August – The Tour of State Gamelands has been cancelled.

September 22 8:00-12:30 - Chronic Wasting Disease at Jefferson County Fairgrounds Experts from three agencies will explain the disease and consequences.

***The annual picnic plans have changed. We are looking to have it sometime in August and are exploring dates and options. The planning committee will be meeting soon.

December 13 7:00-9:00 – Holiday Party at Clarion Forestry Office

g. Eventbrite.com for WOCAV events. There was support for using the website for event registration. It is user friendly and free if there is no charge for the event. A registration fee can be collected and Joe and Max Lowrie handle the process.

Gene Whited, a long time WOCAV member passed away. His obituary was circulated.

It was requested that the Program Committee give George event dates so he can add them to our website.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 1, 2018 at 6:30 PM


WOCAV Board Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2018

Present: Layne Giering, Max Lowrie, Joe Lowrie, George and Jane Schmader, Gene Metcalf, Lee Swoger, Dave Cole, Duane and Lana Harriger, Dennis and Jackie Waldorf, and Jim Ross.

President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:30

Minutes from the 11/8/2017 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:

A. Previous Balance $2212.99
Income $25.00 (new membership)
Expenses $93.93 (website, holiday party)
New Balance $2144.06
Members renewed for 2017-2018 57 Renewals and 2 New = 59 Total

Old Business:

A. Holiday Party Review: Nice event, went well, no major changes planned for next year.

B. Clarion Conservation District – Erosion and Sedimentation issues during timber harvest. Dave will contact Devine Lineman and have it as a part of Schmader’s tour in June.

C. Nominations for Clarion County Conservation District Board of Directors. This year we nominated Andrew Turner and he was appointed to the board. We will create a list of those who are interested serving to be ready in future years.

D. Scripture Rocks – Brookville, PA. Tour with Ken Burkett This event will be added to the list of potential programs for 2019

E. WOCAV past program database.
A spreadsheet containing the majority of programs in the past has been created. Specifics details about the programs are still needed and should be relayed to Stacy

New Business:

A. Max circulated a letter of support he wrote for Ty Ryen, service forester in Forest and Venango counties. He is being nominated by Cecile Stelter for service forester of the year award and the letter highlighted his support of WOCAV.

B. 2/17/2018 Clarion Forest Landowners Conference at Clarion University Everything is in order. We start setting up at 7:00 AM on Saturday. Flyers will be sent by email and mail to members to remind them.

C. 3/17/2018 Pruning and Grafting Workshop at Rimersburg Rod and Gun Club Free event. Registration through Dave. Flyers will be distributed.

D. Good of the Order:

WOCAV Newsletter

Historically we have done two newsletters a year in January and July. Article submission has been limited which makes it difficult. We value the newsletter and plan to publish one in July. Please submit any topical or personal articles of interest to George. Also, include any photos of our events.

Meeting adjourned at 7:17

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 6th 2018, 6:30 PM.

*********************************************************** WOCAV Miinutes of November 8th Meeting

Present: Layne Giering, Max Lowrie, Jane Schmader, Gene Metcalf, Lee Swoger, Dave Cole, John Daugherty, Stacy Wolbert, Duane and Launa Harriger.
President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:29

Minutes from the 9/5/2017 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:
Previous Balance $2568.17
Income $520.00 (renewals and picnic)
Expenses $875.18 (picnic related, envelops and stamps)
New Balance $2212.99

Members renewed for 2017-2018 58 Renewals (1 new member)

Old Business:

Walk in the Woods - Sunday October 1st at 9:00 16 attendees. Went well and informative thanks to Stacy and Dave’s talks Plan to do annually and discussed ways to improve advertising, timing and attendance.

Annual picnic – Saturday September 9th Great location, well attended, good program, and plan to keep picnic in September. Have member’s introduce themselves to help foster conversation. Provide a location map for member’s properties

Audubon’s September 13th program – No board members attended

Clarion Conservation District – Erosion and Sedimentation issues during timber harvest Devin Lineman is interested in doing a program and will be invited to the next meeting

New Business:

Updates from the Program Committee – 2018 Programs
January Program has been cancelled
First program 2/17/2017 Landowners Conference
August Program - Tentative Chronic Wasting Disease not uneven aged management
Other programs remain unchanged from last circulation.

Holiday Party – Thursday December 14th from 7:00-9:00
At the Bureau of Forestry office in Clarion Stacy will provide a program on eagles. Invitations have been mailed

Program History Worksheet – Database of all programs to help with future planning Stacy has compiled a spreadsheet of programs back to 2006. More information is needed like the presenters, attendance, and location.

Good of the Order – Scripture Rocks - Brookville, PA Possible program location for short hike and viewing of rock carvings. Ken Burkett is a local historian and may lead the presentation.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday January 9th 2018, 6:30 PM.


WOCAV Minutes – 9/5/2017

Present: Layne Giering, Max Lowrie, George Schmader, Jim Ross, Gene Metcalf, Lee Swoger, Duane and Launa Harriger.

President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:30

Minutes from the 7/11/2017 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:
Previous Balance $2318.17
Income $300.00 (renewals and picnic)
Expenses $50.00 (Jim Eliott memorial)
New Balance $2567.17
Members renewed for 2017-2018 56 Renewals

Old Business: •

Walk in the Woods - Sunday October 1st at 9:00 At the Cook Forest Log Cabin Environmental Center Stacy and Dave will lead discussions for the walks
Advertising is in place through Facebook, Explore Clarion, and Penn State extension website •

Holiday Party – Thursday December 14th from 7:00-9:00 At the Bureau of Forestry office in Clarion Stacy will provide a program on eagles.

New Business:

The Program Committee met on August 29th to begin planning for next year’s programs and beyond. The minutes from their meeting are follow these minutes and topics were reviewed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 8th 2017.

WOCAV Program Committee meeting to plan 2018 programs
August 29th, 2017

Present: Jim Ross, Stacy Wolbert, Dave Cole

January 2018--Turkeys, including predators of turkeys, including raptors Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club

February--- Conference at Clarion University on Saturday the 17th

March--- Pruning Workshop (annual event put on by BOF and PSU Extn) Possibly at the Keystone’s Sportsman’s Club, Creekside (Armstrong County)

June--- Field Day at the Schmaders
8:30 to 12:30 OR 9:00 to 3:00 with lunch (charge for lunch)

Including, but not necessarily limited to: •
Mark a high-grade with flagging to demonstrate how destructive it is •
Show TSI, thinning, and group openings, and talk about them. •
Invasive control •
Maybe Gary Gilmore demonstrate making charcoal, talk about uses (confirmed) •
Food plots, using log landings for food plots/pollinator habitat (fields too) •
Maybe talk about sugar bush management & maple syrup production •
NRCS & PGC programs for landowners (Greg Kane & Jesse Bish)
Includes invasive, fern control, prescribed fire for warm season grasses •
Timbersale process, consultants, E & S plans, permits, retirement of sale
Conservation District will do E & S plans and permits talk

August--- Tour of Timber Management at SGL 266 Near Corsica (and the Waldorf’s house) with an emphasis on Uneven-Aged Management---that is what landowners want to do.
Presented by Game Commission Forester Scott Wolbert, who has presented before at the conference and at this house last fall. Excellent presenter!

September-- Picnic At Brian Fox’s place just south of Clarion on Rt. 68 in Reidsburg Program on sawing lumber with portable sawmill, chainsaw carving, making products from wood including inlays. Shoot for later September, not early in the month.

December--- Holiday Party Stacy will work on getting a wildlife video for us to watch again.

Ideas for 2019 programs: •
Growing Your Own Mushrooms again, maybe new location •
Border cuts & group openings for wildlife, Rimersburg R & G Club •
Deer and Chronic Wasting Disease, emphasis on various aspects of CWD •
Picnic at Bob Schmidts place, Hazen. Field Day event •
Full blown invasives workshop, outdoor, practical, comprehensive

Ideas for 2020 and beyond programs: •
Smoked venison again, new location •
Pruning again, new location •
Tour of Clear Creek State Forest timber & wildlife habitat management work


Mushroom program preparation---starting next summer at the Field Day at George & Jane’s place, take mushroom logs we made this year and brag it up. Force fruiting of the logs so they have mushrooms at the programs. Create interest in new people who might not normally think of it. Take logs to every program next summer to show. •

At the actual mushroom program in 2019, have an experienced & qualified cook to prepare mushrooms that we have growing on our current logs from this year. Be sure to have a recipe with garlic to get the aroma going. I can smell the excitement already! •

Charge at least $5 for mushroom program for members, $10 for non-members, maybe more. We lost money with the donation approach, and people are willing to pay. •

Have a program every year on timber management/wildlife habitat management •

Stacy will create a spreadsheet to list all the WOCAV programs we can remember, as far back as we can remember. Info included will be:


WOCAV Minutes – 7/11/2017

Present: Layne Giering, Joe Lowrie, George and Jane Schmader, Jim Ross, Gene Metcalf, Lee Swoger, Duane and Launa Harriger, Trudy Alexander, and Trish McIntire.

President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:33

Minutes from the 5/2/2017 meeting were approved.

Treasurer Report:
Previous Balance $1,872.17
Income $750.00
Expenses $304.00
New Balance $2318.17

Members renewed for 2017-2018 39 Renewals

Old Business:
Lee Swoger has accepted the position of secretary and Joe Lowrie will remain as secretary.
Gene Metcalf has been appointed to the board and will serve as Vice-President.
The nominations for the contribution to forestry award are still being accepted. Please submit nominations as soon as possible.
A $100 contribution for the “Walk in the Woods” event on October 1st was made to Penn State.

New Business:

Trudy Alexander and Trish McIntire from the Clarion County Conservation District discussed their role in dirt and gravel road projects, agriculture nutrient management, and acid mine drainage mitigation. We also explored partnering with them on an outreach program on erosion and sedimentation issues during a timber sale. WOCAV can nominate candidates to serve on the conservation district’s board of directors and several members currently do.

Stacy Wolbert has been planning for the “Walk in the Woods” event on Sunday October 1st. The hike will be at Cook Forest State Park near Toms Run with two loop hikes planned. These are relatively easy and flat trails that range from one to two miles. Stacy and Dave Cole will provide an informal talk on items of interest along the way. Penn State will advertise the event and WOCAV will promote it locally.

Annual Picnic 9/9/17 Invitations for the annual picnic will be handled by Dennis and Jackie. The plan is to have them sent out by August 1st with an RSVP of September 1st. The program will be on growing Christmas trees and O’neils will cater the lunch. Cost is $10 per person or $25 max per family. The event is open to members and their guests.

Holiday Party 12/14/17 From 7:00-9:00 at the Bureau of Forestry office in Clarion. Stacy will provide a video program on eagles.

The program committee will begin planning for next year. Please share any ideas you have for new or repeat programs. Ideas so far include having the picnic at Fox Surveying and a habitat project tour hosted by Schmidt. George mentioned some of the different programs the game commission offers landowners and that he is in the process of utilizing these for invasive species control. His property would also be excellent for the timbersale and erosion and sedimentation program and could highlight many forestry and wildlife practices.

Gene Metcalf be attend the Pennsylvania Forest Stewards Training September 14-17

Meeting adjourned at 7:28

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th 2017.


WOCAV Minutes 05.02.2017

Present: Layne Giering, Dave Cole, Stacey Wolbert, Max Lowrie, George and Jane Schmader, Jim Ross, John Daugherty, Dennis, Jackie, and Lisa Waldorf, Gene Metcalf

Minutes for the last meeting, approved

Treasurers report:
Previous balance $1,882.12
Income $25.00
Expenses $34.95
New Balance $1,872.17
Members --- 65

Treasurer’s report, approved

Old Business:

Pruning workshop in Butler was received well with approximately 50 attendees. Dave indicated it was cold (even in the workshop) and that the Butler Eagle newspaper did a story on the workshop.

Stacey indicated that the Woodcock program was also well received with approximately 25 in attendance. There was 1 woodcock that was in the area of the program.

George and Jane Schmader attended the PA Landowners conference in Altoona on March 24- 25, 2017. There were numerous programs and exhibitors. Most of the program rooms were full with attendees standing. While the organizers were hoping to draw around 1,000 attendees, conference may need capped at 500-600 simply because the facility is not large enough.

New Business:

Decision was made to elect officers since it is the board’s responsibility and organization was originally formed in May:

Max Lowrie elected President
Gene Metcalf elected Vice President (contingent on his election to board by general members)
Joe Lowrie elected Treasurer pending his acceptance
Lee Swoger elected Secretary pending his acceptance

Program committee members agreed to continue to serve (Jim Ross, Stacey Wolbert, DaveCole) Brief discussion concerning Jim Finley letter, which Jackie ultimately sent.

Nominations for Contribution to Forestry award were opened.

There is new service forester for Butler / Beaver counties - Zach St. Laurent. Leaves Dave Cole with Clarion & Mercer counties.

Clarion County Conservation District annual luncheon banquet awardees:
Jerry Lutz, Woodland Manager of the Year
Richland Township, Township of the Year
Heavenly Gaits, Farmer of the Year

Dave distributed a story he found in the Journal of the American Chestnut Foundation centering on Gary Gilmore’s chestnut commitment

George Schmader suggested we send a ‘Thinking of You’ type card to George & Joan Freeman. Jackie to follow up.

At the PA landowners conference in Altoona Penn State Extension announced the Statewide ‘Walk in Penn’s Woods’ event scheduled for Sunday October 1, 2017. It was suggested that WOCAV sponsor this event for Clarion County. The website for the event is walkinpennswoods.org
Layne suggested the North Country Trail starting at the rt. 322 / Clarion river access point.
Cook Forest Fire Tower trail also mentioned.
Stacey volunteered to do some more research and report back next meeting.

Program Committee updates:

Growing your own mushrooms
Saturday May 13th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Clear Creek State Forest maintenance garage, 12622 Route 949, Sigel, PA (directly across road from Clear Creek State Park) John Plischke from Greensburg will be the presenter. He is a mushroom expert, and has done many of these workshops.

Each participant will inoculate a log with spores for Shitake mushrooms. They can then take the log home and harvest fresh mushrooms as they grow. Everything needed, will be provided. There will be no cost for this, but WOCAV will accept donations in lieu of charging a fee to attend.

03.07.2017 - Quick discussion concerning Mushroom growing program. Dave needed to order spores soon. Order must be in increments of 25, decision was made to order 50. Dave indicated Gary had volunteered his interns to cut the necessary logs. Jim also volunteered again to get his ironwood removed from property. Lee also volunteered to cut logs from state forest land.


WOCAV Minutes 03.07.2017

Present: Layne Giering, Dave Cole, Stacey Wolbert, Joe Lowrie, George and Jane Schmader, Jim Ross, John Daugherty, Lee Swoger

Due to Jackie’s absence, Layne presided over meeting.

Minutes for the last meeting, approved

Treasurers report: Previous balance $1,911.72 Income $379.68 Expenses $409.28 New Balance $1,882.12

Members --- 63
Treasurer’s report, approved

Old Business:
Bob Carlberg contacted john to get his email corrected on the WOCAV website. Information was passed to George and email address was corrected.

Venison program feedback was positive. Lots of information shared along with plenty of venison. Thank you notes sent to presenter and club members for their help. Discussion about sending appreciation certificates, but in the end the Thank you notes won. Stacey suggested that we could have prepared a little better and if we have a similar program we need to confirm that we have enough cooking devices.

PA Landowners conference in Altoona scheduled for March 24-25, 2017.

New Business: Gene Matcalf elected to the WOCAV board.

Elimination of refreshments passed.

George presented a little information on an online registration website (EventBrite.com). Service is free for free events and reasonably priced for chargeable events. Dave Cole & George Schmader to continue research into website / service.

Stacey informed the board that Lisa Williams (PA Game Commission Biologist that presented program @ 2017 Forest Landowner’s conference in Clarion) had been contacted by someone @ The Derrick who requested further information on WOCAV programs. This person would like to publish program information in the Derrick’s ‘Good Times’ section. Dave Cole was going to email the woman from the Audubon society who was doing a woodcock program @ the Clarion Library, so that she could promote the WOCAV woodcock program on April 13, 2017.

WOCAV newsletter distributed to 27 members @ the 2017 forest landowner’s conference, will be mailed to remaining members who did not attend conference.

There was a lengthy discussion concerning the WOCAV facebook page. In the end George agreed to make Stacey an administrator so she could assist with page updates. Stacey & George also to research Geolocation advertisement thru facebook for future WOCAV programs. (May be a cost involved)

Program Committee updates:

Woodcock at the Beaver Ponds
Thursday April 13th, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm The Beaver Ponds, Route 208, Knox, PA (About 2 miles west of Knox on Rt. 208) Program will start with a talk on woodcocks by Stacey Wolbert, Game Commission Diversity Biologist. As dusk falls attendees, will listen and watch for woodcock doing their mating ritual. No cost to attend.

Growing your own mushrooms Saturday May 13th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Clear Creek State Forest maintenance garage, 12622 Route 949, Sigel, PA (directly across road from Clear Creek State Park) John Plischke from Greensburg will be the presenter. He is a mushroom expert, and has done many of these workshops. Each participant will inoculate a log with spores for Shitake mushrooms. They can then take the log home and harvest fresh mushrooms as they grow. Everything needed, will be provided. There will be a cost for this, but WOCAV will accept donations in lieu of charging a fee to attend.

** - Quick discussion concerning Mushroom growing program. Dave needed to order spores soon. Order must be in increments of 25, decision was made to order 50. Dave indicated Gary had volunteered his interns to cut the necessary logs. Jim also volunteered again to get his ironwood removed from property. Lee also volunteered to cut logs from state forest land.

A day on the farm; restoring the American chestnut, Timber management, and pond management. Saturday, June 24th, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm The Freeman farm, Freeman Road Emlenton, PA. (Accessed directly off Route 478, gather @ red barn approximately 1/2 mile back Freeman Road.) Program will discuss all things Chestnut. There will be a field tour to follow up on the talk at the Conference. Attendees will see trees of various backcrosses, both healthy and diseased trees. Learn about the backcrossing and genetic engineering programs. Be able to examine the ‘Restoration Chestnut’ trees that are 4 years old, over 15 feet tall and bore nuts last fall. The trees should be in flower so hand pollination with pollen from different backcrosses will be demonstrated. There will also be separate talks and tours on timber and pond management. Lunch will be provided. Program will be free to WOCAV members with a small charge levied to non-members, including MCWOA members.
** - Program is on hold. Due to health issues, George Freeman will let the board know in the future if program is still possible.

Annual WOCAV picnic September 9th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
John Daugherty’s property, 5024 Route 208, Knox, PA (overlooking the Beaver Ponds, 2 miles west of Knox) Conculting Forester and WOCAV board member John Daugherty will give a tour of his Christmas tree farm, Innovations include a double cropping system that maximizes his production area. O’Neil’s will cater picnic again this year, will be setup in barn so no concerns about weather. Cost has not been determined yet.

Annual WOCAV Holiday party
December 14th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Stacey will provide a video program on Eagles.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20.

Next meeting May 2, 2017

Ideas for the future:

Picnic at Fox and Fox Surveying, Rt. 68 just below Clarion at Reidsburg. Brian Fox has a portable sawmill, and does custom sawing and makes unique products with his mill. We can have the picnic there and a major program that will include a chainsaw woodcarver.

Habitat project tour at the home of Bob Schmidt near Hazen. Bob has done extensive habitat work with food plots, warm season grasses, pollinator habitat, border cuts, and cutting of pine plantations for early successional habitat. Jim knows him, and Bob has had other tours in the past. This would be a program that would last several hours, and we could bring in presenters from the PGC, NWTF, BOF, and others to talk about various things.


9/6/2016 Board Meeting

Present: Duane and Lana Harriger, Brian Fox, George and Jane Schmader, Max Lowrie, Joe Lowrie, Dennis and Jackie Waldorf, Stacy Wolbert, Layne Giering, Lee Swoger

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Previous balance July 5th: $2166.82
Income: $760.00
Expenses: $992.56
Balance on Sept 6th: $1904.26
Members 2016-2017: 55 renewal, 2 new

Old Business:
The Picnic received positive feedback and was considered a success. A special thanks to Max Lowrie and others for helping with the yard work.

New Business:
The next Clarion Country Forest Stewardship Committee Meeting will be Tuesday October 18 at 1:00. Selection of the menu and cost will be determined for the February conference. The agenda is has already been lined up.
The Clarion County Conservation District has moved to south 7th street in Clarion. They are located in the old hospital building which also houses human services.
The board wanted to do something for Gene Whited and Dave Fowler for their years of service to the organization. Certificates of appreciation will be presented at the holiday party or mailed to them.

A successful program was held On Saturday September 10th the Wildlife Habitat Field tour of Scott Wolbert’s property was a great success. It was a wonderful day of learning and sharing with nearly 40 people in attendance.

Program Committee update:
The Program Committee had a meeting on August 12th. They have further solidified planning for next year and updates are highlighted below. Please see 8-12-2016 WOCAV Program Committee notes for more details.

January---Processing venison. Brad Lockwood is unavailable and Ed Williams has volunteered to head up the event. Ed is a member of the Rimersburg Gun Club and is very passionate and experienced about the topic. This would be and evening program at the club and Ed will be preparing tasty treats ahead of time for samples.

February---Landowner’s Conference

April---Timberdoodles(Woodcocks) Thursday April 13th at Beaver Creek Ponds Will meet in barn first for presentation then observations at dusk

May---Growing your own mushrooms. Saturday May 13th at Clear Creek Forestry Maintenance.

July---Tour of George Freemans Farm. Saturday July 1st

Sept---Annual Picnic. At John Daugherty’s. Saturday September 9th Committee proposed moving the picnic from July to September. It was agreed upon as a good idea and welcomed change. Nicer weather, slower pace, and great location were some contributing factors. We will be able to utilize the barn for lunch seating and in case of inclement weather. There was also some scheduling conflicts with Brian Fox who we now have tentatively scheduled for the 2018 picnic.

December---Holiday Party

**Note Date Change** The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 8th at 6:30

Jane will bring refreshments to the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27


5/3/2016 Board Meeting

Present: Stacy Wolbert, Jim Ross, Layne Giering, Jackie & Dennis Waldorf, Joe Lowrie, George & Jane Schmader, Max Lowrie, Duane & Lana Harringer, Dave Cole, Brian Fox (sawmill, friend of Duane)

We asked Brian to explain what he does since he had to leave early. He owns and operates a portable sawmill, and he does all sorts of custom sawing. He is located just a couple of miles south of Clarion by Zion Church. He would be willing to put on a program for us, demonstrating the process from measuring the log, to sawing it, to measuring the amount of lumber he got out of it. He could also invite up to 3 chainsaw wood carvers. This would require a large crowd. Another option would be to have Don Seifert from Leeper as the only carver. This would allow us to have a smaller crowd, which would be more realistic for our expectations. We could advertise on Penn’s Woods for free. We could hold the program at his office behind 57 Timber Bridge Road, Clarion. We would shoot for 4 to 5 hours. He can demonstrate many different attachments for his saw, each of which make different specialized products. January and February would be bad times to do this, but any other time would suit him. We like the idea, and the Program Committee will work on it. Brian will come to the next meeting.

Minutes of last meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report---
Old Balance--- $2033.82
Income--- $429.70
Total--- $2463.52
Expenses--- $746.11
Balance on 5-3-2016 $1717.41

Now have 65 memberships---34 individuals, 30 families, and 1 associate. This is the highest ever.

Old Business:

Review of past programs:

Bears in January at Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club---went very well, well attended with 75 people (capacity crowd). Most of them were new to WOCAV. Presenters were excellent.

Woodland Owners Conference in February at Clarion University---Everything went very well. Venue was excellent, and reviews were very good. There were some issues with the food, and we will consider a different menu option for next year. A new exhibitor was the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition. They wrote a nice article about the conference in their newsletter. This is good publicity in a new area for us. We had 116 attendees, a new record.

Pruning & Grafting Workshop on March 19th, here at the office. It went very well. Gary Gilmore and Dave had hoped for 20 attendees, but ended up with 47. This means there is real interest in this, and we should consider repeating the workshop in a couple of years.

Making Maps of Your Property on April 9th---Had 15 attendees, and it went very well in spite of snow all day. Max led it, and each person got to practice on a computer that he provided at his workplace. We might ask Brian Fox to do a program on surveying (his day job).

Earth Day at Cook Forest---this was the first time for this event for the group that organized it, and it went very well. There were 135 kids in attendance, plus all workers. Thank you especially to Trudy and Trish from the Conservation District for doing the heavy lifting on bringing this together. Thank you to WOCAV for providing coffee, juice, and donuts for the workers.

Newsletter---we put it in the folders at the conference for all attendees, and then mailed it out to all members that didn’t attend the conference. We need articles in by June 1st for the next newsletter that will go out in early July.

New Business: Jackie said she thinks we are not having enough board meetings, and would like to have them every other month instead of every 3 or 4 months. Numerous people agreed, and we decided to have meetings every odd numbered month, on the first Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

PSU Landowner’s Conference next March---they need ideas for topics and presenters.

Gary Gilmore is leaving us, going to Harrisburg to be the Woodland Stewardship Coordinator. His last day in the district will be May 6th. He was here 21 years, and will be missed by all.


Timber Management on June 11th at the Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club, 10:00 to 12:00---Dave asked if we would be interested in having the club possibly provide lunch for us if they want to. It was agreed that he should ask them if they are interested. Otherwise, preparations are underway for the program.

Annual Picnic---George, Jane, Jackie, Stacy are the Picnic Committee. We will need to mow grass and set up for the picnic. Dennis will do invitations. Joe and Stacy suggested door prizes. We agreed. We will ask for donations from members by email, and then Jim can buy more to supplement the donations. He can shoot for 20 items with a $200 limit. Jackie will provide 5 WOCAV mugs that she has left over from last year.

Wildlife Projects on September 10th at Scott Wolbert’s home 10:00 to 2:00---Scott will have a cookout with dogs and burgers.

Holiday Party---December 15th, 2016 7-9 PM BOF Conference room.

We need a meeting of the Program Committee to work on details for upcoming programs, and new program ideas for next year. (We decided the Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 1st, at 9:00 here at the Forestry office).

George asked about Dave Fowler and Gene Whited as we haven’t seen either one in a while.

Next meeting Tuesday, July 5th, 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20.


WOCAV Minutes 1-5-2016

Present: Stacy Wolbert, Dennis and Jackie Waldorf, Layne Giering, Joe Lowrie, George and Jane Schmader, Duane and Lana Harriger, Max Lowrie, Jim Ross, Lee Swoger, Dave Cole

Minutes of the October meeting were approved.

Treasurers Report:
October 6, 2015 balance: $2108.81
Income---renewals $55.00
Expenses $129.99
Balance 1-5-2016 $2033.82

60 total memberships: 33 Individual, 26 Family, 1 Associate
Members not yet renewed for 2016---4

Treasurer’s Report approved.

Old Business:

The Fishbasket program was held on October 15th. There were 19 in attendance, and it went very well. Ken Burkett did an excellent job presenting, and the topic was very interesting.

The site for the July 2016 picnic is not yet official. There are two possibilities. George and Jane will check them out as soon as we get some warm weather.

New Business: George needs stories for the newsletter. No firm date is set, but he needs them soon. George asked about using stories on how people got their woodland, and we said that would be a good idea.

We talked about the website. We should update the board members, and asked Dave to get the minutes to George sooner so he could get them posted on the website.

Lee wondered if the membership knows of the dates of board meetings. Could we invite the membership and change the name from “board meeting” to “business meeting”? We are having less meetings now, about quarterly. The idea was favorably received, and Jackie will do it. Everyone likes the idea of having a Program Committee to arrange the programs, and also having less board meetings.

Upcoming Programs:

Bear Program, Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 8:00 to 12:00, Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club. Speakers from the PGC, Dr. Mark Ternent and WCO Steve Ace, are ready. The club will provide lunch for a small cost. They will provide coffee, and Jackie will get donuts and juice. People are calling the forestry office to register, and we are now in the 40’s, with room for probably 75 total.

The Landowners Conference---Jackie had the idea to get pens with The WOCAV on them to give to people at registration. We agreed to get pens, and Jackie will order them. She estimates they will be around $100 to $150. Jim got door prizes on behalf of WOCAV for a total of $309. Joe gave him a check for them. Dave is working on the question about exhibitors being allowed to sell merchandise at the Conference.

UPDATE: As of 1-26, Dave has talked to 5 different people at the University, and no one knows who the correct person is that could answer that question or make that decision. The search continues.

Workshop On Making Good Maps For Your Property--- Saturday, April 9th. Dave will talk to Suzie to make sure we can get a computer lab for that date. At the Conference Max will show “what you can do”, and at the Workshop he will show “how you do it”.

Timber Management Options---May 14th, Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club woodlot. 10:00 to noon.

Picnic---need program, wait till we know for sure where it will be held. Possible dates July 9th or 16th. Prefer the Beagle Club, no tent will be required so it will be a lot less costly to do. Jane had an idea to make a donation to the Beagle Club if that works out.

UPDATE since the meeting---They scouted out the Beagle Club near Fryburg, and we are set up with them for July 16th. We will have O’Neil’s Catering and a program on “Beagling”.

Wildlife Habitat Projects---September 10th or 17th are possible dates. Dave will check with Scott Wolbert to see if he has a preference. The program will be held on his property near Shippenville. He has 40 acres, and has done many projects.

Holiday Party---December 15th

Next board (Business) meeting---May 3rd, 6:30.

Adjourned at 7:45.

*********************************************************** WOCAV Minutes 8-11-2015

Present: Layne Giering, Dennis and Jackie Waldorf, Joe Lowrie, Steve Szuchs, Max Lowrie, Stacy Wolbert, George and Jane Schmader, Jim Ross, Dave Fowler, Dave Cole

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: >brIncome $285.00
Expenses $1091.06
Balance 8/11/2015 $1592.00

Currently 42 memberships---21 family and 21 individual. 22 Members have not yet renewed.

Old Business:
The picnic went smoothly. There were 40 attendees. The program led by Cecile and Roger Coup went well. The tent set up from Celebration Rentals worked out very well, as did the Job Johnny from Bill’s of Knox.
We have offers to host future picnics from Jim and Bonnie Elliot of the Beagle Club at Fryburg. They have 60 acres and a pavilion. Also Georgine, with a goat farm near New Bethlehem, is willing to host a picnic. George and Jane will check out these properties and see how they could work out.
We are looking at July 2016 for the next picnic.

The newsletter was very good. Jackie will send a thank you to Brad for his article. Dave Fowler would like to be replaced as editor of the newsletter. George is willing to put the newsletter together, and will also solicit articles. We discussed the idea to put the newsletter on the website and Facebook instead of sending out a paper copy, but decided to continue the hardcopy version.

New Business:
Nomination and election of officers:
President---Layne, who declined. Jackie
Vice President---Layne
Treasurer---Joe volunteered to stay.
Acting secretary---Dave
All were voted in to the offices.

We figure Jack Lingenfelter is not coming back to the board. Jackie will email Gene Whited to see if he is still interested in being on the board.

Reorganization: Going forward, we want to reduce the number of meetings from one per month to one ever other month. We will see how that goes, and then can maybe reduce it even further to perhaps four per year.

Idea---One meeting will be to set up programs for the whole year, and assign who is responsible to do various things for the programs.
George said we used to have a Program Committee and they took care of ideas and responsibilities and details. Steve said we could do like the Rough Grouse Society or the National Wild Turkey Federation and have both wildlife and forestry information in our programs. We like these ideas, and will set up a program committee.
Joe and Max suggested that we could have a link on the website to You Tube. We could video tape the programs and put them on You Tube. We will start filming at the Deer Program and see how it goes.
George suggested that we could have the conference every other year, alternating with the PSU conference. We decided to stick with doing it every year.


Program Committee: Jim, Stacy, Steve, and Dave
The Committee will set up the programs and the board WILL agree with them unless there is a major objection. The board can set the months and the number of programs per year, and the Committee will do all the details.

Programs that will be pretty well set from year to year include:
February, the Woodland Owner’s Conference
July, the Annual Picnic
December, the Holiday Party

Goal---try to have 5 programs each year in addition to the 3 events listed above. We will try to combine Program Committee meetings with other meetings or programs as much as possible to avoid having to make special trips for them.

Picnic Committee: Jane, Stacy, and Jackie will arrange the Picnic details. Stacy will coordinate between the Program and Picnic Committees to make sure there is a program at the picnic.

Upcoming Programs: Beautiful, Beneficial Bats---Thursday night. No refreshments. Being held at the Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club, down at the pond if the weather is good. Jackie will send out a reminder, and ask people to bring a chair, flashlight, and bug spray.

September 19th---The Incredible White-Tail---Sigel Sportsman’s Club. Speakers and Exhibitors are set. The club will sell lunch. Registration is up and running. October 15th---Prehistoric Occupations At Fishbasket. Ken Burkett is the speaker. It will be held at the History Center in Brookville. No charge, it holds up to 35. Ken did ask for a donation of $25 for the use of the center.

January---Bears. Not date yet. To be held at the Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club. Hoping to have another all morning, Saturday morning event.

The Program Committee will work out the Bear and other programs.

Next meeting---October 6th. Jackie won’t be here, Layne will take care of the meeting. Layne will have refreshments.


WOCAV Minutes 4-7-2015

Present: Jackie and Dennis Waldorf, George and Jane Schmader, Joe Lowrie, Jim Ross, John Daugherty, Duane Harriger, Dave Cole

Minutes of the last meeting (January 6th) were approved.

Treasurer’s report:
Previous balance 1-6-2015 2309.68
Income 70.00
Expenses 125.78
Balance 4-7-2015 2253.90
Currently 57 memberships, of them 32 individual, 24 family, and 1 associate.

Treasurer’s report approved.

Old Business:
Recent programs, what worked, what didn’t?

Predator program, Jan. 15th, went well at Sigel Sportsman’s Club. 67 attendees, of them 20 WOCAV members, the rest new faces. Dr. Matt Lovallo gave an excellent presentation. Sigel wants us back with another program. They have a nice facility, and can seat about 150 if we pack it out.

Conference: Everything went well. 105 registered, the second highest we have record of. Only 87 showed up because of the weather. It snowed all day, start to finish, and the roads were bad for the trip home. Thankfully, we didn’t hear of any accidents. Of the 87 attendees, the survey showed that half of them were new attendees to the conference. Joe commented that all the talks were on how to work with reclaimed strip mines to create habitat, and there are a lot of mines around that were not reclaimed, like his. Maybe we can do something with this in a future program. There were 20 exhibitors, 5 of which were speakers, and 6 of which were commercial vendors. All of them requested that they be kept in the loop be asked to come back next year. The church ladies gave us a delicious lunch, as usual. Scott’s idea to have two projectors allowed us to rearrange the room and have all the exhibitors upstairs, with a nicer layout in general. All went well. The Stewardship Committee will meet next week to start planning the conference for 2016.

Owls, March 19th, Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club: All went well. 24 attendees, 5 of them from WOCAV, the rest new, three of them children. Stacy gave an excellent presentation, and it was well received. At the end she gave a quiz on the calls that owls make, and the kids got most of them. The facility isn’t as large or nice as Sigel, but is still very satisfactory for up to perhaps 75 people max. They are literally begging us to come back with another program on wildlife.

The North Central Forest Landowner Assoc. had a story on Jim Ross in their newsletter. We will run it in our newsletter in the next issue.

The WOCAV brochure has been updated, and we have been pushing them out to all attendees at all the recent events.

New Business:

George had a letter from a land management company that does timber sales and offers other services. No one has heard of them, but they want to offer their services to us.

George said there is a new member in New Bethlehem that wants to host a program at their property. We will look into this and keep it in mind.

Jim has contact information for the lawyer Hoffman that spoke in estate planning at the Altoona conference. We will look into having him at our conference for next year.

The Altoona conference went well, with about 450 attendees.


Saturday, April 25th, 11:00 AM, Hilltop Roofing. The address is 2058 Sheridan Road, New Bethlehem, 275-3549. They not only make metal roofing, but their office is a showcase of wood paneling. Very nice.

Saturday, May 16th, 1:00 PM, Habitat Tour on State Game Lands 330 near Sligo. George Miller and Stacy Wolbert will lead the tour. We will meet at the parking lot on top of the hill on Mt Zion Road. Dave will make a flyer and get directions to the parking lot soon. The tour will last about 3 to 4 hours.

Thursday, June 18th, 1:30 PM, tour of Hickman Lumber’s new facility. We had a tour there a while back, but they expanded and replaced a lot of equipment. We will be able to talk to them when we get there at 1:30, and then watch them work when they go off of break. Following that we will tour the showroom to see their finished products. They offer a wide variety of flooring, and have a lot of new products. Duane will verify the date.

Saturday, July 18th, 10:00 to 2:00, WOCAV Picnic at Dave Cole’s place. Stacy can’t make it, and we would like to find a replacement. Cecile will be there to lead a walk around the large yard to talk about landscaping practices, tree pruning, and anything else she sees to discuss. Jane had a menu from O’Neil’s Catering. We will have the same menu as last year: Pulled pork, chicken stuffing bake, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, pie. Jackie will get donuts. Jackie and Jane will take care of coffee. We will get a Job Johnny from Williams. The contract for a large tent, tables, and chairs was already signed by Dave Fowler, and they will be delivered and set up and taken down. The cost will be $10 per person with a maximum of $25 per family. We need to get a picture to use on the invitation. We will recognize Charter Members, but will not give a memento. We wanted to give the book “The Woods In Your Backyard”, but at $13 each it costs too much. Jane will look for something else on Amazon.

September---We discussed the status of the idea for a major deer program in September. Dave had presented the idea in January, but because we haven’t had a meeting since then he thought we should table it until next fall. However, Jackie thought we should pursue it, so we will get on it right away. We will ask PSU Extn to get out front and be the face on the program. In a previous discussion they have already agreed to do this. Scott and Dave Jackson will be involved, and are optimistic that it will be a good program with good attendance. We will ask the Sigel Sportsman’s Club to let us use their facility. We will shoot for a Saturday morning in September, with a time frame of about 9:00 to 1:00. Dave will look for speakers, and will check with Tim Smail of QDMA to see if he is available to score antlers as he has already volunteered to do. We will try to keep costs down, and don’t want to charge more than $10 or $15. We will have room for a few exhibitors relevant to deer, but not as many as the Conference. Dave suggested door prizes, but it was decided to go without.

Duane had an idea a while back for a program with an artifact collector and expert on Native American history in this area. Gary Gilmore knows the person also, and says it will be a good program. We will get to work on this, possibly for October.

Stacy has offered to try to have a program on bats, and August would be the time. We could have it at the Beaver Ponds just outside of Knox. She could have a slide show to start, and then have a mist net to catch a few bats to show. She can also attach a small glow stick to them and release them to fly around and we can watch them. However, with the reduced bat numbers due to the white-nosed syndrome disease, there might not be enough bats to be able to catch any. We will scout the ponds at the end of May, early June to see if there are any bats out there, and plan from there.

Questions on the status of board members. We haven’t seen Jack Lingenfelter or Gene Whited in a while. We consider both of them to still be on the board until we hear otherwise. We also would like to get some new folks on the board and involved. We are hoping the programs in new locations and getting new faces will result in new members and also new leaders.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.


WOCAV Board Meeting Minutes 12-9-2014

The meeting was called to order at 6:30.

Present were: Stacy Wolbert, Dennis and Jackie Waldorf, Joe Lowrie, Dave Fowler, Jim Ross, George and Jane Schmader, Dave Cole

A thank you card was shared from Carolyn Greenawalt for the flowers for Arnie’s funeral. Also for inviting her to the Holiday Party on Friday night.

A Get-Well card was passed around to be signed for Lana Harriger.

Minutes of the October meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Previous balance 10-7-2014 $2505.80
One new membership 25.00
Expenses 88.17
Balance 12-9-2014 $2442.63

53 memberships---29 individual, 23 family, 1 associate

Treasurer’s report approved.

Old Business:

The tour of timber sales on October 11th with Lee and Stacy went very well. 16 people attended. Very well received by everyone. Thank you Lee and Stacy!

10th Anniversary of WOCAV next May---decided to give certificates to charter members instead of a T-shirt. There are about 12 charter members.

All members will receive a pen with WOCAV’s name on it. Jackie will work on this.

Jane reserved O’Neils for catering the picnic next July.

New Business:

The newspaper interview with Tom Distefano, George Freeman and Jackie Waldorf is set for next Monday, 1:00, here at the forestry office. Jackie asked Dave Fowler and George Schmader to join us. November 2nd was the 25th anniversary of the groundwork for the Clarion County Forest Stewardship Committee, and WOCAV will be 10 years old next May. Tom will do a story and also include information on the conference and other upcoming programs.

Dennis and others talked about the upcoming Tree Farm Committee meeting and the choices that will be voted on concerning certification.


Holiday Party on Friday, Dec. 12th, 7:00 PM, here at the Forestry office. Meet at 6:00 to set up. Everything is set, supplies are bought. Everyone in our office is invited.

January 15th---Predator program. To be held at the Sigel Sportsman’s Club, 7:00 PM. Dr Matt Lovallo, PGC biologist, will present. They have 90 chairs, which we think will be enough. They have a contractor to plow the long driveway and large parking lot so it should be ok. The club will put out free coffee and cookies for attendees and take donations. Stacy will bring mounts from the regional office to spruce up the space. Dave will bring the computer, projector, and screen for the presentation. The club is excited to have us hold the program there. We will use the opportunity to promote WOCAV and the conference.

The conference, February 21st, Fryburg. We are pretty well set up. The next Stewardship Committee meeting is January 6th. We are advertising with the flyers, in businesses and by email. We will include a write-up on it in the newsletter in January.

March 19th, 7:00 PM, Owl program with Stacy. We have general permission to hold programs at the Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club. We would like to have this program there, and Dave will ask them tomorrow night at their monthly meeting. Stacy can include owl calls in the presentation and have a quiz at the end to encourage participation. Dave will ask Wendy to make up a flyer tomorrow to start advertising it once we get official permission from Rimersburg.

April---tour of roofing place. No details yet, Duane will work on this.

May---tour of habitat projects on either SGL 72 or 330 to follow up on the conference. No specific date yet, but George Miller said it would be a Saturday afternoon in early May so we don’t interfere with turkey season. We want the details worked out by the Predator program so we can start advertising it. We’ll let him get thru deer season before we ask him about it.

June---suggest a tour of the Hickman Lumber Mill. We toured it before, but they have expanded since then.

July 18th, annual picnic at Dave Cole’s home. Dave Fowler had a price list for Celebration Rentals of Coal Hill. We will rent a large 20 X 40 tent, 10 tables, and 50 chairs. They deliver, set up and tear down. The price will be approximately $400. Cecile from D-14 has offered a 10 X 10 tent and a 10 X 20 tent for us to use also. Cecile and Stacy will guide a tour of the yard looking at the landscaping and it’s wildlife attributes, and talk about ways to enhance it. We will charge the same as last year, $15 per person, a maximum of $25 per family.

Next meeting January 6th, 6:30 PM, here at Forestry. Jackie will bring refreshments.

WOCAV Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M..

Present were: Marshall Whitmer, Dave Fowler, Dennis, Jackie and Lisa Waldorf, Layne Giering, Duane and Lana Harriger, Jim Ross, George and Jane Schmader, Joe Lowrie, John Daugherty, Dave Cole.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report:
Previous balance--------$2002.51
14 renewals---------------$255.00
12 picnic reservations---$115.00 (19 people have actually signed up so far)


Balance on June 3rd--------------$2327.51

Currently 57 memberships, of which 28 are individual, 27 family, and 2 associate.

Treasurer’s report accepted.

Report from Dave:

Many school programs were conducted this year, from elementary school thru to Clarion University students. They are done for now. The gypsy moth spraying was done on Memorial Day weekend, and all went well. We are already seeing mortality in the young gypsy moths from the fungus, which is encouraged by the wet spring. The two new technicians have started, and are working at Cook Forest. We are conducting an inventory of the old growth areas, and pesticide treatments have begun in one of the areas. We will be doing Emerald Ash Borer treatments on selected ash trees in the area during the month of June.

Old Business:

The tour of the Improvement Cut at Layne’s was poorly attended. It was Mother’s Day weekend, so we feel that was a hindrance and we will avoid it in the future.

The woods walk at Arnie Kepple’s had 12 people. With the hot dog roast, a good time was had by all. The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is not yet present on his property, but will probably arrive fairly soon. The property is on Turkey Run, a tributary of the Clarion River. Birds will be carrying the HWA up in that creek valley.

The Tree Farm Convention will be held in Pittsburgh on July 17th thru 19th. Jackie said that 22 people from PA have signed up to attend so far, and she figures that most of them are probably the state committee members.

John attended the Troy Firth “Loving the Land Through Working Forests” conference in May. He said it was good, and about 50 people attended the second day, which was geared for the public. The first day was more for practicing foresters, and it was not well attended.

New Business:

We will tentatively have a tour of a metal roofing manufacturer that Duane knows. Dennis and Jackie will check it out and make a recommendation.

On June 28th there will be a Women in the Woods meeting on Agroforestry. Tracy Coulter will lead the talk.

The directions for the barrel stave factory tour are on the website. Layne will wait at the mall for anyone that wants to carpool. Jackie will send out an email.

The Picnic:

Jackie will check with Gary Gilmore to make sure he doesn’t forget about the chainsaw maintenance lesson.
Lunch will be catered by O’neils.
Jackie will get 3 dozen donuts from Clarks.
Jackie got 60 red maple seedlings from Musser’s Nursery to give to picnic attendees.
Layne and Dave Fowler will have an activity for the kids. They will have hoops that measure 1/10,000 acre, and will have the kids see what they can find in the hoops. They will do this during Gary’s presentation on Chainsaw maintenance before lunch.
Dave will talk about HWA and demonstrate the treatment procedure after lunch.
We will have decaf coffee in the pot and regular coffee envelops for anyone that wants them.
RSVP for the picnic by June 13th.

September 11th, follow-up tour of Layne’s improvement cut.

October 11th, 10:00 to 1:00, tour of timbersales at Clear Creek with Lee.

No program in November because of hunting seasons.

December 12th, 7:00 to 9:00, Holiday Party here at the Forestry office. The room is reserved starting at 5:00 for setup.

We need ideas for programs for January, February, and March.

Jackie has a conference idea to invite Tom Hoffman II to talk about forest legacy planning. He also talks about shale energy and forest legacy planning, and also protecting your forest for future generations. We are set for topics for the coming year, so will consider him for 2016.

Jim---still no definite date with Zion Church for the conference. He has had a hard time talking to them as they don’t return his phone calls.

Jane motioned that we take a vote to see if we want to put Zion on hold until 2016 and set up Fryburg for 2015 so we don’t lose our desired date. Dennis seconded. The vote was to return to Fryburg this year.

Since Fryburg might be for only one year, we decided that we don’t want to buy seat cushions. We will add more breaks for people to get up and stretch.

We will reconsider a new venue for 2016, but not necessarily Zion.

Dave Fowler is donating a homemade train to WOCAV. We can raffle it if we want. It was decided to do so. Jane has tickets that can be sold for $1 each.

George mentioned his tick repellant gaiters from Forestry Suppliers. The repellant holds up for up to 70 washings, and they cost $45.

No board meeting in July.

Next meeting August 5th, 6:30.

Jackie will bring refreshments.

Adjourned 7:45.

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