Foods That Are Dangerous To Birds



Here's a general list of foods that can be dangerous to birds:

Alcoholic Beverages


Cabbage raw



Milk products ‑can't digest

Mushrooms ‑ allergic reactions

Onion raw

Potato ‑ All green parts

Rhubarb ‑ Leaf blade

Tomato ‑ All green parts













A few comments about some of these foods:

Rhubarb ‑‑ There are different varieties of rhubarb (Rheum sp. ): Garden rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum ), grown in North America, differs from medicinal rhubarb (Rheum officianale and R. palmate ). The leaves of both varieties contain the highly toxic oxalic and should not be fed to birds. The stalks of garden rhubarb are edible and can be given to birds. The stalks of medicinal rhubarb contain anthraquinones, which cause catharsis. These are not present in garden rhubarb.

Alcohol ‑ Never give your bird anything with alcohol in it. One teaspoon of an alcoholic beverage can kill a bird, because their livers cannot process alcohol. Mushrooms can cause allergic reactions.

Spinach ‑‑ Quantities of spinach have a large amount of iron, which can lead to poisoning of some birds since their system cannot adequately get rid of excesses. Lories are especially susceptible to this problem.

Celery ‑ Its long, stringy fiber, if swallowed whole and not chewed, can clog a bird's digestive system. Celery leaves are very good for your bird, however. They are an excellent source of all seven essential body salts.

Coffee ‑ Avoid feeding your bird anything with caffeine in it.

Milk ‑ Give this to your bird in cultured forms, such as cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc.














Additionally, you may allow your bird to sample food from your plate, but don't let him eat from your mouth, or off a utensil you have put in your mouth. The bacteria in your mouth can make your bird sick, since their bodies have different natural bacteria than ours.

Finally, be careful in using dog food and cat foods to feed your bird. These foods may contain gram negative bacteria, which can make birds very ill. Be especially careful that these foods are not rancid.