First Aid Kit

-appropriate-sized towels for your bird
-a heating pad, heat lamp or other heat source
-a pad of paper and pencil to make notes about your bird's condition
-address and phone number of your avian veterinarian's office, along with
address and phone number of your closest animal emergency hospital
-styptic powder, silver nitrate stick or cornstarch to stop bleeding ( use
styptic powder and silver nitrate stick on beak and nails only )
-blunt-tipped scissors
-needle-nosed pliers ( to pull broken blood feathers )
-blunt-end tweezers
-hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectant solution
-eye irrigation solution, such as saline solution or wetting solution for
contact lenses
-basic bandage materials such as gauze squares, masking tape ( it doesn't
stick to bird's feathers like adhesive tape ) and gauze rolls
-Pedialyte or other energy supplement, such as orange juice or Gatorade
-eye dropper
-syringes to irrigate wounds or feed sick birds
-cotton swabs to apply medication and clean wounds
-Betadine soap, which is an anti-infective soap, for foot injuries
-Betadine solution for open wounds ( use this under veterinary advice only )