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Dr.Timothy Fowler

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About Rivers of Water Evangelistic Ministries

 Our Vision Statement

To lead local churches in revival meeting, trusting God to sovereignly work to give repentance, refreshing, and renewal. And to carry the gospel message to all people of the world believing God to empower His message and to call sinners unto Himself.

Our Timing

When I was first called to preach, I knew the time would come to step out in Faith to be an evangelist/revivalist/ After pastoring for twenty-five years, more than one hundred revivals preached, and forty short-term mission trips to Russia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Wales, Canada, and Mexico, my Heavenly Father has spoken to me confirming that now is the time to give myself to His body as an evangelist.

Our Purpose

Rivers of Water Evangelistic Ministries exists to declare the revival message of the SCRIPTURES and to preach the gospel to every person.

Our Needs

  • Daily Prayer
  • Monthly Support
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Volunteers for short term mission trips
We Believe...

  • That the Bible is the written word of God, without error and the authority teaching us what to believe and what to live.
  • That we are all naturally separated from God because of what the Bible calls Sin.
  • That this separation from God can only be restored by the undeserved and unmerited help of God.
  • That Jesus died on the cross for our sins in our place.
  • That Jesus rose from the grave and is alive today reconciling people to God.
  • That this reconciling work of Jesus is appropriated by faith alone.
  • That we can trust God's Spirit for daily strength and wisdom we need.
  • That one glorious day Jesus will return for His people.

 A Personal Word

Dr. C. Timothy Fowler

I have a strong desire to help local churches have a true revival. I believe in the local church. "Christ loved the church so much He gave Himself for it. We should love the Church so much we give ourselves to it. Having been saved in a smaller church and pastored smaller churches for twenty-five years, I have a heavy burden and heartfelt desire to minister in these size churches, along with every other door God will open.

South Africa

South Africa Mission Trip

Telling the Story

Facts About ROWEM

Rivers of Water Evangelistic Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) organization. This means that the US Governmenr recongzed ROWEM as a nonprofit religious organization. Donations are text exempt because of the 501 (c)(3) recognition.

Board Members

Dr. Wayne Dickard

Mrs. Peggy Jolley

Rev. Ken Kirkley

Dr. Gabriel O'Sullivan

Dr. Kenneth Riding

Financial Needs

ROWEM foundation support is faith based. We need churches, individuals, and businesses to help us preach the gospel to all peoples of teh world and to lead small churches in revival. We ask for your gifts for only one reason: for "the furtherance of the gospel."

Financial Secretary:

Wanda Wall

Countries Where ROWEM has Ministered









Puerto Rico



 Puerto Rico

Sharing the gospel

Deacon and wife


Vietnam 2009


Our Friends

"I commend Tim Fowler to all who requires a preacher of great faith and courage as their revivalist. He possesses a keen knowledge of God's Word, a compassion for souls and a love for Christ's Church." - Dr. M. Randall Jones Evangel Ministries "I would recommend Dr. C. Timothy Fowler for revivals, Bible Conferences and special services that you may be planning. Tim is a gifted preacher who possesses a love for God and a desire to share His Word. I have used Tim in revival meetings and appreciate his cooperative spirit. Tim strives to help and encourage the local pastor. If you can use Tim, then it is my belief that he will bless your people and help your ministry. Therefore I enthusiastically recommend Dr. C. Timothy Fowler for revivals and evangelism endeavors." - Dr. Wayne Dickard, (RWEM Board Member)

"For many years, Tim Fowler has been one of my dearest friends. I do not see him, however, just as a friend. He is a true servant of God; at home or abroad. He is a faithful preacher of the Gospel; in life and ministry, he is given to the exaltation of Christ. May God's grace and blessings continue to be upon him." - Tom Hayes, Evangelist Saluda, NC

"After years of pastoring and preaching God's Word to a local church, my friend Tim Fowler has obeyed the Lord and answered God's call to evangelism and missions. Let me encourage every Pastor to use Tim. He is sound in doctrine and walks in the Spirit. He will be a blessing to your people. I recommend Tim Fowler - a gifted expositor of the Word." - Dr. Ron Lunch

"I have known Tim for a few years now, and I watched his desire grow for evangelism. He is a student of the Word, and any church would be blessed to use him in revival effort." - Luther Price, Pd.D. Pastor

"Tim Fowler has been my friend for many, many years. I have been with him in his church many times. I can recommend Tim without reservation as a great Bible preacher, who is also a man of impeccable character. I am convinced he will be good for your church. He is also a faithful husband of a fine wife and father of two fine girls. I was glad to hear of Tim's call to full-time evangelism. He will be a good, trustworthy man of God, who will help your church." - Kenneth Ridings (RWEM Board Member)


Dr. C. Timothy Fowler has been married for 30 years to his wife Ann. They have two grown children, Heather and Amy, and two son-n-laws Josh Nix and Kegan Flynn. They are also tremendously blessed with two wonderful grandchildren Hayes Timothy Nix and Ezekiel John Flynn.

Dr. Fowler and wife Ann


Summer with Family

Chesnee, SC
phone: 864-680-1192

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