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Emily White attended the LEADS (Leadership Education and Development Seminar) training at the GFWC International Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in June 2011.

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Club President:
Sandra Ballou
Vice President:
Emily White
Sarah Hillner
Sharon Nichols
Past State President:
Michelle Glanzer

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History of GFWC Brookings 
GFWC Brookings was organized on March 24, 1977 as Community Federated Women. On April 28, 1977, new officers (Doris Roden, president; Sarah Hillner, vice president; DiAnn Kirchmeier, secretary; and Gladys Artz, treasurer) were installed and the by-laws were adopted. The first project was obtaining safety turf for Brookings school playgrounds. The old, unsafe equipment and the asphalt that covered much of the school playground caused many broken bones. New equipment was obtained and most of the asphalt was replaced with grass. When some school officials complained of the impending mud in the school rooms from the grass, our motto became - 'Would you rather have blood or mud?'

Community Federated Women changed its name to GFWC Brookings in 1983 so it could be more closely identified with the General Federation of Women's Clubs.

The club was first organized because its four charter members served as representatives of Brookings County women's organizations to the City Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC), which met only four times a year. These four individuals saw the tremendous value of the GFWC programs, which were offered but not taken advantage of by the city federation. A motion was made at one of the city federation meetings to sponsor a new club and thus Community Federated Women was originated. The four charter members eventually became the first four presidents of the new club. All delighted in telling how much GFWC had done for them personally and professionally.

Brookings is a very mobile community because of the university, South Dakota State University. GFWC Brookings currently has 23 members and four honorary members. GFWC Brookings members subscribe 100% to the GFWC Clubwoman because they see a very real value in keeping close contact with the international organization.

The officers of GFWC Brookings have always included president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The past presidents include:

    1977-78 Doris Roden
    1978-79 Sarah Hillner
    1979-80 DiAnn Kirchmeier
    1980-81 Gladys Artz
    1981-82 Doris Roden
    1982-83 Jerri Rogers
    1983-84 Dee Kirkbride
    1984-86 Helena McCusker
    1986-87 Carol Melin
    1987-90 Roberta Bailey
    1990-92 Dee Kirkbride
    1992-94 Doris Roden
    1994-96 Louise Schley
    1996-98 Gladys Artz and Sarah Hillner
    1998-00 Doris Roden
    2000-02 Lynne O’Neill
    2002-03 Doris Roden
    2003-04 Sandra Faltemier
    2004-06 Sheryl Gudvangen
    2006-08 Michelle Glanzer
    2008-10 Pam Adelman

GFWC Brookings also has standing committees for each of the six GFWC departments and several special committee appointments such as Public Relations/Communications, Legislation, Membership, Community Improvement Program, Awards, University Week for Women, SD Clubwoman, Historian, and Volunteer Service Bank. The Awards chair meets with each of the committees at the beginning of the administration to review the GFWC program materials and set goals for the two-year administration. The Awards chair also sets up three reporting meetings during the month of January so all club members participate in writing club reports.

GFWC Brookings has been active in many programs. Some of their projects over the past sixteen years have included:

    •Founders of US Friends - Won a $5,000 Community Improvement Project (CIP) Award in 1986
    •Founders of the East Central Literacy Council
    •Brookings Youth Community Improvement Program - Won $500 CIP Award in 1990
    •Walking Challenge Award Winners
    •Financial Planning for Women
    •"Drink Don't Drive' Brown Bag Campaign
    •Hosted annual University Week for Women receptions/luncheons on the South Dakota State University campus from 1977 to 1997
    •Multiple Sclerosis Bowlathon
    •South Dakota Public Broadcasting Telethon
    •Donating Members of the Brookings Chamber Music Society
    •Financial donations to the South Dakota Art Museum, originated by efforts of GFWC of SD
    •United Fund
    •Donated time, money, school supplies, and materials to the Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter
    •Financial support for the South Dakota Ag Heritage Museum
    •Contributed time and money to the South Dakota Special Olympics
    •Financially supported the Brookings Women's Center
    •"Patch the Pony" Safety Program
    •Music and Education Scholarships
    •"Concern for Kids" Program
    •Financial contributions to the Brookings County Elderly Transportation Committee
    •Worked for Child Abuse education
    •Founded 'Women of the World', an organization for local and international women (who are in the community because of South Dakota State University)
    •Donated Resusci-Junior mannequin to local CPR Committee
    •Financially help the Interagency Council for Children with Special Needs
    •Cooperated with the Career Learning Center to bring life-long learning and career change programs to area women
    •Helped with the Very Special Arts program
    •Donate money, books and equipment to the Brookings Public Library
    •Helped organize the Brookings County Volunteer Service Bank
    •Contribute gifts to ADVANCE clients at Christmas time
    •Conduct an annual blood drive in memory of Gladys Artz, who died March 19, 2000
    •Donate money, surgical gowns and activity bags to Operation Smile, a project for children who need facial constructive surgery
    •Help coordinate the K-12 Kids Voting program
    •Collected personal histories on their members

Five members of GFWC Brookings, Doris Roden, Sarah Hillner, Kathy Apland, Lynne O'Neill, and Louise Schley have served as GFWC of South Dakota District President. Several members, Doris Roden, Sarah Hillner, Gladys Artz, Jerri Rogers, Dee Kirkbride, Roberta Bailey, Kathy Apland, and Michelle Glanzer have served on GFWC of SD and District Five committees. Louise Schley served as a state officer. Doris Roden, served as the 1988-1990 GFWC of South Dakota President.

When asked why members belong to GFWC Brookings, they reply that the organization offers them a smorgasbord of activities for personal, professional and club growth. Membership expands their contacts and viewpoints; provides an opportunity for worthwhile service, stimulates growth, helps acquire leadership skills, helps mold their opinions, enlarges their circle of friends, and increases their understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live. "It would be the last group I would give up," one member stated.


GFWC Brookings Bylaws
Revised 9/26/96

1.1 The name of this organization shall be GFWC Brookings. It shall be affiliated with the GFWC of South Dakota and the General Federation of Women's Clubs, International.

2.1 The purpose of this organization shall be to promote all activities leading to the betterment of life.

3.1 Membership shall be open to anyone whose objectives are in accord with the purposes of this organization.

4.1 Regular meetings shall be held monthly, except when otherwise ordered by the Executive Committee.
4.2 A quorum shall consist of 33% of the members.
4.3 The Biennial Meeting shall be held in May of the even-numbered years. This meeting shall include: bylaws review, annual reports, history preservation, awards, budget, and theinstallation of officers.

5.1 The elected officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
5.2 Duties.
5.2.1 The President shall call and preside at all meetings; appoint all committees and special chairs, upon consultation with the Executive Board; be an ex officio member of all committees except for the Nominating Committee.
5.2.2 The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the President's absence; assist the President in matters pertaining to club activities; coordinate programs for regular meetings; assume the Presidency of the following term; and chair the Membership Committee.
5.2.3 The Secretary shall record and distribute or read the minutes of all meetings; maintain the membership list; preserve the records of all meetings; and carry out correspondence for the organization when designated to do so by the President.
5.2.4 The Treasurer shall collect dues when payable; collect all funds which are payable to the organization; keep a record of all funds expended and collected; present a two-year budget, prepared by the Finance Committee, to the membership at the Biennial Meeting; provide regular financial reports to the membership; prepare a financial report at the end of each fiscal year to be examined. The Treasurer shall be an ex officio member of the Finance Committee.
5.3 Vacancies. If the Presidency becomes vacant, the Vice President shall immediately assume the office. All other vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Board.

6.1 The elected officers and the immediate Past President shall constitute the Executive Board.
6.2 The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the club between its business meetings and shall transact such business as deemed necessary.
6.3 The Board shall meet whenever it is called into session by the President or by any two of its members.
6.4 The Board shall be subject to the orders of the club and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the club.

7.1 The departments of work shall be: The Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Affairs, and Public Affairs.
7.2 The standing committees shall be: Community Improvement Project, Fund Raising, Leadership, Legislation, Membership, Public Relations, the President’s Special Project and the Women’s History and Resource Center.
7.3 The administrative committees shall be: Awards, Bylaws, Calling, Fiscal Examination, Finance, History, Newsletter, Nominating, and Social.
7.4 Committees for special projects may be appointed at the discretion of the President as shall be necessary to carry on the work of the club. Such committees may include, but are not limited to: Convention(s) and University Week for Women.
7.5 Job descriptions shall be provided to each committee which shall follow the GFWC International and GFWC of South Dakota guidelines.

8.1 A Nominating Committee shall be appointed at the January meeting of even-numbered years.
8.2 The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for office at the February meeting, and nominations will be accepted from the floor.
8.3 Election of officers will be held at the March meeting.
8.4 The candidate receiving a majority of votes shall be elected.
8.5 The term of office shall be two years, which shall begin at the close of the Biennial Meeting.
8.6 All regular members in good standing are eligible to hold office. The candidate for President shall have served at least one term on an Executive Board.

9.1 The fiscal year shall be from June first through May thirty-first.

10.1 The amount of dues for the following year shall be set at the Biennial meeting.
10.2 Dues are due June first and shall become delinquent September twentieth.
10.3 A majority of the membership present is necessary to levy an assessment.
10.4 Committees are authorized to expend their allocated budget with the approval of a member of the Finance Committee subject to cash availability.
10.5 Non-budgeted funds in excess of $10.00 shall be expended with the majority vote of the membership.
10.6 The Finance Committee shall prepare a proposed budget in even-numbered years, which shall be presented at the Biennial Meeting for the approval of the membership.
10.7 Each member shall be provided with a copy of the budget.
10.8 The Treasurer's records shall be examined within thirty days after the close of the fiscal year.

11.1 In the event of the dissolution of this club, its assets will be given to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs or to non-profit projects or organizations which promote activities which lead to the betterment of life which have been selected by the current membership.

12.1 The rules contained in the most recent edition of "Robert's Rules of Order" shall govern the actions of this club.

13.1 Any portion or the whole of these Bylaws may be amended or annulled at any regular meeting of the club by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the motion to amend has been submitted in writing and read before the club. The amendment shall then be voted upon at the following meeting.
13.2 The Bylaws shall be read in their entirety at the Biennial Meeting.
13.3 Each member shall be provided with a copy of the Bylaws.

Brookings, SD
phone: 605-697-5778

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