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cycle.jpgCan't Afford to Move to a Better or Safer Home?

WE CAN HELP!††††††††††††

MAP Mission Statement

To provide moving assistance to individuals or families who financially can not afford to physically move to a better or safer living condition.


The Moving Assistance Program has three objectives that are used to support and define this charitable organization: helping people, filling a need in the community and providing Christian values and ethics.

Area that MAP Supports

The Moving Assistance Program only sponsors moves within the city limits of Sioux Falls, SD.


From the HELP!Linne Center in the Sioux Empire 3/6/12
The Moving Assistance Program was the 4th most-viewed agency on Volunteer Solutions last year out of 139 total agencies on the site.

Argus Leader Make a Difference Day Award 11/13/08
"Oct. 25 was a day for good deeds - national Make a Difference Day - and the Sioux Falls Moving Assistance Program was judged to have made the biggest difference in South Dakota."
"They came to us, asked how they could help," said Sara Carothers with the Volunteer HelpLine. "It's been phenomenal."
"For me, it was the impact of this group had with the client," said Tim Olsen, with Sioux Falls Seminary, who helped judge.
"They showed a vast need, they took the challenges - and they overcame all their obstacles," said judge Jeremy Welch of Home Depot.

Argus Leader 11/17/08
"Keep it simple. That's usually a good philosophy. And it's displayed quite admirably by the Sioux Falls Moving Assistance Program. That's because the group's mission is simple yet brilliant."
"For its work, the Sioux Falls Moving Assistance Program recently was judged as making the greatest difference for people in the Sioux Falls area."

Moving Qualifications
  • Must be within the Federal Government low income guidelines
  • Must be moving to improve the living condition financially, for health reasons or for safety
  • Must meet MAP's application qualifications and guidelines
  • Provide financial assistance of any kind.
  • Provide packing or unpacking support.
Steps followed for each move request:
  • Move must be within the city limits of Sioux Falls, SD.
  • MAP needs 1 to 2 weeks advance notice for all moves.
  • Once request is made, usually within 24 to 48 hours, MAPís on call representative will call and will fill out an application over the phone.
  • MAP needs to know your current address and the confirmed and approved location to move to. This includes the landlord name and contact numbers.
  • MAP will do an onsite inspection of current address to evaluate the move, determine equipment, the number of volunteers needed, and what move dates MAP has open.
  • MAP only does one move per week on Saturday mornings, starting around 9 AM CST. Most moves are less then 3 hours. You must be completely packed and in possession of the new residence key prior to the arrival of the moving team.
  • MAP only loads from one residence or storage unit and takes belongings to the new residence.
  • Applicants are required to pack their own possessions.
 Program Goals
  • Develop a new outreach program to fulfill a critical unmet community need, moving assistance.
  • To provide a free moving service to individuals and families who can not afford to move to a better or safer living condition.
  • To provide moving assistance to domestic violence victims.
  • To provide individual and families the ability to break the cycle of poor and unsafe living conditions.
  • The Moving Assistance Programís services are intended to reach families, the elderly, disabled and those who are in need.

Need Further Information about the Moving Assistance Program?

  • Company and organization projects
  • College community service projects
  • Family projects
  • Presentations
  • Know someone who could use the Moving Assistance Program services
  • Volunteer sign up
  • Interested in donating funds, material or equipment
  • Need general information about the Moving Assistance Program
Call us if it is a move within the Sioux Falls, SD area.

2707 W. 33rd Street  •  Sioux Falls, SD 57105
phone: 605-221-5950

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