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Troop Upcoming Events

22-24 Feb, Virgin Falls

15-17 Mar, Lewis Farm

5-7 Apr, Shiloh

12-14 Apr, District Camporee

5-7 May, Boxwell

See calendar below or click on tab "Annual Calendar" above for full year of activities.

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Troop Leadership

James Moore
Assistant Scoutmaster:
Anakin Baublitz
Rick Di Silvio
Nicholas Di Silvio
Mike Hessock
Michael Moore
Reginald Randolph
Adam Riley
Andrew White
Chartered Organization Rep:
Phyllis Riley
Committee Chair:
Kathleen Michaelis
Committee Members:
Steve Arnett
Ellen Di Silvio
Jamye Gilliard
Al Lutes
Lori Moore
Phyllis Riley
Lydia Vinson

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img s.gifBoy Scout Troop 525, Clarksville, Tennessee
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Welcome to Troop 525. The New Providence Civitan Club has been our chartering organization since 1953.

Our troop is similar to others in organization and function and we follow the guidelines established by the Boy Scouts of America. It is scout-led with the scouts determining the activities and level of participation. Adult leaders provide guidance to the scouts and the Troop Committee determines general direction and accomplishes many of the administrative requirements.

Troop 525 is active and we try to have at least one activity per month. We average more than 20 camping nights each year. Recurring major activities include a trip to Shiloh Military Battlefield (April), Boxwell Scout resident camp (June), and canoeing (August).

The troop has had more than 75 scouts attain the rank of Eagle. We encourage all scouts to use that as their goal even though we recognize that only a few will attain it. The adult leaders have a great amount of scouting experience. Many had been scouts in their youth and several are Eagle scouts themselves.

Troop meetings are each Monday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Scout Hut which is located behind Byrns Darden Elementary School (near the intersection of Peachers Mill Road and New Providence Boulevard (US 41A)).

Last Updated: January 24th, 2019

News You Can Use 

Contact Mr Moore or Mr Di Silvio (click on links at left under Troop Leadership) for information on connecting with the troop through the text service. This is only available for members (& parents) of the troop.

Scouts and adult leaders are required to have a completed medical form Form 680-001 (2014 Printing) on file in the troop. These medical forms are only good for one year. Parts A and B are required for routine scouting activities and only require adult signature. Part C is required for activities greater than 72 hours in length (ie, Boxwell) and has the necessary information requiring a medical professional signature.

It would be worthwhile to download the medical form in a PDF version, complete the basic information and then save it until a doctor visit when it can be printed with all the necessary medical history information already completed. See the Scout Forms link in the left margin.

Adult Training Opportunities

All adults must have current Youth Protection training to register or recharter.

Assistant Scoutmaster Training Requirements:
Youth Protection (required update every 2 years & available on-line). Additionally, Scoutmaster Specific Training (available on-line), and Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (weekend requirement). Boy Scout Fast Start and This is Scouting is not required but highly recommended (available on-line). Additionally, assistant scoutmasters must be current in Weather Hazard training (on-line and requires renewal every two years).

Assistant scoutmasters must be trained to register in that position.

2019 Training

  • SM Specific: Now available on-line
  • OLS:

  • OLS:

Troop Committee Training Requirements:
Youth Protection (every 2 years), and Troop Committee Challenge (Classroom) or a series of on-line courses found at As with assistant scoutmasters, Boy Scout Fast Start and This is Scouting is not required but highly recommended (all available on-line).

 Scout Activities
Themes for the upcoming training year (2018-2019) for the troop. See our annual calendar for details:
  • Sept: Emergency Preparedness
  • Oct: Sports/Athletics
  • Nov: Wilderness Survival
  • Dec: Backpacking & Winter Camp
  • Jan 19: Pioneering/Cooking
  • Feb: Hiking
  • Mar: Fishing/Cooking
  • Apr: Spring Camporee & Shiloh
  • May: Cycling
  • Jun: Boxwell
  • Jul: Caving
  • Aug: Canoeing

Mailing: 602 Fox Ridge Dr  •  Clarksville, TN 37042-5461
phone: 931-552-7920

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