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James Moore
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Kurt Belawske
Rick Di Silvio
Nicholas Di Silvio
Gerald Foster
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Austin McKain
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Phyllis Riley
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Terry Molloy
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Boxwell Info
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Boxwell Information

Boxwell 2014


Where:             Boxwell Scout Reservation


When:              June 8th to 14th, 2014


Cost:                $215 with $30 deposit by April 4th (balance $185)

                        $235 after April 4th

                        $  70 Additional adults


Key Dates: 


            TBD (early March): On-line registration opens. Registration is through the troop account and classes are filled real-time on a first-come, first-served basis. Scouts will be eligible for registration upon receipt of deposit.


March 31st:  Deadline to turn in money for early bird registration (a minimum of $30 per scout).  Requests for financial assistance (Campership) applications are due.  Even though the printed deadline is April 4th, that date is the troop’s deadline for receipt at Council. Second year and older Scout merit badge class schedules should be complete by this time to take advantage of first-come, first-served class opportunities.


            TBD:  Swimmer classification test.  Test is required for all scouts attending camp.  Although the swimmer classification test can be taken at Boxwell, it is better to complete this task before camp.  If we can schedule a classification test the date and time will be announced at an upcoming meeting.


May 19th:  Deadline to turn in any balance due for each scout (camp fees and any merit badge program fees).  Medical forms (with a copy of insurance card) are due as well.  This is the last Troop meeting before the 10-day out meeting (no meeting May 26th (Memorial Day)).  This is the last opportunity to turn in any Scout special dietary needs.


May 26th:  Merit badge class sign-up is done on-line so it is real-time registration.  On-line registration closes on May 26th.  Schedules will be reviewed at the 10-day out meeting for changes/additions.


            May 29th:  10-day out meeting for unit leaders.  Any outstanding fees are due to Council.  Refunds for cancellations are not available after 10-day out meeting.  Any Scout not making full payment by this date gets his reservation cancelled and loses the $30 early bird deposit.  Class schedules are finalized, medical forms are turned in and special dietary needs are identified to Council at this time.


Medical Information:  


The September 2012 (9/2012) version of the medical form will be the only form accepted.  This is a general use form that can be used for all scout activities.    Forms are available on line (troop website: Links/Scout Forms/Annual Health and Medical Form).  The form number is 680-001.   Parts A & B are completed by parents.  Part C requires a medical professional review and signature. These medical forms require annual renewal.



Submit a copy of the family medical insurance card with the medical form (Tricare card/dependent ID card for military). Dates of shots are to be included on the medical forms, not just a check mark.  If a Scout lacks medical insurance a note signed by a parent must accompany the medical form.  The troop maintains the original forms for those who have turned in medical forms in the past.


            Scouts taking prescription medication must have that medicine secured by the Scoutmaster or Health Officer.  Parents need to notify the Scoutmaster and turn in any medication prior to departing for camp.  Ensure that the medicine container has the scout’s name and dosage instructions.  If there is a need for medical supervision in administering medication a Medication Card is required.  See the Scoutmaster.


Other Information:


Meals:  Camp attendees are provided three meals daily.  Each meal will be balanced and in adequate quantity for a healthy diet.  Any Scout with special dietary requirements needs to inform the Scoutmaster before the 10-day out meeting so that appropriate provisions can be made.


Trading Post:  There is a trading post available where scouts may buy scout handicraft supplies, Boxwell T-shirts, stamps, merit badge books and snacks.  Most items needed for merit badges offered at camp are available as well; however, merit badges with program fees have those kits included in the cost.


Camperships:  Council offers Camperships for Scouts who would not be able to attend camp due to financial difficulties.  Campership amounts will be granted based on the financial need of each applicant.  Additionally, each Scout requesting a Campership should pay a portion of their fee.  Campership requests are confidential between the family and the Scoutmaster.  A Campership application is available at www.mtcbsa.org or by contacting the Scoutmaster.  Applications are to be turned in by March 31st so they can reach Council by the deadline. The troop may augment Council campership based on need.


Contact Information: 


There is a phone available for emergencies (615 444-7072).  This same telephone is used as a fax as well. No pay phones are available.  The Scoutmaster will have his cell phone if there is an urgent need.  Mailing address is:


Scout Name

Troop 525

Boxwell Reservation

Camp Stahlman

1260 Creighton Lane

Lebanon, TN  37087


Family Night:  Families are invited for Family Night, which is Friday June 13th.  Plan to arrive anytime after 4:30 pm.  Dinner is available ($7.00 per person) (around 5:00 pm) by purchasing tickets at the Cripple Crab.  Notify the Scoutmaster of the number planning to attend so that the proper arrangements can be made.  After dinner, there will be the closing campfire.


Changes for 2014:  New this year is Inventing, Cooking, Salesmanship, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, and Dog Care merit badges. New activities include BSA Stand Up Paddling, Hillbilly Golf, and Corn Hole. Soil & Water Conservation, Kayaking, and Search & Rescue merit badges return as well as an Eagle Scout prep class and many other activities.




What to Bring to Camp


Medical Form (Turned in to Troop)

Scout Uniform


Extra Shorts

Socks and Underwear

Close-toed Shoes & Shower Shoes

Poncho or Rain Gear

Swim Trunks w/ Extra Towel

Blankets & Sheets or Sleeping Bag

Fishing Gear (Optional)

Insect Repellent

Pen and Paper

Scout Handbook

Flashlight w/ Fresh Batteries

Toilet Kit (toothbrush, towel, soap, etc)

Spending Money


Footlocker (less than 14” tall) w/lock



Water Bottle

Mosquito Net (Optional)

Review Troop policies for items not to bring to camp.


The following is a list of merit badges offered at Boxwell with a recommendation by the camp staff of when a scout should be able to master the tasks required of the merit badge.  This list is for planning only.  Class offerings and schedule conflicts may preclude a scout from being able to sign up for all the merit badges he wants.  Before the merit badge schedule is submitted, however, the Scoutmaster (or assistant) will sit with each scout and deconflict the schedule.  It would be a good idea to have primary and alternate selections.  Depending on the merit badges selected and the course requirements, a scout could earn as many as five merit badges.  Dollar amounts are costs associated with purchasing kits or supplies for the merit badge. These fees are added to the summer camp fee and must be paid by May 19th.   Schedule should be finalized by the 10 day out meeting.  Although merit badge books may be purchased at Boxwell, it would be a good idea to purchase books before departing for camp.  Any work on a merit badge prior to camp requires contact with a merit badge counselor.

First Year Scout

Second Year Scout

Third Year Scout


First year plus:

First & Second year plus:



Archery ($17.00)

Basketry ($17.00)

Athletics and Sports

Automotive Maint ($5.00)

Disability Awareness



First Aid

Cooking ($20.00)



Dog Care



Emergency Preparedness





Indian Lore

Environmental Science

Motorboating ($24.00)

Leatherwork ($11.00)

Fish and Wildlife Mgmt.




Rifle Shooting ($18.00)




Soil & Water Conservation


Shotgun Shooting ($21.00)

Space Exploration ($12.00)

Mammal Study

Small Boat Sailing



Water Sports ($24.00)

Woodcarving ($6.00)

Personal Fitness

Wilderness Survival


Public Speaking

Woodwork ($6.00)


Reptile & Amphibian Study






Sculpture and Inventing



Search & Rescue






A combination Leatherwork/Woodcarving class is available for scouts as well.  It is a one hour class (versus the two one hour classes offered for Leatherwork and Woodcarving) and works well with scouts who do some work outside the class period.  Program fee is $17.00.


COPE: Stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. It is available to third year, physically fit First Class scouts, at least 13 years old. The course focuses on obstacles, problem solving and personal growth. There is a $35 fee to participate and the class is half day (morning or afternoon). Attendees will receive a T-shirt upon completion. Advanced COPE is available for scouts who have completed Basic COPE (fee $40).


An introduction to muzzle loading is available. Participation is limited to scouts at least 14 years old and who have completed either Rifle or Shotgun merit badges. Topics will include history, safety, components and an opportunity to shoot a muzzle loading rifle. Class will be on Tuesday evening at 7 pm will cost $8.00. Class size is limited so sign up early.


Returning is an Eagle Scout preparation course. Minimum requirement to sign up for this course is Life and 16 years of age. There will be no exceptions for rank or age. The course will meet twice daily (once during B lunch and at 4:00 pm) through the week and work on Communication and Personal Management merit badges (if needed). Additionally, there will be some generic Eagle project planning and the Eagle Registrar will conduct a session on how to complete the project workbook and the Eagle Scout application. This is not a traditional summer camp merit badge class or activity; rather the opportunity is there to meet each scout in their individual progress toward Eagle. Scouts attending this class are encouraged to have an adult leader attend as well to ensure that scouts and leaders understand the remaining steps for Eagle. Registration is on-line with the other merit badge classes.


Other Program Opportunities:


BSA Lifeguard: Scouts 15 years and older (and adults) who have strong aquatics skills. CPR certification should be completed prior to attending camp. This course is all day every day while at camp.


Snorkeling BSA:  Available for scouts with an introduction to the special skills, equipment and safety precautions associated with snorkeling and provide a foundation for those who will participate in more advanced under water activities. Class is offered Monday and Tuesday 4-5:00 pm.


Mile Swim: Available to 2d year and older scouts. Class is every day 11:00 am at the waterfront.


Boxwell Triathlon: Open to scouts to compete with others at camp. Competition consists of a one mile run, three mile bike ride and 50 yard swim. Scouts wishing to compete must bring their own bicycle helmet, running shorts and running shoes. Scouts may bring their own bicycle if they wish however only mountain bikes are acceptable.

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