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Campbell Closing
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Prof. Olinger, Campbell Principal for 40 yrs. to Continue Teaching in City System

After 52 years of filling the educational needs of colored students of Roane and Morgan and other adjacent counties, Campbell High School is closing its doors and losing its identityas a high school.

The action came last week when the City Board of Mayor and Commissioners, who also serve as the City School Board, had no other alternative than to close the school when it was found that only 30 students would be enrolled which would allow only one teacher under the state's minimum foundation program. Had the high school continued as a separate institution the City would have been required to employ three additional teachers, footing the entire cost of some $15,000.

Another principa reason for closing the school was the fact that the County Board of Education would no longer transport pupils to the school. A majority of Campbell High's students formerly came from other parts of Roane County and from Morgan County, and were transported here via Roane and Morgan County school busses. However, since integration of schools at Harriman, Kingston and elsewhere the County could no longer transport students to the Rockwood School.

During its more than 50 years of existence Campbell High School has served not only the educational needs of colored students of Roane and Morgan counties, but many have been educated here throughout the years from several other counties of the area including Rhea, Meigs, Anderson, Loudon, and Cumberland counties. A large percentage of the students have gone on in higher fields of education and Campbell High graduates can now be found throughout the county having made good in many business and professional fields.

Prof. J.B. Olilnger, principa of Campbell High and Elementary Schools for forty years, will continue to teach in the city system, as will Mrs. Willie Olinger, who had been transferred as a teacher to Rockwood Junior High last May.

In voting to close Campbell High the City Board also stipulated that the teachers who had been elected and assigned to the school would be placed in other Rockwood schools as City Superintendent Donald Yates sees fit. Supt. Yates was asked to also notify the Harriman City Superintendent and the Roane County School Superintendent that Campbell High has been closed.

Supt. Yates stated to The Times that a study is being made relative to the use of the Campbell High building. However it is unlikely that it would be used to any extent this of wear and tear.However the comparatively new wing containing Home Ec, and Science class rooms is very modern and in good condition. Also the gymnasium, added to the school since the World War II is still in good condition and could be used to relieve crowded conditions at R.H.S. gym, if heating and cleaning problems could be resolved.

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