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"DOC Songs"
Alabaster Box
Awesome God
He Did It
It's About Time for a Miracle
Be Blessed
You Are Good
His Blood
I am the One
When the Saints Go to Worship
God Favored Me
Something Happens
Step aside
The Blessing is on you
He is here
Total Praise
I Belong to God
Let Us Worship Christ
America the Beautiful
Anthem of Praise
Available to You
Be Blessed
Because of Who You Are
Bless His Name
Come Ye Disconsolate
Deliverance is Available
Fall on Me
Fallin In Love with Jesus
God Is Here
He Is Here
He Saved Me
Holy Thou Art God
I need you to survive
I surrender all
In Return
Jesus is Love
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Saves
Lean On Me
Let Everything that hath Breath
Let Go, Let God
Like the Dew
Lord You're Holy
Make Me Over
More than I can bear
My Life My Love My All
My Worship is for Real
Old Rugged Cross
Potter and the Clay
Praise Him in Advance
Prayer of Jabez
Psalm 23
Set the Atmosphere
Shake Loose
Shake the Foundation
Silent Night
Sooner will be Done
Take My Life
The Night That Christ Was Born
There's a Liftin of the Hands
Total Praise
Worship Experience
You are Holy


Vernisa Hazlett

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img s.gifThe Dancers of Christ......A Community Dance Ministry
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    Dancers of Christ (DOC) 
        Contact us (901)230-5525
Our Mission

The Dancers of Christ ministry exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in word through dance.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to introduce, remind, and direct the world to the One who can change a heart - Jesus Christ. True and lasting change can only come when people are reconciled to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ's love is our only hope.

Dance is a tool that God has blessed us with to draw others closer to Christ. God moves in different ways sometimes for salvation, sometimes for deliverances, sometimes for sanctification or healings. We don't look for the applause. We look for the anointing. We thank God for allowing us to minister through dance! Our prayer is that God would continue to allow us to be vessels for his use through dance many more years to come.

The Dancers of Christ, began in the ministry of dance in 2002 under the call leadership of Sis.Vernisa Hazlett. Their purpose first and foremost is to glorify Christ in all they do in worshipping God through dance. They take their message of Christ through the ministry of dance to the community in nursing homes, Alzheimer centers, community centers, senior centers, youth programs, area churches and other events to lift the spirits of the people, to proclaim hope to all ages, to the community and to the world, all in the name of Jesus Christ!
"Knowing God Intimately"

In the book of Revelation, you can read about the angels, the seraphim and cherubim that fly around the throne of God and are before God's face. They go around the very circumference of the throne, behold the face of God, and fly around the throne again and again (see Rev. 4:8).

The Scripture tells us that every time they see God's face, they say, "Holy." They go back around and see the face of God again and each time they say, "Holy." Then they fly around again and say, "Holy is the Lord!" Man, they've been flying around that throne for billions of years, but every time they come around and see the very face of God, they see something deeper in God! They see something more intimate in God. They see something that makes them say once again, "Holy is the Lord!"

Well, some folks only get around once. They get saved, and that's it; and even that revelation of God the Creator begins to slip from them after a while, and they begin to wonder if their experience is real. That is because they have not seen the multi-faceted face of God Almighty. They have not understood that there's a deeper understanding, even of El Shaddai, than just that He is the God of more than enough. He is the God who is everything you need Him to be. And the way to know that for yourself is to spend time with Him - in the Word of God and in prayer. Spend time meditating in the Word of God and He will show you more of Himself. Then every time you get before God you will say, "Holy." Then you will go before Him in prayer and you will say, "Holy." You will be driving in your car and you will say, "Holy." You will get to know God more deeply and intimately in the wonders of His person.

Ask yourself: Since you have been saved, have you moved beyond the just being saved point to:

• Spending time with God in reading your bible and praying to him daily

• Apply the Word of God to your life and living by His Word

• Seeking the presence of God by daily meditating and praising him; developing your relationship with him

• worshipping God in they way you carry yourself as a Christian in every day(lifestyle) Or did you just go around once and got saved and that’s it!

All things listed above, if practiced daily, will lead the person who so desires, to a more deep an intimate relationship with God. Try it, you’ll like it! Scripture References: Hebrews 2:1; 2 Peter 1:19; Revelation 4:8.


The art of praise dance aids in expressing the visual with messages displaying feelings and emotions of GOD.

Gradually, with the renewal of the church in the twentieth century, praise dancing has begun to find increasing acceptance in the worship life of the church once again, back where it belongs; in the worship service of our GOD; to praise and exalt his Holy Name. Dancing has rich biblical tradition. Dance offers an enormous range of forms and expressions in worship from the carefully choreographed dramatic presentation to the spontaneous worship and celebration of individuals and congregations of all ages. Years ago the church would look at dancing in the church as mockery.

Today praise dancers are reclaiming and rededicating dance in humble submission to minister to the church in an awesome way. From the time that we are able to take a breath on our own, the vibration of drums combined with music causes us to move our bodies to the beat. When we attend conventions and assemblies, we are amused at the way small infants clap their hands in perfect time and toddlers stand in the aisle innocently imitating their parent's way of dancing before the Lord. Well, my friends, the day is finally here!

Church leaders are answering the call to praise God with everything they have and allowing their entire bodies to bring forth the ultimate sacrifice of praise. All over the house of God people are trading partners and showing the world that dance is a form of praise that belongs to the people of God.

In Psalm 149, David admonishes, "let them praise His name with the dance; Let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp". Therefore, we must petition our leaders in the same manner to allow the praise dancers to dance as David danced before the Lord. If we do not allow them to dance before the Lord, then the devil will certainly allow them to dance before him. Secular dance teams and talent shows certainly do not discriminate for the devil will use anyone.

In encouraging churches today to participate in Praise dance. Church leaders must also insist that they understand that praise dance is a ministry. We as praise dance leaders should bring forth the “Praise Dance Ministry” in a manner that people of all ages and denominations may receive it, perceive it and see this form of praise in the lives you live, the words you say and the things we do each and everyday. Our bodies are a living sacrifice before God and should be able and willing to praise the name of God in dance. Enjoy yourselves, put God first, ask Him to order your steps as well as guides your moves and get your praise dance on!



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